Game 7 at CHC

Cozart 6,
Suarez 5,
Votto 3,
Phillips 4,
Mesoraco 2,
Bruce 9,
Duvall 7
Finnegan 1
Hamilton 8


Now its the Cubs…this is where it gets turned up a notch. Cubs are 5-1, as are the Reds.
However, the Cubs record was achieved on the road, whereas the Reds were at home. So buckle up; its time for a real early in the season reality check of sorts…are we this good or just this lucky.
On Monday, left-hander Jon Lester (1-0, 1.29 ERA) starts for Chicago with Brandon Finnegan (0-0, 3.00) pitching for Cincinnati.
”Whenever you go somewhere for opening day, there’s going to be a certain amount of electricity, maybe more so there because of the expectations,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. ”It’s good for our club, too. Those are fun environments to play in and manage in. A team that’s expected to compete for a World Series against a team that’s not. Our team will love that type of a challenge.”

Come on Finnegan, we need more good pitching!!

Reds started 4-0 last year. We are 5-1 this year. Let’s at least wait until the end of April until we all get goosebumps about this team

Especially given that after our 4-0 start last season, we lost the next 7 of 8.

Timely hitting and good pitching so far. It’s not going to last all year, enjoy it while you can.

Amazing stat tweeted by Mark…
Mark Sheldon
Cozart has yet to swing and miss on a pitch this young season. (31 swings). Got single to right-center but trainer out to check him.

Lamb, Bailey take mound in rehab game
Reds pitchers progressing at extended spring workouts
Michael Lorenzen, originally out with a right elbow strain since early March, saw his efforts to return slowed by a bout with mononucleosis. On Monday, Lorenzen returned to the complex to work out for the first time since getting sick. He told that he lost 20 pounds from the illness and has not yet been cleared to resume throwing.

Well this bullpen against a Cubs team cant get it done. Cingrani 0-2 throws a fastball right down the middle. No excuse for that. Then Diaz throws a first pitch right in Russels wheel house. Bullpen still needs help. Especially a lefthander.

All that will show up is silly excuses in regards why the Reds blew last night’s game against the Cubs. The Reds do not have enough real hitters, several singers and stand in the box and watch pitches but fall way short of hitters, middle relief pitching is awful and what is more pitiful the 2 people in charge of obtaining these players will not do it. The’ll just sit around, make silly excuses but will not do their job and get the hitters, PLUS, the middle relief pitching they need. The Reds get 7 hits, the Cubs get 3 hits and the Reds blow the game. This is terrible baseball play. As in the past however nothing will be done to correct this problem as everyone in charge are getting their paycheck, only the fans want winners not the men in charge. But hopefully one day it will catch up with these people and they’ll be looking for jobs. And a lot of the blame also goes to what talented players the Reds have. They have to execute when they get runners on in scoring position with less than 2 outs you have got to score. For the past several years this has been a thorn in the side of the Reds, they just don’t execute and do not do their job. The team has got to get some true hitters and for goodness sakes get some middle relief pitching, not later BUT NOW! AND also for some time the Reds have games where they lead in the first few innings, but slowly the opposing team shuts the Reds bats down, Reds score no more, the opposition slowly score a run here, a run there and bam score more very quick, hold the Reds at bay and easily walk away with a win. And the Reds should never ever bat a position player behind the pitcher. If this position is not good enough to be in the top 8 of the lineup then he needs replacing with a player that can do the job. But we fans can comment all we want and nothing will change, nothing will be done to better the club, therefore there be more “Ls” than “Ws”…

Until changes are made, and there won’t be, the Reds will do their best with teams that are a .500 team or less, an thing above they’ll have a tough time winning.

But the Cuba had more base runners due to our walks, errors, and hit batters. On base is on base, that is all that matters.

Folks. It is what it is . We al knew the bullpen was going to be suspect. The hitting has been okay . I think they’ve hit better with runners in scoring position so far . Bruce has done well and the starting pitching has been good . Five and two is better than O thought they’d be at this point . Hopefully they bounce back today .

Old Jim, you’re right. It is what it is. In a month, we may be channeling our inner Dennis Green: ‘They were who we thought they were.’ This morning, I had to remind myself that it’s way too early to live and die with every win and loss. 5 and 2 is good. The team could go Jason Spieth in a week. But, hey, at least we’re not Braves fans. Don’t look at the cloud, just the lining. Go Jay Bruce! Go Reds!

FYI Old Jim- they don’t play today.

FYI Max Blue- Bruce went 0-4 with 2 K’s last night. Looking exactly like the Jay Bruce of last year all night long. Bad Jay is still here, and he’s still the streakiest player in baseball.

