Thursday lineup notes

A lot of the regulars were missing from the lineup vs. the Phillies. You may recall in Spring Training that manager Bryan Price tipped he would likely rest Devin Mesoraco, Zack Cozart and Billy Hamilton more often because they were coming off surgeries. They would likely play two of every three or three of every four games, at least starting out.

“Billy, I think, would be the best to play today but I wanted to make sure that I got Schebler and Duvall out there together every now and again,” Price said. “This first month will be a month of select days off for those three players. And also it is important for these guys that are going to be spending more time probably coming off the bench get some at-bats early in the season to stay familiar with their swings.”

Brandon Phillips is out of the lineup again because he’s still bothered by a stomach virus. Phillips, as of 10:30 am, was not at the ballpark.


Sitting your two best defensive players (Bill and Cozart) when our #1 pitching prospect is making his major league debut is as dumb as it gets. No excuse can fix that. The defense up the middle is the most important thing, and we have backups playing everyone of those positions today (De Jesus, Schebler, Pacheco, Barnhart) for a kid making his major league debut on the mound. That’s down right awful, a 10 year kid could see that, why can’t our manager?

Because he’s stupid . They just had a day off . It’s called the “HAPPY ” system . I understand Mesaroco but not the rest . Price doesn’t want to win 3 games in a row . Pitiful.

Roster construction is much more important than lineup construction.

Price is a few fries short of a happy meal. Hows that Old Jim.
Does that fit your happy system. Phillips is sick and all those guys on DL boys so you can see his point day after night game.

Yeah I get Meso, day game after a night game. But otherwise, this is as bad as it gets. Please get rid of this guy!

BAR: Reds’ Jose Peraza to primarily play shortstop for Louisville
The minor-league season kicks off tonight across the country, and the most interesting question for the Reds will be where exactly Jose Peraza will play.

Peraza started in four different spots in spring training — second base, shortstop, center field and left field. To start the season, he could be playing second base, but when Alex Blandino returns from a hamstring injury, Peraza will likely see most of his time at shortstop, Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said on Wednesday.

Team Wins 2013-Wins 2014-Wins 2015-Wins Projected 2016
Arizona 81 64 79 84 ½
Atlanta 96 79 67 65
Chicago Cubs 66 73 97 89
Cincinnati 90 76 64 71
Colorado 74 66 68 68 ½
L.A. Dodgers 92 94 92 87
Miami 62 77 71 80 ½
Milwaukee 74 82 68 71 ½
N.Y. Mets 74 79 90 88
Philadelphia 73 73 63 66 ½
Pittsburgh 94 88 98 87
San Diego 76 77 74 74
San Francisco 76 88 84 90
St. Louis 97 90 100 87 ½
Washington 86 96 83 87

Moscot (intercostal) to begin rehab assignment
Reds pitcher Jon Moscot was scheduled to begin a Minor League rehab assignment on Thursday night with Class A Advanced Daytona. Moscot, who strained his left intercostal muscle while taking batting practice last month, is slated to throw between 70-75 pitches.

The plan is for Moscot to return from the disabled list on April 17, to start vs. the Cardinals.

The Reds won the game last night in their last AB. They did not do that even once
last season. It was 102 home G ago when it last happened.

I know you want guys to pitch in control, to stay within themselves. That location is more important than pure power.
Stephenson was drafted throwing 98-100. He’s throwing 90-93 today. What’s the point of having a great arm if you’re not going to throw harder then every regular Joe in the league? Leake is considered a control pitcher working 90-92 mph. Stephenson supposed to be a power pitcher in the same range.

Yes, control trumps power…every time.
The epitome of control: Greg Maddux
6 foot even, 170 lbs.
355 W
Every pitch should look as close to every other as possible. He honed the same release point, the same look, to all his pitches, so there was less way to know its speed — like his fastball 92 mph, slider 84, change-up 76.

My point is Neb, when you make a mistake in the zone at 92 compared to 97, the lower velocity pitch has a greater chance of being a souvenir. I was watching to see if he would reach back for a little extra occasionally. Didn’t see it.

I understand. My point is that if you have no movement on your pitch or you are unable to throw it where you want, it doesnt matter how fast you throw it, it may well be a souvenir. 99% of MLB players can hit a fastball thrown down the middle.

