Game 8 at CHC

Hamilton 8
Suarez 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Schebler 7
De Jesus Jr. 6
Barnhart 2
Simon 1


Here we go another Reds injury cluster. Cozart won’t play for a month.
Get on the horn to Peraza pronto !

Cubs have won 4 straight against Reds and 17 of 23 dating back to last series of 2014.

Get Simon out of the game . He acts like he doesn’t even want to be there . He looks over weight and out of shape anyway

I’m ready for the rebuilding to start, bring on the young arms…lol

HEY REDS MANAGEMENT ARE YOU ASLEEP? SINCE FINNEGAN, IGLESIAS & SUAREZ ARE DOING REAL GOOD ISN’T IT TIME TO SEND THEM DOWN? After all isn’t this the way the Reds do things. And let’s see Cozart is hurt and more than likely out for a month or so and the team will play a player short. Then suddenly it will dawn on someone that the team is a player short, better put Cozart on the DL and call up someone, but not Peraza because right now he is hitting .357, need to call up some one that isn’t doing any good at all, or hurt. Now that’s the way Reds do things, do you suppose this is another reason the team is beginning to lose game after game? After all the team has needed more offense for over a year, the middle relief has been in shambles since the end of last year and really no closer, then again Reds don’t need a closer as there are no games to protect. But I’m sure by the end of the 2016 season some one in management may say “maybe we should have made some moves”, then again no one will say or do anything to help improve the team. I really feel sorry for the Reds players that really try as they are fighting a losing battle. Anyone out there disagrees with me?

You pretty much hit the nail on the head Charles .

He will be up here soon enough. He is young and they are getting an extra year of service by waiting 2 weeks. Not that big of a deal. This is really the first game that the starters played bad. The other two losses were flukes. So the season is nice so far.

Tell how you really feel. Thats a big’ol amen to that brother.

Price not concerned about Mesoraco, Cozart
Two members of the Reds’ lineup, catcher Devin Mesoraco and shortstop Zack Cozart, were already going to be closely watched early on this season, because both are coming off major surgeries last season.

Both are now battling sore quadriceps, but neither situation is directly related to previous issues. Mesoraco, who underwent surgery on his left hip in June to repair a torn labrum, has a sore right quad that kept him out of Wednesday’s lineup after he appeared to be favoring the leg during Monday’s 5-3 loss to the Cubs.

Peraza…2B…after 4G
5 for 14 – .357/.438/.500/.938
7 TB, 3 R, 1 TPL, 1 RBI, 2 BB, 2 SO

Wed nite a good example of good team/bad team. Reds bases loaded no outs one run on a sac fly. Cubs bases loaded one out four hits three walks five runs. That’ winning baseball !

So I’m confused as to why people want to win? Granted we cheer for our team to win. But honestly, this is the first year year going into a season where I hope we lose. It will only benefit us in the long run. Hopefully allowing us to unload Bruce & Phillips and get higher draft picks.

Need to wait the two weeks on Peraza, that is a must. We need that extra year on the kid, because he is special and our best position player prospect IMO. Yes, better than Winker.

Agree on Peraza.

Ifyou want to lose your nuts. Who enjoys watching it and following it. All young studs should be on the team come May 1st.

Not to mention the ball park will be empty. Then we’re in big trouble

Reds bullpen strained ahead of long stretch
Wednesday’s 9-2 loss to the Cubs was the first game of a 15-game streak without an off-day, so Simon’s short start — especially with unproven starters such as Tim Melville and Jon Moscot scheduled to start two of the next four games — quickly doomed the Reds’ bullpen. Price had the benefit of two long relievers in his bullpen, but both pitched on Wednesday, making a longer start by Raisel Iglesias on Thursday imperative.
BP will be the target.

Right-hander Jon Moscot appears on track to be activated from the disabled list and start against the Cardinals on Sunday. Moscot, who strained his left intercostal muscle in mid-March, pitched his second Minor League rehab assignment game for Triple-A Louisville on Tuesday, throwing 82 pitches over 5 2/3 innings with five earned runs, six hits, no walks and six strikeouts.

Cubs for real?
Cubs equal the best eight-game start in franchise history.
They sure think so.

Yes ,they are are for real. We use to beat them regularly it seemed just like we did the Pirates. That sure has changed in recent years.

When the REDS play a team that is a .500 team or below there’s a slim, very slim, chance they might win a game. But until Walt Jocketty does his job of getting some good hitters and much better middle relief, a set up pitcher for the closer PLUS a closer the Reds will be friends with the basement for many years to come. With the dumb ways the Reds management does things I’m surprised Finnegan, Iglesias & Suarez are still with the team. While the light hitting Hamilton & Cozart , Dejusus, jr., stay..Peraza, Cabrera (catcher) are doing good withe bat at Louisville so I know they won’t be in Cincinnati anytime soon.

I see a reply where they say you shouldn’t expect the Reds to win BUT the Reds, and all major league teams should know that very basics of the game such as running the bases, hitting the cut off man, hustling there is no excuse not to do the basics. And the man that put this present Reds team together did not get any offense which the team really needs and he knew this ALL winter, so why didn’t he? Plus the middle relief is a mess. And when will the Reds realize J J HOOVER IS NOT CLOSER MATERIAL? Finally, the REDS are going to have to spend some money, get into the Free Agent market, if they can’t then try to sell the team to people that have money and will make improvements to the team at all times. No one can convince me the Reds are as poor as they tell because other small teams can so why can’t the Reds? Doesn’t this fall back on one person? The team the Reds have right now will win less than 60 games UNLESS major improvements are made, and made NOW!

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