Scene from Game 1



According to Marty Brennaman, Piniella said he was “humbled” to be the Grand Marshall of the Findlay Mkt Opening Day Parade. He said it was quite a thing – so many fans lining the way. Weather really cooperated for the big day.

Great start, very enjoyable game, whoohoo!!

Great when everybody contributes!

One in a row!

The DOUBLE H show! Two truly magnificent catches in the 9th; first by Holt sprinting to his right and diving for a ball lined down the line, and then our defensive star in CF, Mr. Hamilton, shading to left-center, sprinting to right-center and diving horizontal to catch what should have been a gapper. Hamilton literally outran the ball. Amazing D by both. Not sure anyone else could have caught these two balls other than the two guys that caught them.

Saved Hoover’s bacon big time.

Exactly why I commented yesterday saying he is the best CF’er in the league IMO.

Price used his pitchers wisely! Pulled Diaz to match up against Cingrani. Pulled to match up with Ohlendorf. 9th vacuumed up by Hoover (sorry).

If Phil Castellini reads this blog, can we ask for our awesome video boards to show replays of great moments. Geez were horrible at this. Not to see Holts catch is almost criminal. Oh we showed Billys, not Tylers. If any of you go to alot of games like myself, I hope you agree. But we’ve been horrible for years at not showing replays. Comments please. Mark can you help with this?

Neb thats easy to say when they do their job. I am curious why jumbo started the 8th. First two guys up were leftys. And three of first four batters were leftys. Feel bad for the Phillies when you pinch hit for your 25 million dollar man. I hope thats not us in four or five years. Jumbo did cruise thru the 7th as well. It was if they sent him out in the 8th, got a lefty out, then said oh crap we better pull him there’s another lefty up…Hey just saying. Great win!

Matter of when they wanted to put in Cingrani; Reds only LH pitcher in the BP. Dont think they wanted him going 2 full innings this early. Jumbo throws heat and does fairly well with both R (.236) and L (.256); overpowering stuff when on, and he was on tonight in tight game (Called SO, PO to SS, Bunt PO, GO to 3rd). Cant fault Price tonight when it comes to BP moves.

Votto and Howard are not comparable at all other than the amount of money they make. They are two completely different hitters. Votto is a contact high OB hitter. Howard was all swing for the fences type hitter with high strike outs every year. High strikeout players do not age well. Votto is more of a Tony Gwen player with power, he can play until 45.

Replay comment. Sitting in the stands we had no idea what happened to Mesoraco either. Never showed us anything.

If Peraza is starting in center when the Bats open play, Billys days are done boys.

HIS DAYS ARE NOT DONE! He’s the best damn defensive CF’er in baseball people. He will help out our young pitchers in CF’er way more than Peraza ever could. As long as he’s batting 9th, who cares how he hits. He saves tons of runs in the field. Dude works his ass off too, and is a great team player, and a clubhouse guy. Bad hitter yes, but his speed needs to be on the field at all times.

Video Corner…
Has both catches; Holt and Hamilton in 9th.

If they change it quickly, try StatCast…
Two very good sliding plays; Hamilton can just flat out run under any baseball.
His bat overshadows his superlative D.

No matter what happens the rest of the way, we’ll always have Opening Day. Most satisfying.

Reds Updated Status Due Back Injury Notes
Bailey, Homer (P) 04/04 15-day DL Possibly May Recovering from May 2015 Tommy John surgery Threw two innings of live batting practice March 24.
DeSclafani, Anthony (P) 04/03 15-day DL Possibly April 10 Left oblique strain Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 25.
Lamb, John (P) 04/03 15-day DL Possibly mid-April Recovering from December 2015 back surgery. Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 25.
Lorenzen, Michael (P) 04/03 15-day DL Possibly April Mild strain and tendinitis in right elbow Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 25.
Moscot, Jon (P) 04/03 15-day DL Possibly April 17 Left intercostal strain Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 25.
Rodriguez, Yorman (CF) 04/03 15-day DL TBD Left hamstring strain Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 27.
Skipworth, Kyle (C) 04/03 15-day DL TBD Recovering from December 2015 left ankle surgery Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 31.

Ciincinnati, Ohio…
Next three days; 60% chance of rain

Please, not a repeat of lat year.

Reds’ Rule 5 selection Jake Cave has been sent back to the Yankees,’s Matt Kardos reports on Twitter. It appears that New York is accepting his return, as Cave is said to be heading to Triple-A.

Votto struck out 3X in the first game (before SGL w/bases loaded). The question is…has Votto ever worn the Golden Sombrero (4X)?
Answer: Yep, even Mr. Votto has struck out 4X in a game…3 different times!
(compliments of a John Fay tweet)

JC (W, 1-0)
7 IP
6 H
1 R
1 ER
0 BB
4 SO
0 HR
1.29 ERA

He was by far my favorite pitcher for the past 10 yrs. I very much wish we could have just signed him this past off season. With all the trades and money coming off the books in the next year or two I think the Reds could have swung a deal. Then maybe the rebuild is not as bad.