Well I guess any lineup can beat the Phillies…..

seriously. This has to be fools gold right. I mean this is crazy. I am happy we are winning but just completely surprised.

I like a hot start! Baseball adage #2, you’re never as good as you are when playing good, you’re never as bad as you are when playing bad. Fun to watch!! Go reds!!!

4/4 – 43,683
4/6 – 21,621
4/7 – 10,784

I read where todays attendance was 7th lowest ever at GABP.

And the weather was 7th worst LOL. All the fans that went to those three games are true fans because the weather around here is winter like. Mother Nature is bi-polar and she is off her meds now. They did get to see some great baseball while suffering through the cold,wind and rain.

With the 2016 season getting started, here’s a look at where the Reds’ Top 30 prospects are projected to start the season:

1. Jesse Winker — Louisville Bats (AAA)
2. Robert Stephenson — Cincinnati Reds (MLB)
3. Cody Reed — Louisville Bats (AAA)
4. Amir Garrett — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
5. Jose Peraza — Louisville Bats (AAA)
6. Keury Mella — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv)
7. Tyler Stephenson — Dayton Dragons (A)
8. Alex Blandino — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA) — DL
9. Nicholas Travieso — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
10. Phil Ervin — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
11. Tyler Mahle — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv)
12. Rookie Davis — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
13. Yorman Rodriguez — Cincinnati Reds (MLB) — DL
14. Eric Jagielo — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
15. Sal Romano — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
16. Scott Schebler — Cincinnati Reds (MLB)
17. Blake Trahan — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv)
18. Antonio Santillan — Extended spring camp
19. Taylor Sparks — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv)
20. John Lamb — Cincinnati Reds (MLB) — DL
21. Zack Weiss — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
22. Nick Howard — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv)
23. Aristides Aquino — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv)
24. Jon Moscot — Cincinnati Reds (MLB) — DL
25. Jonathon Crawford — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv) — DL
26. Kyle Waldrop — Louisville Bats (AAA)
27. Gavin LaValley — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv) — DL
28. Ian Kahaloa — Extended spring camp
29. Carlton Daal — Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
30. Wyatt Strahan — Daytona Tortugas (A Adv)
Complete Reds prospect coverage on

The fact that Peraza is not our #1 prospect is a JOKE!!!

You might change your mind when Winker finally arrives at GABP. In nearly every baseball circle I have read about, they say this guy is something really special; not just good, but special. I dont think there is any question that we will be seeing him later this season; a permanent fixture starting next season. Hopefully, for both Winker and Peraza.

That top 8 is a monster of young talent. How much fun will it be to have 8 strong starting pitchers and these kids pushing for playing time. Hamilton will not be able to hold off these kids in CF no matter his defense if he cant learn to hit. I think Blandino is going to be a big hitter.

we have to beat teams like the phillies and the brewers and the braves. If we do not we are doomed to lose alot then. Schebler forever, Billy never. For you Hamilton no hit fans.

Robert Stephenson | Rank: 2
ETA: 2016
Position: RHP Age: 23 DOB: 02/24/1993
Bats: R Throws: R Height: 6′ 2″ Weight: 200 lb.
Drafted: 2011, 1st (27) – CIN

Other Lists: Top 100 Prospects (#34), Top 10 RHP Prospects (#7)
Scouting grades: Fastball: 70 | Curveball: 55 | Changeup: 60 | Control: 45 | Overall: 55
It hasn’t been the quickest path to the big leagues for Stephenson, a 2011 first-round pick out of the Northern California high school ranks. Some of that has been because of how slowly he’s developed and some of it is a result of the Reds not wanting to rush the hard-throwing right-hander, like they did with Homer Bailey.

Stephenson has always impressed stuff-wise, with execution — specifically, command — often holding him back. While his average velocity seemed to dip in 2015, it was more a result of him ramping it down too much in an attempt to find better control of a heater that still can touch the upper-90s. Stephenson will still show flashes of a plus curveball, but vast improvement in his changeup has made that more of a go-to pitch.

