Game 2 vs. PHI

New Reds lineup since Phillips was scratched with a stomach virus.
Cozart 6, Suarez 5, Votto 3, Mesoraco 2, Bruce 9, Schebler 7, De Jesus Jr. 4, Finnegan 1, Hamilton 8


To my fellow Reds fans living in Cincy. Is this game going to get played tonight?

IMHO, started but not finished. Could be complete game at 5.5 innings, which I think should be changed. A complete game is 9 inninngs period.

Wow – guys come thru bottom of 9th. Great opening nite – and rain held at bay!

I really like these guys…Schebler, Duvall, Suarez, Holt…they are hungry young dudes!
And what can we say about Finnegan? Wow…

Yeah – how ’bout Finnegan’s at bat and first major league hit? Talk about dogged determination.

Big difference thus far…last year, when we went into the 7th 1-R down, we were
toast. This year, we seem to have acquired a never-say-die attitude. Hope its addictive!

Reds looked real good against the Phillies and finally seeing Stephenson was twrrific. But I still say the Reds need additional hitting. I think Peraza should be brought up soon, hope he is doing good at triple A, so goes for Winker. Pirates coming in, hope the Reds rise to the occasion.

Todays lineup (4/8 – 7:10PM-ET)…
Cozart, SS
Suarez, 3B
Votto, 1B
Phillips, 2B
Mesoraco, C
Bruce, RF
Duvall, LF
Simon, P
Hamilton, CF

Reds 3-0 – 19 RS -10 RA +9
Pirates 3-0 – 15 RS -7 RA +8
Pittsburgh favored heavily in todays game:
Pittsburgh -155
Reds – +140

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