Game 3: vs PHL 



I said this before the year started. I think our pitching has always been good and will continue to be good. A bullpen can be put together for cheap. But you have to have On Base guys and this team does not have them. I think our offense will keep this team down the entire year. I believe Span in LF would have greatly changed this team as the leadoff hitter and On Base machine in front of Votto. Everyone is underestimating this teams pitching. I hope that the Reds see that this pitching is good now and brings in On Base guys next year instead of focusing on power, which is completely overrated. If the power comes with On Base ability then even better.

You all are probably right and we will be looking at 100 losses, but I just feel like these young pitchers are really good. Maybe it is just the hope in me.

Do you know Cueto Leake and Chapman are gone. Whats good to you. Did you miss the second half bomb shell last year. Pitching was horrible. ” Always been good” your dreaming big blu if you think our pitching has always been good.
And Yes since 2013 after Choo left our offense stinks. And Hamilton provides zero help.

Oh Big Blu I wish I was in the same canoe with you. Time will tell. We’ll know by the end of April where we stand.

Actually, I would say end of May…when some teams get a second or even third look at these young arms. Our ERA was above average last season with rookies, so we will have to pitch far better this season. So far, so good…but who did we beat after only two games?

Poor Stephenson get the B line up. Do we really need to rest everyone this early with a day off in-between the last two game. I mean really…

Is this a freaking joke Price? 3rd game in and this BS is starting already…..How in the hell do you sit through that game last night, only to wake up and say “Man, I think I’m going to lead Schebler off today!” Why on earth would you take our best two defensive players in Hamilton & Cozart (up the middle D is the most important) and sit them in Stephenson’s first start in the majors? This is absoluitely dumb and is proof of how bad of a manager Price is. God awful!

Welcome to the Price is Right World. LOL. He’s a beauty. That’s the Baker in him.
Watch all our Sunday losses this year because he’s always played the bench crappy line up on Sunday last year. He doesn’t know the difference between a starter and a bench guy. And last year our team had lots of bench guys.

Lucked out with the weather big time for series. Leake for St. Lou got rocked a bit by the Pirates.

The Reds brass (what a laugh) knew ever since the Chapman trade they had no one to close. I am no expert but even I knew Hoover is no closer, never was and never will be. The Reds did ok with the Phillies as the Phillies are no better than the Reds but the next time they meet. look for the Phillies to sweep. Back to the Pirates when they leave Cincinnati they will be 6 and 0. The Reds cannot compete against a team that is better than a .500 club. They have no middle relief, the starters would be alright with a hitting team, but the Reds don’t have a lineup with a slew of hitters either. Plus add the fact the Reds have no middle relief pitching this team will be hard pressed to win 60 games. And its for sure the VP that oversees all Reds baseball transactions is a joke how can this team ever develop into a fair team, much less a good one? Oh well, wish I could be like all the Reds brain trusts and not care, but I do care for all it matters. I feel very sorry for the team and its awful for the fans to sit and watch the rest of the season.

As bad as the Reds need pitching that was a real smart move to send Cody Reed down who was having a good spring except for one outing. I’m sure sending him down helped his confidence. The team needs hitting in the worse way so other smart moves was sending Ervin & Peraza down. What an organization……

Some one asked in a comment why sit Cozart & Hamilton..Well as the season goes on and at seasons end all will see, neither one can hit. You can blast me now but wait until the end of the season and check out their batting averages. And as always when the Reds accidently get runners on, that’s usually where they stay, no not against the Phillies, but watch against the teams over .500….

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