3/31 at CLE

Cactus League finale



Board picking team wins for 2016 season…
bigblue – 78
HooserVirg – 81
mikewelsh11 – 72
Neb – 68
redsfan1 – 54
rounding 3rd – 78
telepicker – 71
TOW – 74

No – mine was 75 Neb. Thks

Ill fix.

My pick is 73


Why do I think this is our projected lineup,LOL?

Unless Riggleman and Piniella were able to get through to Price, I will not be surprised at the number of lineups he will use over the course of the season.
Price has shown over two seasons that he believes anyone should hit anywhere
on a given game day; there are no benefits nor logic to a set lineup.

I have little tolerance for him. Wouldn’t know a plan if he tripped over it.

Yes, this season we need to keep in mind; it doesnt really matter what he does and more importantly, this should be his last season. I sincerely hope he doesnt impress this season and they think he should remain beyond 2016; all probably due to Riggleman and Piniella…oh the horror!

Mark I wondered if you knew if Pacheco has any options left.

With Hamilton batting 9th, Cozart leading off tells me they both need to go elsewhere. Peraza should be at SS and someone else in CF, Hamilton just can’t cut it, or try it looks like.

How does an organization have 5 pitchers with sore arms ?

Rodriguez has had bad left ham string for last 4 days. May receive a reprieve by starting season on DL. This would leave Pacheco, Schebler, Peraza and Cave shooting for 3 remaining desk jobs.

Thanks Neb . I haven’t paid much attention over the winter. A friend told me the Reds had 5 pitchers with sore arms . Just wondering .

Welcome back!

Again this year, what/where is the Reds’ conditioning program ? Always too many “injuries” and excessive recovery times ! Maybe there is a serious attitude problem that permeates thr whole team.

Opening Day DL?…
Bailey, DeSclafani, Lamb, Lorenzen, Moscot, Rodriguez

WOW !!!! That makes me wonder how the Reds go about spring training and getting pitchers ready for the season . That’s a lot of starting pitchers with physical problems for ONE team . Especially in a rebuilding year .

Three of those pitchers don’t have sore arms. Non arm injuries.

Okay. Thanks Mark . That sounds more like it .

Hamilton to start season at bottom of lineup
Price hopes center fielder can establish himself as leadoff man in 2016
“I said, ‘We’d love for you to be at the top of the order, but you’re going to have to be swinging the bat and get on base at a higher percentage to get back there,'” Price said before Thursday’s game against the Indians. “That’s not a shot across the bow. It’s just the reality that I’d much rather have him hit at the top of the order, but in the same respect you have to have the efficiency in order to get all those at-bats.

Thanks TOW .

Hamilton should be sent down boys

Bench now set…
Barnhart C
DeJesus INF
Schebler OF
Peraza INF-OF
Pacheco C-INF

Peraza sent down; Holt brought up.
Bench now looks like:
Barnhart- C
DeJesus- INF
Schebler – OF
Holt – OF
Pacheco – C, INF

Cave placed on waivers; Reds roster not set…
The Reds did not come to a resolution to finalize their 25-man roster.
“Not enough, unfortunately,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “I think we have some resolution in how we get to the final decisions and how we share that with the players. It will probably come out over the next day or two unfortunately. It’s kind of going to where we hoped we wouldn’t go with it. It looks like we’ll get ourselves to Cincinnati and maybe down to Indy to make some final decisions.”

Board picking team wins for 2016 season…as of 4/1
Bob – 73
bigblue – 78
HooserVirg – 81
mikewelsh11 – 72
Neb – 68
Old Jim – 73
redsfan1 – 54
rounding 3rd – 75
telepicker – 71
TOW – 74

You all feel much better about this team than I do.

I am so disappointed in the Reds. This makes zero sense. I am fine with brining up Peraza but not to sit on the bench. If he is not going to be in Louisville, then he needs to be starting here. I am loosing faith quickly, what a waste a year of service time. They could have just delayed a couple of months.

I think the Reds have a different point of view. I think the Reds weigh service time more with pitchers than with position players as their salaries can be far, far higher.
Secondly, I think the Reds want to field a reasonably talented team and to date, Peraza is very talented: .295/.313/.426/.739 while being tied this spring with 12 R with Bruce. Lastly, based on his performance this spring, I do not think that – in Perazas mind, nor the Reds – that he would necessarily improve his numbers/skillset by being at AAA. Peraza has shown that he is capable of playing 2B, SS, CF and now, LF. His versatility is a huge plus for the Reds. Lastly, with Hamilton continuing his OBP woes, Price will move to Cozart. Unfortunately, Price is, once again, grabbing at straws as Cozart has hit first in 109 G, 468 AB and produced an overall .222/.265/.370/.634 batting line. In my mind, Peraza needs to play far more games than not and he needs to lead off for the Cincinnati Reds.

