3/29 at MIL



Ok fellas, lets say for arguments sake iglesias is going to throw 150 innings, an increase if about 60 from last season. Do you, as a guru of pitching, let iglesias pitch as deep as he can each outing and shutting him down around 150(August maybe). Do you take him out after 5 innings (if he makes it that far)every start getting him through the entire season, 30-32 total starts?????? what say you???

I think a lot depends on his upcoming winter program. But I don’t like a lot of pitches each game and might as well use your bullpen. We can rotate guys in and out all year, starters and bullpen. Why max a kid out each start.

You know we used to throw 300 innings a year. Homer was pampered. How’d that work out.

I don’t remember Homer getting pampered as much as I remember him having some kind of injury every year and getting shut down. Maybe that is the pampering, shutting him down for what might have been a simple injury.

I agree with bigblu. I just hope now, with 3 years left, that he can pitch .500 baseball. You know, return to form.

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