3/28 vs. MIL (correct version)

Hamilton 8
Suarez 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Mesoraco 2
Cozart 6
Holt 9
Cave 7
Stephenson 1

Sorry for posting the wrong lineup earlier today.


No need to apologize. You are still boasting a .999 PPCT. (posting percentage).
That leads the league! All kidding aside, I dont think we can say it enough thanks
for all that you do, including hosting this board and keeping us apprised of items
we can only get through you.

The disco sophmore jinx begins. Why is it these guys come up lame after they get pummelled.

Why does everyone love billy horrible. Drew Stubbs was a better and more productive player and we ran him outta here. Watch. Hell start the season on the DL.

How much more of yorman do we need to see. If they don’t know by now they’ll never know. He’s outta here. Look at billy. They dont know about him. God help us.

Iglesias named opening day starter.

Iglesias gets Opening Day nod for Reds
Right-hander replaces injured DeSclafani
Following Iglesias, Brandon Finnegan will pitch the second game vs. the Phillies on April 6. The third spot is still to be determined, and Alfredo Simon will start the series opener vs. the Pirates on April 8, followed by Iglesias on April 9.
If he recovers on time, DeSclafani will slide into the rotation’s fifth spot to face Pittsburgh on April 10.

Did he even get stretched out, geez…..

I know Hamilton is still young, and coming off injury. I want Peraza, he looks more ready. There’s no way Hamilton deserves the job in CF is there?

We need to be careful with Peraza or we will have another Hamilton. No reason to rush this year. Might as well see if they can fix Hamilton, not like we are winning anything.

Big Blu we are in crisis mode. We’re going to suck big. Hope you enjoy it.

Peraza at least had a successful season at AAA hitting over .290, Hamilton hit 250 at AAA. I’ve seen how that translates.

Barring injuries to main players, AKA basically Votto, I predict we win 75 to 80 games. Last year was a little fluky for me. Too much talent to lose that many. This team will be better than many think. Votto is going to have one of the greatest seasons ever…

RedsFan1, I love winning but we are not going to win anything of significance so we might as well think towards 2017 and beyond. This means not starting the arbitration clocks on our best talent especially ones that are as young as Peraza.

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