Hopefully Meso can find it at the plate soon. All the people screaming for him to hit in the 4 hole sure have gotten quiet huh? Where you guys at? LOL

Nice seeing Billy hit that homer, but where in the heck did that come from? A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while I supoose.

Finnegan was incredible and this kid is the real deal. Not worried about the walks with him pitching in a hostile environment on opening night. The kid pitched lights out and it sucks our bullpen ruined it for him. The young pitching on this team is really something to look forward to. Just think of our possible starting rotation next year.


Then you still have guys like Stephenson, Lorenzen, Lamb, Garrett waiting in the wings. If I were the Reds, I’d start looking into turning some of these guys into relievers because watching our bullpen go in and waste a great start from our starters is going to get very old, very quick this year.

I am certainly not quiet on these boards, but I didnt know I had to repeat myself,
but here goes. Here is the lineup I said they should bat since day 1:
Hamilton CF
Suarez 3B
Votto 1B
Mesoraco C
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
Duvall/Schebler LF
Cozart SS
We are only 7 G into the season; lets see how it plays out over the next 7 G.

Hamilton you really believe that. One hole. You surprise me Neb. He won’t be here next year.

Yep. At least for a couple of months. If he cant cut it, move him down to #8, not #9.

Also, nobody should ever be mad when this team loses. I actually walk into every game expecting them to lose. The bullpen will make it impossible for us to be any kind of contender, so lets go for that first pick!

Okay. So they play tomorrow. But hey . Tomorrow will be today,tomorrow.

LMAO, just didnt want you searching for the game getting all frustrated later🙂

Depends on how they lose.

Yeah. I figured . Just couldn’t resist . Lol You’re right though. I probably would have .

Interesting slow start comparison:
Votto – 0 HR, 3 RBI, .222/.300/.222/.522
Hamilton – 1 HR, 2 RBI, .176/.300/.412/.712

Comparing these two, shame on you

Numbers are numbers. What is interesting is that they are both showing .300 OBP.
We both know that Votto will excel in the future; still fun to follow.

Whats interesting is that Hamilton will not improve and Joey will be Joey. Hamilton is down to 155 games left with the Redlegs thank god !

The first seven games
The Reds have scored runs with limited contributions from Joey Votto and almost none from Devin Mesoraco. There are early indications that Eugenio Suarez’s offensive improvement is ongoing and durable (more on that below). Both halves of the left field platoon have made several big plays. Jay Bruce has hit the other way and with power. Until last night, when he was pulled with a sore quad, Zack Cozart looks back to form (more on that below). The Reds have demonstrated the ability to come from behind and win in the final at bat.
The Reds surprising start hasn’t moved the needle much on the smart money regarding their ultimate prospects in 2016. Nor should it. We’re still in super-small sample size territory. There’s nothing to be learned from it, really. Let’s reconvene in May and see how we feel.

6 Reds batting .400 OBP or better…and none of them are Votto!

Check the back of his baseball card Neb.

Give it 40 games then brag. Its only a week for gods sake.

That isnt a brag, its the reality of the numbers. Again, we both know that their will probably be only one Red to hi over .400 OBP by year end. Yet and still, nice to see the team play some get-on-base-ball, if even for the first 7 games or so.

Actually, there may be no Red player to hit .400 or more OBP. this season. #2,
#4 and #5 hitters may see to that.

2015 – .217 (#15 of 15 in NL)
2016 – .292 (#7 of 15 in NL)

Some Reds stats after 7 G…
Starting pitchers – 2.82 ERA – ranked #2 of 15 in NL
1.30 WHIP, .233 BAA
Relievers – 3.42 ERA – ranked #8 of 15 in NL
1.23 WHIP, .200 BAA

MLB Trade Rumors…
Reds lefty Brandon Finnegan is looking more and more like a starter, Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs argues. Finnegan is developing confidence in his secondary pitches, throwing his changeup almost twice as frequently this season than he did as a starter in 2015. He’s also showing better command of the pitch. Sullivan goes so far as to compare Finnegan to Liriano. If Finnegan develops as a starter, the Reds will be that much closer to getting their money’s worth from last summer’s Johnny Cueto trade.

Price is big into changeups and has really encouraged and helped Finnegan to develop that as a major pitch.

Tight little group…
………………………….W L PCT……..GB
Chi Cubs……………..6 1 .857
Cincinnati …………….5 2 .714…….1.0
Pittsburgh…………….5 3 .625…….1.5
St. Louis………………4 3 .571…….2.0
Milwaukee……………3 4 .429…….3.0

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