I agree he can play and like you said a talent. So he needs to be playing every day if they can. Cozart is in no way a leadoff hitter with his OBP, which is probably second worse to Hamilton. Peraza needs to play every day if he will be up here.

With this lineup Price could easily insert Peraza if he wants to for Cozart or Hamilton if the Reds decide to keep Peraza up in biggies. He wouldn’t have to change lineup for replacing Cozart with Peraza and just make a small tweet at bottom of lineup if he uses Peraza for Hamilton still leaving Peraza in lead off. Keeping Peraza up or sending him down is not just Price’s call. Many factors come into play as many have mentioned.

Looks like Straily is a decent pickup at low cost, young, controllable for many years and it kind of looks like the Padres got caught in the numbers game and tried to sneak him through waivers.

Agreed. He should certainly be our 5th strater to start the season. Please don’t ever let Melville take the hill.

Reds are 15-16 this spring with one game to go; tomorrow against the Pirates at
1:35PM-ET. The Reds are currently 7.5 GB Bakers white hot Nationals (18-4), led by their incredible starting pitching group.

MLBs fastest pitch ever recorded…you know who…

Neb, I was at GABP that night. I still have a picture of the speed recorded somewhere on a digital card. We shall miss the excitement he generated when he came in the game.

Amazing young man…hard to think we would ever see another pitcher that could eclipse 106. McCutchen is a great part 3 to the trivia question; 1) who, 2) how fast,
3) who was the batter.

Hard to believe Chapman pitched for us for 6 seasons.

4/2 lineup…
1. Zack Cozart (R) SS
2. Eugenio Suarez (R) 3B
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
5. Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
7. Adam Duvall (R) LF
8. Scott Schebler (L) DH
9. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
P- Simon

Hope we can keep him…
Cave 2 for 2, 1 R, 2 RBI, 1 BB

Reds sign Delabar to Minor League deal

The Reds made another move just ahead of the regular season on Saturday when the club announced the signing of veteran reliever Steve Delabar to a Minor League contract. Delabar, 32, was released by the Blue Jays on Tuesday.

Since March 17, the Reds have added four veteran pitchers including Alfredo Simon, Ross Ohlendorf while claiming Dan Straily off waivers on Friday.
In eight games this spring for Toronto, Delabar had a 2.35 ERA. He has not been the same pitcher since a breakout All-Star 2013 season when he had a 3.22 ERA and a 12.6 strikeouts-per-nine innings ratio over 55 appearances

Trades executed – or killed – by final medical opinion
“It becomes very stressful. Very stressful,” Kremchek said. “I’ve had times where I’ve basically had to cancel my afternoon patients that I see because stuff is going on.”

Kremchek represents the last line of defense for the Reds when it comes to not getting ripped off in trades. He’s the one who gives the final medical opinion about whether prospective acquisitions are healthy enough to be worth the transaction. It was on his advice the Reds chose not to trade Jay Bruce to the Toronto Blue Jays in February.

That deal, a three-team swap that included the Los Angeles Angels, reportedly fell apart because the Reds had medical concerns with one or more of the minor-leaguers they were set to receive. The aborted trade was just the latest offseason move in Major League Baseball to run into health issues.

I read that this afternoon, a very interesting article of the complexity’s of modern day baseball. Nice informative article.

It’s complex because people lie. Even the player.

No comments about mes being scratched. This guy has hardly played. Does he have 20 spring at bats?

Mes 17 at bats. Why is no one talking about this. He doesnt play and we’re screwed

Whens someone going to write a story about BP going down as the greatest and most dependable second basemen in the reds long history. We should honor him now before he is shuffled off to buffalo…just saying boys….

Top 10 Second Basemen of All-Time
#7 – Joe Morgan
8 Seasons with the Reds
152 HR, 612 RBI, 410 SO, 881 BB, 406 SB

Joe was a great player. But he benefited playing with other great players. They all did. Id like to know if anyone remembers him taking days off against guys like Steve Carlton. Oh I wish we had those guys now.

Moves today…Mark tweeted:
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 30m30 minutes ago
Lots of moves. Cave DFA’d, Holt recalled; Peraza and Cabrera optioned to LOU
Price could not find a way to get Peraza in 5-6 G per week.

4/3/16 Cincinnati Reds placed RF Juan Duran on the restricted list
(due to 80 G suspension).

