Game 6: vs. PIT



Decent lineup , but who is Melville ? Never heard of him ?

I am very proud of the Reds 4W 1L, playing with what they have is nothing short of a miracle. They have a couple or so good hitters and Votto hasn’t gotten started. In my opinion they need need some hitters, perhaps Peraza should come up. I don’t know what he is doing in Louisville but really feel he can help the Reds now considering what a,spring he had, Cody Reed should be up now also. He had a very good spring and the Reds can use some pitching and he relieve or start. To me Hoover is not a good choice for closer, but hopefully he will prove me wrong. Wish there was a way Duvall, Shelblew could start and Winker was with them. For all this to happen Bruce would have to go in a trade. If Bruce does go in a trade let’s hope the Reds get high value in return, hope the dynamic GM duo can make e trade in the Reds favor for once. In the meantime I do hope the Reds can play circles around their opponent. GO REDS!!

He’s an insurance or depth guy, if we were healthy don’t think he be coming up. He was decent this spring.

Melville is a career minor leaguer that will fill in till Disco is ready to come back. They may hold out Disco for another start according to reports today so Melville if he pitches well may be up for couple of starts.

Another rookish base running error. Wake up guys!

It seems year after year the Reds have teams that get runners on in scoring position, one out, or no outs and CANNOT SCORE. To me there is no excuse for this not time after time, year after year. Reds need hitters that drive in runs. The dynamic GM duo of the Reds should solve this problem and get some hitting on the squad and do it soon, not addressing the problem does a lot of harm to the team. So why isn’t something done and also get the team aside and go over how to run the bases better. Already 2 or 3 games it has cost the team a run or two, there is no excuse for a major league team to run bases like they do PLUS leaving runners on in scoring position and no score, there is no excuse to do this time after time, year after year….people in charge of the team needs to do their job and get the TEAM THE HELP THEY NEED NOW, STOP DELAYING..DO YOUR JOB..

Shouldn’t have lost game by a GS given up – and shouldn’t have blown oppt’y by base running mistake in this game. No excuse to throw hitable pitch in Hoover situation – why wasn’t there instruction from mgr. to that effect? Is there no influence from Riggleman or Piniella? Enuff of Price.

We threw it and he hit it. Thats baseball. Shi……happens.

Game or inning never should have gotten that far.

Melville 4.0 IP, 5 H, 1 ER
Straily 3.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER
…and then, Mr. Bruce!

Mark Sheldon Retweeted
Joel Luckhaupt ‏@jluckhaupt 28 minutes ago
Today is the first time Joey Votto has had 3 one-pitch outs in his career.

Votto starting slowly…
2016 Stats 23 3 4 0 3 0 .174 .269 .443

Don’t go worrying about Votto Neb.

Bruce 6 23 3 9 0 1 2 9 0 5 0 0 .391 .417 .739 1.156
Suarez 6 23 9 10 0 0 4 9 3 1 1 0 .435 .500 .957 1.457
Bruce and Suarez seeing the ball…really well.

Suarez…23 AB – 1 SO…

Like I said during the offseason what if this team starts winning, you can’t trade Bruce and other right?

Was cool seeing Hatcher waving BP in and then running along with him! Great stop by Mes at home too!

What was super cool was the way the team mobbed Bruce in the infield after the win! These guys are charged up!

You all get used to the idea of bruce being dealt. He’ll be gone by the trading deadline. Their not going to pay him his option with winker coming. No way no how. Just like the dunner. His time is done here. He’ll be given away if necessary.

We got lucky today. Give up nine hits and six walks we should have been creamed.

Just saying Cozart may go too at the deadline if someone will take him.

Glad to see Suarez and Bruce are doing real good, which means the Reds GM duo will make a silly trade involving Bruce. It will be another trade a top player and receive much less in return. Now hopefully Votto does not have a nagging injury and he will soon start hitting like we all know he can. And again I will comment Reds need more hitting and Peraza should be brought up. I have no idea about how Peraza is doing, but I hope it’s good. PLUS, the Reds need more pitching. Cody Reed should have stayed with team instead of being sent down in the spring. Speaking of hitting how are Winker, Ervin, Waldrop doing? What are the plans for Duran when his suspension is over? Has he options or is he suppose to join the team? It is rare anyone connected with the Reds read our comments especially now since the Reds have a 5 and 1 record. It is still my opinion besides getting hitting help, strengthen middle relief and it’s my opinion Reds need a closer not later, but now. But again these comments do not help but at least fans get to text what on our mind. Whether you are a fan or a baseball expert one can see Reds need more hitting, beef up middle relief and find a fierce dependable closer. Any one agree, or am I all wrong? Keep playing hard Reds all the Reds are really hustling, scrappy, playing hard nose baseball but at the same time seem to be having fun and winning. GO REDS

Silly trade involving Bruce. Just cause he’s hot now, doesnt mean he’s good. He’s the streakiest player in baseball and has proven that year in and year out. If the Reds can deal at the deadline……AWESOME!

anyone want to comment on the end of strategy yesterday. Phillips leads off the inning with a hit. Why are we not bunting him over with no one out ? Instead Mes pops up if I remember right. Then we get lucky with Bruce. I just don’t understand. The objective is to win the game and all they are saying by not bunting is that bunting isn’t sexy enough to give us a better chance to win.. Every game every inning matters. I know its a long season but come on. Anyone disagree with that ?

