Game 9: at CHC

Hamilton 8
Suarez 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Duvall 7
Pacheco 5
Barnhart 2
Iglesias 1


All anyone can do is go by the past in regards how the Reds do things. I do not claim to be a baseball expert so maybe Mr. Sheldon or some one can explain the following to me. If a player on the Reds is injured he is kept on the squad even if he can only pinch hit and nothing else. Instead of dragging the injured player for several weeks, playing games one or two players shy of the 25 a team should have,
Why not put the player/s on the DL when it is known he will only have limited abilities he can do? It would seem reasonable to call up Peraza to play short (he can play CF as well), Cabrera a catcher both off the Louisville squad that way you have players that are well and able to play. Peraza and Cody Reed should have never been sent down in the first place. They had good springs but yet were sent down while less deserved players stayed. Reds need all the help they can get, if a player is injured he should not do anything except rehab and get better. As we all know the Reds have very little offense, the middle relief pitching is embarrassing plus really no reliable closer. As usual the one in charge of making moves rarely does his job and the team suffers from lack of offense, middle relief pitching and neither one of these areas has been, and I doubt they ever will, be addressed. Rebuilding is one thing not trying to improve the team is another and this has been the norm for the last 6 or 7 years. This once proud franchise has fallen to the bottom and that’s awful.

No cozart or mesoroco……..

Charles . My guess it boils down to money . You are right though. The Reds have done this the past several years . It always seems it’s day to day and when it gets close to 15 days , they put them on the DL . It drives me crazy. Players are so babied today and Uncle Bryan doesn’t help .

This team does seem to play short a lot!!!

Right on.

I wish Marty would grill the Price is wrong. Marty gives these guys a free pass too. Have a little momentum and bam the wheels fall off. And both of them hardly played in the spring. Charles I’m with ya 120 percent.

Can you imagine Rose not playing because of a tight muscle or it’s too cold ?

Man we are tearing the cover off the ball with this halfa… line up. Hey just saying

So when this awful pitching keeps getting worse there better be some ACCOUNTABILITY with Price!!!!! The REDS sure know how to look good for 5 games then quicker than a roadrunner go back to looking like the lost Reds from 2014-2015!!!!! No way they win any games on this road trip. And a guy I work with heard Frazier tell the Chicago media its good to play on a team that is focused on getting to the next level. Hmmmmm dont know if its true but sure says alot!!! I would give up all the bobble heads, firework fridays and free pizza to see this ownership focus on WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!

I cant remember the last time I saw the teams closer with an ERA of 16.88.


What an ugly series. Wow, just….embarrassing.

Cubs best start since 1969.

I think I would try Jumbo; there are certainly enough middle relief…if you can call them that.

Jumbo, Gumbo, or Dumbo. No way Neb. He’s on the short list to be shipped out !

Hoover needs to be out the closer today! But I have no idea who in the hell to throw out there???

Control issues contribute to troubles vs. Cubs
The result was being swept after Cincinnati was handed an 8-1 defeat by the Cubs on Thursday. Not only did Chicago score 22 runs in the three games, Cubs hitters were walked 22 times.
“They always go hand-in-hand,” manager Bryan Price said. “It wasn’t like we got [knocked around] in the series. We didn’t throw the ball over the plate. The game is predicated on throwing strikes.”

Neb, how about this stat for us. Catcher Era’s
Pena last year
Barnhardt last year
Mes this year
Barnhart this year

alot of times bad ptiching goes along with bad catching. I want to say Mes doesn’t frame and Barnhat does. Comments anyone.

Jumbo Diaz…
6 G, 5.1 IP
1 ER, 1.69 ERA
1.31 WHIP, .235 BAA

Catchers ERA…
2015 – 4.00
2014 – 5.39
2015 – 4.92
2016 – 5.82
2011 – 4.78
2012 – 4.19
2013 – 3.61
2014 – 3.85
2015 – 3.35
2016 – 3.07

I’d try former college closer…… Tony cingrani, he as good as anyone else down in the pen.

5 G, 3.1 IP
5.40 ERA, 2 ER

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