More than anything, it comes down to fastball command for Stephenson. When he hits his spots, he still looks like a future frontline starter with three plus pitches at his disposal. Just 23 for all of 2016 and with Cincinnati in rebuilding mode, there’s no reason to rush Stephenson or to change his developmental path as a starter.
I suspect that he will be sent back down at some point, fairly soon and once the Reds can replace him. His talent flashed today at different times, yet his control continues to need some work.

So his high velocity ball is flat, or just uncontrollable? Thanks for the research Neb!! I want the kid to be ace!!

He threw a flat 94-95 mph fastball to Howard, right down broadway…I think they are still looking for the ball. According to baseball people, Stephensons problem is control; throwing a pitch and having it end up where he wants it to. In Stephensons case I think the Reds are wise to slowly bring him along; he is only 23. And, after all, we need to remember that this season is an audition season of sorts; many players are playing and showing their goods so that a contender team can be put together and fielded in 2017. There is no need to rush this kid along.

Stephenson solid in debut, returns to Minors
Reds’ No. 2 prospect allows three earned runs over five innings in first start
“[Catcher] Devin [Mesoraco] and I were talking that he pitched like he belonged here,” catcher Tucker Barnhart said. “He didn’t pitch like he was scared. He came right after guys. In the game plan we talked about before the game, he executed it really well.”
Barnhart consulted Wednesday with Chris Berset, who caught Stephenson in the Minors last season. Berset told Barnhart that if the right-hander’s fastball command was there, it would be a good day. As he hovered between 90-92 mph and topped at 94 mph, Stephenson didn’t show many secondary pitches.
“We may have thrown five or seven breaking balls and 10 or 15 splits,” Barnhart said. “Other than that, he threw a lot of fastballs, a lot of strikes, a lot of early contact. We talked about their aggressiveness and how we can possibly use it against them. They came out swinging, we got early contact and it was beneficial.”

Active roster now at 24. Moscot sent to Daytona (4/7) for re-hab assignment. Reds have another day off, next Tuesday, so depending on how many games Moscot needs he may be the next to fill starting pitcher spot.

They are looking for Moscot to start the April 17 game when that spot in the rotation comes up again.

Disco is the next one right….

Yes, you could be right. He is scheduled to come off the DL on the 10th. I guess it depends on how much work he needs to get ready. In any event, nice to see some guys coming OFF the DL, rather than going ON the DL. On the Reds, unfortunately the front door to the DL is a saloon door.

Bigblu, if you mean injured pitchers yes, Disco is the next one projected to come off DL. Maybe Sunday, no one listed for that game yet. Simon gets to start the frigid game tonight. Tomorrow will be rough weather/ temperature wise.

Hey, how about a little notice for Jay Bruce! Hot in Arizona. Hot in GABP. I know, we’ve seen this before. But maybe this year is different. He’s the second biggest what if on the team (Billy Hamilton’s #1). What if this is Jay Bruce’s bust out year? We’d have to revise all our assumptions about this team. I’ve always said there was a MVP inside him shouting to get out. What if?

I am a huge Bruce fan. I think the potential is soo high. And he wants to be here. I would love nothing more than for him to play well and be apart of this next run of talent. Bruce and Votto would be a huge plus anchoring this team with these kids…

Agreed , has used the whole field hitting in these early games. So good to see.

I was going to post something about him yesterday but got to doing something else. He is off to a fine start, but we need only look at last season and his propensity to be streaky. However, with that said, a few things spring to mind when watching Mr. Bruce at the plate…1) his patented 5 to 10 swing on a low outside pitch isnt as prevalent as it was last season, and 2) only 3 games in, but he is plating meaningful R…not hitting a 2R HR when the Reds are losing 5-1 or 7-2. His recent H are key and meaningful.
As always, time will tell and 3 G certainly doesnt mean a complete turnaround. But, I cant help but remember that Bruce has hit more HR than anyone in MLB over the last handful of years. Talent is obviously there, but I think the Reds will still continue the rebuild and let him go to the highest bidder. With this turn of events, and hopefully a sustained change for Bruce, he might well bring more than anticipated in trade come mid year or so.

BTW…anyone see and smile when Bruce hit a roller through the shifted-D the other day. I love it when he defeats that 3-man RF shift.