The plan: How the Reds build for a World Series title
There are four main components to the rebuild…

Peraza, Cabrera optioned in flurry of moves
25-man roster not set until Bailey officially placed on DL Monday
Infielder Jose Peraza and catcher Ramon Cabrera were optioned to Triple-A Louisville, while starting pitcher Tim Melville and reliever Dayan Diaz were re-assigned to Louisville.

Looks to me like their delaying the rebuild process till May. Thoughts anyone?

What rebuild?????????????????

Amen . The only thing different is 3rd base and the pitching . I guess that’s something.

By keeping Reed and Peraza down in the minors we’ll get another year out of them.
If Mike Leake would have taken the same path, he’d be pitching for us this year.
I hate that decision making but those are the rules. Aka. Kris Bryant.

Having Cozart, Hamilton and the pitcher in the line up makes for easy three outs and no one on base when the line up turns over.
Why in heavens sake are we so in love with Billy Hamilton.
Then you throw in Duvall and he’s another strike out artist. And if Barnhart’s in the line up its good night Irene. If you can’t hit, please go to the minors.
Just more stupid decisions. Hope I’m wrong. But what do they say. The back of the baseball card is who you are.

Reading today’s Enquirer Coach Price doesn’t have enough pull to pick his own team. He should be fighting for putting the best players on the roster and he is not.
Didn’t anyone in Reds management notice the offense was horrific last year as well.
I almost want to say put Peraza at short, Schebler in center and let them play for six weeks and see what happens. Anyone thinking Cozart is coming back from major knee surgery and is going to be productive has another thing coming. Billy is who he is. A bench and pinch runner guy. Our line up needed four guys changed out. Then if we think Phillips is a four hole hitter we need our brain examined.

Ok, today’s Opening Day, and I’m confused. The 25-man Roster listed on Reds.com lists Homer Bailey, which cannot be right. There are 12 pitchers listed but only two are starters – Iglesias and Simon – unless you count Finnegan and Bailey, which still adds up to just 4. It lists Duvall as an infielder (I know, he played a little 3B and 1B in Arizona). Does anyone out there in the blogosphere know who’s on this team and who the first 5 starting pitchers will be?

ha ha ha. Management doesn’t either and its opening day. Great isn’t it.

Wish line up: Just saying Peraza 6, Phillips 4, Votto 3, Mesoraco 2, Suarez, 5, Bruce 9, Duvall 7, and Schebler 8.

That line up says out with the old and in with the new !

And Winker takes Bruce’s place when he is shipped out of here !

Come May 1st I’m praying, Winker, Peraza, Reed, and Stephenson are all here.
Then TOW, the rebuild will begin.

Wow… I love it. Thank you Reds for putting away the last two years of stupidity and make the right moves to start this year. They didn’t push any of these kids service time yet, which is smart. Delay Delay delay… I just hope they don’t put Bob Steve up too early to make the fifth starters spot on this team. Just throw a bump up here and wait. Be patient and get ready for next year. If they look for next year to be the year, Reed and Stephenson will be strong going into next year along with Peraza and Winker.

Here is the 25-man roster; it has 24 listed. The Reds are trying to figure out who
will pitch on Thursday. In all likelihood, Stephenson will be recalled.
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
34 Homer Bailey R/R 6’4″ 225lbs 5/3/86
52 Tony Cingrani L/L 6’4″ 210lbs 7/5/89
54 Caleb Cotham R/R 6’3″ 215lbs 11/6/87
70 Jumbo Diaz R/R 6’4″ 280lbs 2/27/84
29 Brandon Finnegan L/L 5’11” 200lbs 4/14/93
60 J.J. Hoover R/R 6’3″ 240lbs 8/13/87
26 Raisel Iglesias R/R 6’2″ 185lbs 1/4/90
27 Ross Ohlendorf R/R 6’4″ 240lbs 8/8/82
48 Keyvius Sampson R/R 6’2″ 225lbs 1/6/91
31 Alfredo Simon R/R 6’6″ 265lbs 5/8/81
58 Dan Straily R/R 6’2″ 220lbs 12/1/88
36 Blake Wood R/R 6’5″ 240lbs 8/8/85
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
16 Tucker Barnhart S/R 5’11” 190lbs 1/7/91
39 Devin Mesoraco R/R 6’1″ 220lbs 6/19/88
15 Jordan Pacheco R/R 6’1″ 200lbs 1/30/86
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
2 Zack Cozart R/R 6’0″ 195lbs 8/12/85
3 Ivan De Jesus R/R 5’11” 200lbs 5/1/87
23 Adam Duvall R/R 6’1″ 220lbs 9/4/88
4 Brandon Phillips R/R 6’0″ 210lbs 6/28/81
7 Eugenio Suarez R/R 5’11” 205lbs 7/18/91
19 Joey Votto L/R 6’2″ 220lbs 9/10/83
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
32 Jay Bruce L/L 6’3″ 225lbs 4/3/87
6 Billy Hamilton S/R 6’0″ 160lbs 9/9/90
40 Tyler Holt R/R 5’10” 200lbs 3/10/89
43 Scott Schebler L/R 6’0″ 225lbs 10/6/90