With a slow Meso @ the plate. It also opens up the oppurtunity for a double play with a poorly executed bunt by a guy who doesnt bunt very often. But I do see your point because all Meso has been doing this year is GIDPing anyway. But with a very hot bat in Bruce behind him, I like the decision to let Meso swing away there.

I was thinking absolutely bunt. I believe he can bunt. But then they walk Bruce. Soooooo….

Mesoraco isnt a bunt kinda guy; one swing of the bat and the game is over. If he did bunt successfully, the game would come down to Duvall with Bruce on lst (BB) and Phillips on 2nd. When Mesoraco gets going it will be tough for teams to get through the 5-7 in this Price lineup version; lots of XBH potential. As is, Price played the bottom of 9th perfectly and players did what they should have done. The wholesale changes in the youth movement have invigorated Phillips and Bruce thus far; we need only get Mesoraco and Votto going and we can put up some R.

Exactly, if we bunt successfully with Meso there. Bruce gets walked for sure….

Tweet from C. Trent…
C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 13 hours ago Cincinnati, OH
C. Trent Rosecrans Retweeted Jeff Riley
Price said today before the game that Melville is in rotation for now.

NL early returns…Central looking tough…
Mets – 2.05 ERA, .233 BAA
Cubs – 2.52 ERA, .184 BAA
Reds – 2.67 ERA, .236 BAA
Nats – 2.68 ERA, .241 BAA
Pirates – 2.82 ERA, .215 BAA

Liability to Weapon: My Idea for Billy Hamilton
For nearly three years we as Reds fans have waited patiently for Billy Hamilton to “figure it out” at the plate; hoping he would perfect his bunting skills, learn to consistently hit the ball on the ground and improve his plate discipline to increase his walk rate. In 1100 career at-bats, Hamilton’s OBP percentage sits at a sad .288. In this period of time, Hamilton has still managed to instill fear in opposing teams, swiping 127 bags in only 284 career games while playing Gold Glove caliber defense in center field. For three years, the Reds have sat back and hoped that Hamilton, still only 25 years old would harness his natural tools to become one of the most dangerous leadoff hitters in baseball, but to this point, that waiting hasn’t produced the results we have all hoped for. So what to do? How do the Reds turn this man into the weapon he can be, instead of the liability at the plate he is?

Hey, Blogosphere! Anyone ready to admit that Price did a good week’s managing?

I will put it this way…having only played 3.7% of the G thus far this season…
I am not prepared to anoint him as Manager of the Year. But, I also would
not suggest that he is #29 of 30 MLB managers as the writer community
has ranked him last season. Success can be fleeting and should not be awarded
based on a handful of G.

Just as in years past..Reds go ahead in the first few inning..they stop hitting and of course score no more..time and time again this has happened..the opposing team keeps inching back..tie the game and then go ahead and win the game. I can’t think of another team that this happens more to and I try to watch a lot of baseball but I have been a Reds fan for over 60 years. Now this Reds team is in dare need of a lot more hitting, good hitters, and the middle relief is terrible. plus Hoover as a closer (?) no way. Platooning at any position does not work players should be play one position regularly every game unless injured. The Reds knew all winter they needed more offense but this dynamic GM duo of Williams & Jocketty (he needs to go) never addressed this situation. Team has got to get more hitting now, not later, but now, and fix this middle relief NOW. The opposing team last night, the Cubs, get 3 hits and win! That’s pitiful and there are no excuses to lose a game like this. The Reds with what little talent they have has got to have fire in their eyes and fight for every hit and run and never stop hustling or trying. Batting Hamilton behind a pitcher, or any position player behind the pitcher is embarrassing and for goodness sakes should not be done. If Hamilton can’t hit above his weight (and that’s not much) then put some one in his place, send Hamilton to Louisville so he can get his bats in and bring Peraza up, I believe he can hit in the majors and play CF. But for the teams sake, ever who is in charge of improving the team get some hitting & middle relief players NOW, don’t let this drag on and on and make excuses, earn your pay and get some players/talent in that will get the job done NOW.

Just as in years past, Reds get runners in scoring position with no outs, or 1 out and cannot score. Has it not occurred to the brains of this team that the Reds need more players that can actually hit and/or bunt? And the middle relief pitching is terrible. Reds are ok against a .500 club or less, anything above this, forget it, they can’t hold their ground game after game. Reds get 7 hits last night, Cubs get 3 hits and win the game. That is sorry baseball playing, no excuse for this, none period. Shows little effort and for sure not enough talent. Wake up Reds bosses, get the team a lot of much needed help NOW, not later.

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