Come on guys, we’ve seen it all before. The potential, the hitting the ball to the other field. Within 1-2 weeks he’s the coldest hitter in baseball. There is not a streakier player in the game…end of story because he’s proven it over and over again.

Reds have a decision to make on Monday…
Rodriguez, Yorman (CF) 04/03 15-day DL TBD Left hamstring strain Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 27.

Yorman RIP. Thanks for the effort Yorman !

BAR: Tucker Barnhart thinking like a hitter, not a catcher
Minor-league roundup

Triple-A: The Louisville Bats got crushed 10-2 by the Toledo Mud Hens in their season opener, with RHP A.J. Morris giving up eight runs in two innings. Only two of those runs were earned, thanks to a pair of errors. SS Jose Peraza, who is supposed to be strong on the bases, ran into two outs. But top position prospect Jesse Winker went 2 for 4. [Box]

Double-A: RHP Nick Travieso tossed five shutout innings as the Pensacola Blue Wahoos beat the Mississippi Braves 3-1 in the season opener. Travieso struck out five and walked two while allowing four hits. OF Phil Ervin, a first-round pick in 2013, went 2 for 4 with a double and a triple. [Box]

High-A: The Daytona Tortugas rallied from a three-run deficit in the seventh to beat the Brevard County Manatees 5-4 in 10 innings. 1B Avain Rachal came through in the 10th with a two-out single to drive DH Angelo Gumbs in from second. Rachal also hit a homer earlier in the game, and a rehabbing Jon Moscot pitched 3 2/3 scoreless innings. [Box]

Low-A: The Dayton Dragons took a 7-1 loss to the Bowling Green Hot Rods in their opener. RHP Tanner Rainey, last year’s Competitive Balance Round B pick, needed 75 pitches to get through three innings. C Tyler Stephenson, the Reds’ first-rounder last year, drew a walk but allowed a passed ball. [Box]t

There are a couple of rookies that I predict will be playing in the OF of the Reds one day, together…Winker and Ervin. Both are exceptional with the bat and it wouldnt surprise me to see Winker in LF and Ervin in RF one day (both just 23).

John Moscot…
Daytona Tortugas
Jon Moscot 3.2 5 0 0 1 1 0 0.00

That sounds about right. I feel Moscot is a AAAA player and will never make it as a starter in the majors.

Bruce ties Jr….
1) Bench – 389
2) Robinson – 324
3) Perez – 287
4) Dunn – 270
5) Kluszeski – 251
6) Foster – 244
7) Bruce – 210, Griffey Jr. – 210

I’m not suggesting we forget Bruce’s past streakiness … just saying things **might** be different. Two things – he got coached, which may be code for yelled at, by Eric Davis and Barry Larkin the first week of Spring Training. Maybe they got through to him. He tried bunting in Game 1, showing that that wasn’t just a Spring Training thing. And one last thought – maybe the ‘almost trades’ broke some sort of mental block. Maybe he’s said to himself, ‘Screw it! It doesn’t matter what I do here!’ and in some sort of perverse way, it’s taken the stress away and he’s relaxing at the plate. We all saw how when he came up to bat with men on last year, he looked like a man going for his 15th root canal. Not so much this year. — But on a happier note, we need some one better at math than me to figure out the Reds’ magic number to eliminate the Cardinals. 3-up with 159 to play. Neb? … TOW? …Beuller?

Enjoy the first week. There will be worse times ahead. Can’t wait for Reed and Homer on May 1st. Finnegan knows Reeds coming so if he pitches like a dog he’ll be in the bullpen. Hope he can do it. We need lefty starters.

…and another lefty reliever.

Why would they replace Finnegan as a starter, with Reed? Why start his time in the bigs when Finnegan has done/is doing well?
2015 Stats 5 2 3.56 20 4 0 48.0 45 1.21
2016 Stats 0 0 3.00 1 1 0 6.0 9 0.67

They won’t if he is pitching well.

I personally dont see the Reds recalling Reed. When we get healthy we have more than enough starting pitching; Bailey, DeSclafani, Lamb, Lorenzen, Moscot, Iglesias, Simon and Finnegan. My guess for the starting five would be:
Bailey, DeSclafani, Lorenzen, Iglesias and Simon.

