3/30 vs. Chisox (updated)

Change in RF…

Hamilton 8
Peraza 7
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Suarez 5
Duvall DH
Cozart 6
Barnhart 2
Duran 9

Smith 1


I know spring training games mean nothing and I know how little I know about baseball in general; nevertheless, I will make a bold prediction: this team will continue a past Reds pattern. It will be paralyzed by good starting pitching and will feast on relievers. im(v)ho.

Ok…lets play a game. Very simple; give me the total number of games the Reds will win in 2016. The number is between 1-162! I will keep track for everyone and update.
All picks must be in before the lst pitch on opening day; April 4th. Dont give me dialogue and dont give me ranges; just one number.
Here is mine:
Neb – 68

…duplicates OK.

This includes you also, Mark.






Why is Duran playing instead of Yorman? Really intead of anyobne else, don’t get it. Bad sign for Yorman making the team i guess.

Duran – 17G, 25AB, .289/.345/.550/.905
Rodriguez – 21G, 40AB, .225/.354/.250/.604

Um i said that because Duran is suspended for PED’s

Team has said they would turn the page and not take any further action on Duran. There is absolutely no question he will be sent down to take his 80 G suspension. However, with that said the Reds still wanted to look at and evaluate Duran for future consideration. And, he has not disappointed this spring; showing how hard he can hit a ball. As for Rodriguez, he appears to have had ample opportunity to show his stuff but failed at nearly every checkpoint. My guess is that he will be released; not much room on the bench. We will find out in the next few days, although I just do not see any place for him on the team given others talents.

Down to 35 on roster, Holt,Hayes,Mattheus, Ramirez, Villarreal, and O’Grady all sent out.

Reds cut six; Duvall, De Jesus make roster
Holt optioned to Triple-A, four relievers reassigned and O’Grady offered back to Angels
Outfielder Tyler Holt was optioned to Triple-A Louisville, while relievers Drew Hayes, Ryan Mattheus, JC Ramirez and Pedro Villarreal were reassigned to the Minor League camp. Lefty reliever and Rule 5 pick Chris O’Grady has cleared waivers and was offered back to his former club, the Angels. The Reds have three days to decide if they want him back.

Is that a typo in the box score, or did Peraza play LF today?

Geesh, I think Joey is 7 for his last eight at bats. Yes, Peraza played left, adds another position to his resume, had single and triple. BP hitting .373 and Joey .440 in spring

Board picking team wins for 2016 season…
bigblue – 78
mikewelsh11 – 72
Neb – 68
rounding 3rd – 78
telepicker – 71
TOW – 74

Peraza adds left field to his spring positions
Reds’ No. 5 prospect competing for reserve role
“He’s been playing out there, taking balls and working out in left field,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “It’s just one more place to give him a look. Since there’s not an everyday position here at this point in time, it’s really looking at different ways in which he can help the club.”
Peraza, who is on the roster bubble, has also played shortstop, second base and center field during camp.

With todays cuts, here is what the BP is shaping up to look like:
J.J. Hoover, Jumbo Diaz, Tony Cingrani, Ross Ohlendorf, Caleb Cotham, Dayan Diaz, Keyvius Sampson and Blake Wood.

RBI leaders this Spring…
Duvall – 17
Schebler – 13
Suarez – 11
Bruce – 10
Votto -10

Sorry Reds Fans. Got to stick to my guns thinking this team will be horrific with incapable manager. No pitching and what have we done to fix the offense. Zip.

Neb 54 wins. Mark it down please.

Neb have a favor to ask. Can you investigate this. Reds have been in goodyear now at least 5 springs I’m sure. For those 5 years can you find their spring attendance numbers. Then can you find the attendance numbers for the last 5 years in Sarasota. Just would be a curiuos stat. Thank you in advance.

2015 – Tot: 64,228, GA: 4,282
2014 – Tot: 67,445, GA: 4,696
2013 – Tot: 68,652, GA: 4,291
2012 – Tot: 61,878, GA: 3,867
2011 – Tot: 53,050, GA: 3.734
2010 – Tot: 66,725, GA: 4,170
2009 – Tot: 79,014, GA: 4,938
2008 – Tot: 90,549, GA: 5,326
(prior years in Sarasota not readily

Thanks a million. Little short arent they.

Boy that bullpen just puts the fear in opposing teams……..Not.

Hey, Neb put me down for 81 wins please.

Very optimistic, I hope you are right.

Belive we both know Peraza should start at SS and almost any outfielder in CF except Hamilton. As I have watched what few games Hamilton has been in, and listened to on radio, he does not deserve to start in CF. Perhaps Cave should or put Peraza in CF, Suarez at SS and Duvall at 3rd. I full believe Pinella will manage team before season ends and another high up person in the office should be replaced NOW.

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63 wins

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