Reds’ roster: Jose Peraza to start in AAA, Tyler Holt in big leagues
That helped the versatile Pacheco, who also plays all the infield spots other than shortstop, make the team and was one of the reasons some in the organization wanted to go with Peraza. Peraza played both shortstop and center field this spring, as well as second base and left field.

“(There was) internal debate, what was best for the player,” Price said. “There’s certainly a faction that feel he can help the current team in a more limited basis, since we don’t have an everyday spot for him and there’s another faction that felt he was better served to be playing every day in case something were to happen to any of our regulars. He’s got three or four different spots in which he could come in and play full-time.

“It’s basically the same thing that happened to Suarez last year and with an injury to Zack he was better prepared. That, as a reference point, it seems to make sense. I think he’s a big-leaguer, I think we all believe he’s a big-leaguer and could be playing here now, but it would be in somewhat of a limited basis compared to what he’ll do in Triple-A.”

Am I being stupid here? Why would the Reds carry Homer on the 25-man if he can’t pitch for six weeks? That’s got to be a mistake or misprint or something, doesn’t it?

Thats what they are figuring out today.

Yes, what Neb said , probably put Bailey on 60 day DL and call up Stephension to start a game. Could be checking recent releases to see if better option.

Cincinnati Reds ✔ ‎@Reds
RHP Homer Bailey disabled, retroactive to 3/25, and RHP Robert Stephenson (#55) recalled from Class AAA Louisville.
7:37 AM – 4 Apr 2016

I really hope that is not true. Please don’t waste a year of service time for one start. Just grab anyone. Then just wait a couple of weeks to get another year. Don’t be stupid Reds…. You have done this so well so far.

I think their plan is to bring him up for only this one game.


I was thinking of that wrong. If he comes up for 15 days and then goes back down for the rest of the year it does not count for 1 yr of service time. In that case go for it. I believe this is true right? They have to be on the 25 man roster for 172 days of the 183 possible days.

When the clock starts for service time is immaterial in the long view. It is the service time overall that is important.
Service time is, very simply, a running count of how long you’ve been a major league player.
172 service days = 1 service year
Players max out at 172 service days/year; seasons usually have 183 service days
Players needs six full years of service to reach free agency
Players need about 2.130 years of service to reach arbitration

One last note…team advantage…
This is particularly important because six full years of service means six full years of service. If you end the season at 5.171, your team has your rights for another entire season. This cutoff point means that most players spend their first seven major league seasons with their original team because teams know not to call a player up until they can no longer earn 172 service days in their first year.

So Homer’s just a place-holder till they decide on the pitcher that’s really going to take that roster spot? That makes a sense, but have we ever seen this much uncertainty 5 hours before the first pitch of the season?


Mediocrity breeds competition, er ugh, so many choices so little tume…..LOL

Ah, Neb – our messages crossed. Now I get it.

The Reds just placed an entire starting rotation on the DL to start 2016…
Homer Bailey: Rehabbing from Tommy John surgery.
Anthony DeSclafani: Suffered an oblique strain this spring.
John Lamb: Rehabbing from back surgery.
Michael Lorenzen: Suffered an elbow strain this spring.
Jon Moscot: Suffered an intercostal strain this spring.
This is redundant, and is ridiculous.

4/4 lineup…
SS Zack Cozart (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
C Devin Mesoraco (R)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
P Raisel Iglesias (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S

I say just put Billy in leadoff. Give it to him for at least half the year and see if he can do it or figure it out. Its not like Cozart is any kind of On Base machine, kind of a wash in reasonableness.

I do not disagree. Also, when Hamilton does get on, he is a 100% threat to steal 2nd and/or 3rd…and make it 90% of the time. Additionally, his speed pays off; singles may well be doubles, and doubles may well be triples. Lastly, if he gets on 2nd base, there is no single that wont allow him to score. Batting 9th accomplishes two things; limits the amount of times he goes to bat, and does not ensure that he will ever get on base without someone ahead of him. In my view, given this season and our odds for breaking .500, let em see if he can handle lead-off.

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