Cody Reed is going to be “the man” thats why.

You want to rely on moscot, lamb, and lorenzen?

C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 58 minutes ago Cincinnati, OH
Anthony DeSclafani won’t start Sunday, no setback, Price said, just want to make sure he’s 100 percent. Being extra cautious.
Price said he will announce starter for Sunday after tonights game.

Some suggest it will be either Melville or Straily.

Why not Cody Reed.

We have ample starting pitching when all are healthy and they are now becoming healthy. Reed is only 22 and is not on the active roster, nor the 40-man roster. He is projected to come up to the bigs next season. The question is why bring him up in a year that is for formulating and start using up his service time? The answer is what the Reds have decided; wait until next season (2017). Seems reasonable to me, especially when you look at all the starting pitchers we have; as is, some will be sent down. Like Stephenson, he may come up for a cup of coffee, but sent down immediately thereafter in order to work regularly on his Control.
Cody Reed | Rank: 3
Team: Louisville Bats (AAA) ETA: 2017
Position: LHP Age: 22 DOB: 04/15/1993
Bats: L Throws: L Height: 6′ 5″ Weight: 225 lb.
Drafted: 2013, 2nd (46) – KC

Other Lists: Top 100 Prospects (#65), Top 10 LHP Prospects (#7)
Scouting grades: Fastball: 65 | Slider: 60 | Changeup: 50 | Control: 45 | Overall: 55
Thought to be a high-ceiling lefty ever since the Royals drafted him out of the junior college ranks in 2013, Reed did as much, if not more, than any left-handed pitching prospect to take a step toward fulfilling that potential during an eventful 2015 season. It was a year that saw him reach Double-A for the first time and get dealt to the Reds as part of the Johnny Cueto Deadline trade.

Reed is now thought of as one of the best lefty prospects in the game, one who could pitch at or near the top of a rotation one day. He has two plus pitches in his fastball and slider. Reed will throw the heater, with sink and cut, in the 91-94 range typically, and he can reach back for 96-97 mph at times. His hard wipeout slider is a true out pitch. Reed’s changeup might be behind the other two, but it has improved tremendously and will be at least a solid average offering when all is said and done.

Reed has improved his command and control considerably as well, a big reason for his jump on prospect radars everywhere. Once a long-term project, he’s now not too far away from impacting a big league rotation.

telepicker…here is what they are saying about Reed…
He has two plus pitches in his fastball and slider. Reed will throw the heater, with sink and cut, in the 91-94 range typically, and he can reach back for 96-97 mph at times.
And this is exactly what Stephenson needs to work on, achieve. The other day he pitched basically with his FB at between 92-94 mph in an attempt to achieve movement and control. When Stephenson does, he can then add speed to his FB.

Thanks Neb, this kid looks like the real deal.

We have some really good youth coming up…Stephenson (#2) and Reed (#3).

Full ACL and LCL tear for Cubs Schwarber. Out for year.

Just saw that – man that is horrible. He’s from Cincy area. Hate to see injuries.


Reds Select Brandon Allen’s Contract, Option Robert Stephenson
The Reds announced today that they have selected the contract of first baseman Brandon Allen, who will join the big league club and replace right-hander Robert Stephenson, who was optioned to Triple-A following his MLB debut.

Interesting callup…over 4 pieces of seasons (2009-12) with 3 MLB teams (ARI, OAK, TBR) he hit a line of….203/.290/.375/.665, 116 G, 389 PA, 12 HR, 41 RBI. Not sure what is up the Reds sleeve with this one…but it wont be the first time.

Allen will be gone tomorrow

The bullpen of gutless wonders showed their ugly head tonight. Walks haunt.

Tim Melville will start Sunday.

Moscot will start next Sunday (4/17).

Wow the season ended in one swing. I think grand slam Hoover is good in many situations but every time he comes in with the bases loaded he has given up the homer. How many is that now 4 times? You just can’t trust him in that situation anymore.