Tough to call a 6-year, $130M contract, a rebuild. The reality is that we are a small market team and cannot afford these kinds of contracts. And, if we could, we certainly cannot sign 4 or 5 of them. Its just what we are.

If we can’t afford these types of contracts, how did we sign Votto to such a huge one?

Mistake we must live with. But, by eliminating all the others…it lessens the blow.
Vottos contract was/is a dozy. The Reds are on record for stating that everyone is
available for trade; hard to think anyone would buy a contract that pays this much in a players out years.
2016 32 Cincinnati Reds $20,000,000
2017 33 Cincinnati Reds $22,000,000
2018 34 Cincinnati Reds $25,000,000
2019 35 Cincinnati Reds $25,000,000
2020 36 Cincinnati Reds $25,000,000
2021 37 Cincinnati Reds $25,000,000
2022 38 Cincinnati Reds $25,000,000
2023 39 Cincinnati Reds $25,000,000
2024 40 Cincinnati Reds *$20,000,000
*$20M Team Option, $7M Buyout
Earliest Free Agent: 2024

Just another reason why the Reds would like to dig out from underneath Phillips and Bruces contractsl leaving only Votto and Bailey contracts (nobody interested).

We are as large of a market as Castellini wants us to be. It has nothing to do with the market, just how much the owner wants to spend and he is willing to spend. Vottos contract is not bad at all. He is not even top 10 per year but is a top 3 talent. I don’t understand the worries about the contract. We can spend in the top 15 every year the way we did the past few years. We are a mid market spender, that is what fans need to realize.

Exactly! It’s not that we can’t spend, it’s that we choose not too.

It has everything to do with the market. The market defines what the
teams revenue stream is and will be.
Reds Connection: Will the Reds always be a small-market team?
Posted: 12:00 a.m. Monday, July 27, 2015
Hall-of-fame baseball writer Hal McCoy knows a thing or two about America’s pastime. If you’d like to tap into that knowledge, send a question to
Q: What will it take for the Reds to no longer be a small-market team? — JAY, Englewood.
A: You’d have to get about 10 million people to move into the Greater Cincinnati area. Markets are determined by fan base, so the Reds are destined to be no more than a small- to mid-market team that works with smaller TV revenues.

Votto’s deal is similar to Griffey coming home to the extent the team was good for a couple years then fell apart the following years. Then we hit bottom and Jocketty did the Griffey Dunn sell off. The guy that should not have been given a deal was Homer. Man how is that working out for us. But none of us were complaining when the Votto deal was announced.

I am not fond of any blockbuster deals; none of them have worked. What makes this deal particularly difficult is the length of the deal; it rewards a player far too late in his career. I suspect Votto wont even be playing when the contract expires; I trust the contract will be renegotiated at some point and Votto will transfer into a coaching job.
The reality is that this type of contract is a bear-trap contract; it binds the Reds to a certain sum and as each year ticks by, it becomes less and less attractive for any other team to buy. Unfortunately, the Reds went contract happy and they are now trying to undue what they created. With that said, per Castellini, any monies saved are being placed in a war chest for future signings/assistance. He is not afraid to spend a decent salary for the Reds, but to not make the playoffs violates the modus operandi. We need to remember, this is a business and Castellini is not the sole owner.

I completely disagree that Votto will be playing at 40 and will be very productive. I also believe that it will be an average salary by 2024 for average players. We see players not that good right now getting 7-10 mil a season. His ability transfers to age.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
There’s talk Bailey could return in May, just a year after undergoing Tommy John surgery. A 12-month recovery would be a needless risk for the Reds, who would probably like to recover some value from a pitcher owed $86MM from 2016-19. Things will get tricky if Bailey’s return is pushed back to July and he only makes a few starts before the trade deadline. Then again, his contract is large enough for an August waiver deal to happen. A healthy Bailey could be interesting for a team like the Dodgers, who could take on a quality arm mostly just by being willing to swallow his contract.
Remaining contract:
2016 30 Cincinnati Reds $18,000,000
2017 31 Cincinnati Reds $19,000,000
2018 32 Cincinnati Reds $21,000,000
2019 33 Cincinnati Reds $23,000,000
2020 34 Cincinnati Reds *$25,000,000
*$25M Mutual Option, $5M Buyout
Earliest Free Agent: 2020

Yes a small market can influence the owners decisions. But if you are a billionaire money can matter Lindner or winning does Castellini. Castellini has stated that he is not afraid to spend money and he has shown it. Its just not prudent to do it right now. They are repositioning. I expect them to spend on free agents come next year when some of these kids are ready to join in. Our payroll has constantly been in the middle of the pack. I am in no way worried about our small market stigma while Castellini owns this team.

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