Profile: The 28-year-old Hoover is a possibility as the Reds closer since Chapman was traded. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news: no version of Hoover is good enough to keep the job. Hoover’s performance in 2014 was all good except his 1.9 homers per nine. When paired with his 4.5 walks per nine, that meant a high ERA (4.88) despite a good strikeout rate (10.8 K/9). In 2014, had a very low ground ball rate (28.5%) which would work great in most ball parks, but Great American Ballpark is a launching pad. About two-thirds (19 of 28) of his allowed home runs over his career have been at home. So in 2015, he looked like he made some changes to help limit the home runs. He pitched lower in the strike zone with the same pitches and ended up with a 40% GB% and nearly cut his homers per nine rate in half. The problem was he didn’t get the high swinging strikes and his strikeout rate dropped to 7.3 per nine. The results looked good with 2.94 ERA, but his ERA estimators point to an ERA near 4.50. With the lower strikeouts and normally high walk rate, his strikeout minus walk rate came in at 8.0%. Of 137 qualified relievers, he ranked 124th in that stat. A bottom of the barrel reliever is going to have trouble keeping the closer’s role. Expect Tony Cingrani or Jumbo Diaz to eventually fill the role. (Jeff Zimmerman)

The Quick Opinion: J.J. Hoover may end up as the Reds closer since Chapman was traded. Don’t expect Hoover to be able to keep the job with his lack of talent, though.

John Fay tweeted:
John Fay ✔ ‎@johnfayman
With bases loaded:
Chapman: 40 PAs, .226 opponent batting average, no grand slams.
Hoover: 35 PAs, .448 opponent avg., 5 grand slams. #reds
9:04 AM – 9 Apr 2016

“It was just a slider that hung up. I didn’t execute it to the best of my ability and he got it,” said Hoover.
“You get a matchup where Marte is 1-for-14 off of Hoover with eight strikeouts and he hits a home run,” said Price.

Iglesias versus Cole. Looking forward to this matchup today. Keep warm fellas!!

Another “snow” game, flurries right now in area. All the errors last night is a good indication of playing conditions. A lot of strange things happen last night as Price mentioned too.

Suarez reminds me of Encarnacion. 3rd base D is a bit of a challenge for both.
In 16 TC, Suarez has made 2 E (.875 FLD%). And that is with two saves by Cozart.

I thought Duvall came over as a corner INF, Suarez came up a SS. Do we have 2 players playing out of position?

Hamilton came in as a SS, Bruce CF, Phillips a SS, and well Votto was a Catcher but the Reds said you need to be 1st base. So we tell them where to go based on their ability.

Worthless stat…
The only player in MLB history to throw a no-hitter in his debut is Bumpus Jones, who did it for Cincinnati on Oct. 15, 1892.

Mostly cloudy
RealFeel® 28°

Glad this is a day game, tonight would be even worse to watch a game in the stands. Looks like I need to head to Louisville for a few games again, only minor league team with four of top hundred prospects.

Reds need to make better decisions when running the bases. Phillips was thrown out trying to score by 10 feet yesterday. Now today, with two on and two out, Phillips hit a blooper in front of Votto and he was thrown out easily trying to go lst to 3rd. However, the hot hitting Bruce follows Phillips and a ballplayer should never, ever, make the lst or 3rd out at 3rd base; especially when the ball is in front of you. I am all for being aggressive on the basepads, but lets use our heads.. Taking a chance of getting to 3rd base under these circumstances was unnecessary.

Frazier who

I know it’s early but the lack of expectations and the loose easy feeling I’m seeing on the field is encouraging!!

Reds 3rd basemen…
Encarnacion – 6 GP, 23 AB, 0 HR, 3 RBI, .304/.346/.304/.651
Frazier – 6 GP, 24 AB, 2 HR, 5 RBI, .167/.231/.417/.647
Suarez – 5 GP, 19 AB, 3 HR, 8 RBI, .368/.455/.842/1.297

Reds results vs. team RISP…
6-2W – 2/6 RISP
3-2W – 2/3 RISP
10-6W – 4/8 RISP
5-6L – 1/8 RISP
5-1W – 3/6 RISP
Huge improvement over last few seasons.
Shockingly, we are not only getting them on…
we are getting them in!
OBP – #8 – .336
R – #6 – 24
And our youthful pitching staff is hanging tough…
Team ERA – #7 – 3.50
Team BAA – #4 – .211
Will it last all season? Doubtful, but our youth movement
has the entire team energized.

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