Who remains in camp?

After four cuts on Tuesday, the Reds have 40 players remaining in camp. Take away the injured guys, and it’s closer to 35-36.

Here is how it currently stands:



Anyone going to comment the pitching has been burning down the house for the last week. A half as….. bullpen. Maybe 110 losses could be within reach. Its time to start calling these guys out. I’ve not been looking at box scores everyday. Who’s on the roster still and sucking up the joint.

If we lose a hundres plus it will be a huge disappointment not to mention embarrassment. We could be worse than the 1982 team. If that occurs, kiss my seats goodbye.

It looks like the talent is a year away. Peraza not starting, Finnegan done around 100 innings, Iglesias also finished early, 150 innings, Schebler not great so far, Winker, Stephenson, Reed all sent down. 90 losses is my guess, a slight improvement. The old saying is every team loses 50 and every team wins 50. I’m guessing we win 20 of the other 62. Hopefully I’m way off…..Votto, Bruce, Phillips, Saurez all look good. Mesoroco seems fully recovered, and also looks good in limited action. Hamilton ugh, LF ugh, bullpen double ugh, rotation ugh. Just my opinion.. Go reds!!!

Does it really matter how many games they lose? If they are not competing then they might as well get the best draft pick. I am not saying losing on purpose, but you don’t get anything for hanging around .500 all year except a pat on the back and a get um next year.

I think next year will be a lot more fun. The talent will be ready…

I agree, if they aren’t a world series contender, it doesn’t matter.

We are the oldest and proudest franchise in my mind. I don’t want us to be the armpit of the league but its difficult not to feel that way.
We have pitchers throwing poop soup.
Hey Big Blu, yes losing does matter.

Yes I hate losing… I guess I am lucky I am a UK fan and get to taste winning more than most. Not a dig, just could not image none of my teams ever winning it all. Its been a long time since 1990.

big blu, I’m hoping the Reds draft the best hitter in college this year. I don;t who that is though yet. Anyone know who that might be ? We have all this so called pitching coming, but geez we got to score runs and we need hitting desperately.

Agreed. Lets get more hitters in here. I think Blandino will be a nice On Base hitter next year.

Nice to see Simon step up and have a great first outing. Good pickup by Reds, probably wouldn’t hurt to try to find another innings eater to help work around the innings limitations of our younger guys. Looking forward to my first game st GABP this year.

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Wait Wait Wait… We were going to eat 8 mil of Bruces salary to trade him for prospects from a team with some of the worst rated prospects in baseball. My goodness I am turning the corner here thinking the Reds have lost their mind… What is going on here? The past trades have been subpar this offseason, but my this would have been the worst. Bruce is not bad and he is young, I would actually rather hang on to him for that price, not pay 8 mil to get rid of him. I have lost trust hearing this. The Reds have already squandered deals (Frazier, Chapman, Bruce) by trading too late and asking for too much only to get nothing. I am so confused on what they are doing. I watch Atlanta, Houston, Chicago go through these rebuilds getting huge prospects from other teams. Atlanta just pulled off monster deals to restock their farm system and build for the future. What are the Reds doing? It seems they are just cutting payroll.

Agree. I was shocked by this also. Someone in management has their head in a very dark place.

NL Central Notes: Lucroy, Bruce, Schwarber, Pirates…
Also from Nightengale’s piece, he notes that the Reds were willing to pay roughly $8MM of Jay Bruce’s $12.5MM salary as part of the abandoned three-team trade that would’ve sent Bruce to the Blue Jays, Michael Saunders to the Angels and prospects to Cincinnati. It was expected that the Reds would have to eat some money in any Bruce deal, given that the outfielder is coming off two consecutive subpar seasons. Saunders is making $2.9MM in 2016, so adding Bruce would’ve cost Toronto around $1.6MM in extra salary (not counting the $1MM buyout of Bruce’s $13MM club option for 2017).

Time to chime in on the losing issue. Last year this time, we thought the team had a chance, if it caught a large helping of the magic all winning teams have. Instead, all the magic was black magic. This year, we know they’re going to lose. David Copperfield couldn’t conjure up a winning record for them. Okay, here’s what I plan to do. Take pleasure in the moment-to-moment stuff that’ll happen win or lose. Like a Brandon Phillips behind-the-back flip to start a double play! Like the time the Reds hit back-to-back homers to the same fan. Like the reserve first baseman’s (dementia strikes deep!) making a backwards toss to the covering pitcher while lying on the ground like a beached dolphin. It’s baseball. We can enjoy that. We can boo the Cardinals. We can see the big stars come through GABP. But we’re going to have to think little-picture. The big picture’s going to be Trump-ugly!

Tigers Among Teams Looking At Kyle Lohse
11:11am: In addition to the Tigers, Heyman reports (via Twitter) that the Orioles, Rangers and Reds also attended Lohse’s recent showcase.

Lohse…37 years old this season
5-13 W/L
5.85 ERA
152.1 IP
Reds looking for inexpensive inning-eating veteran;
Lohse fits the bill…
15 seasons – 168.1 IP per year

I was wondering about Harang too. He might be able to help out eating some innings.

I thought about him myself. He has pitched for 5 teams in 5 seasons and is also a master-workhorse averaging 206 IP over his 14 year career; lifetime ERA of 4.86.
Also his salary last season was $5M (Lohse made $11M) .Havent seen anything about Reds interest, however the Reds excel in keeping fans in the dark on several fronts.

I have heard that Harang is thinking about retirement.

We lose more than a hundred its tragic and lots of stupidity

More fantastic pitching today. Anyone tracking runs given up in the last week or so. Great pitchers with great coaches . Man its working great. We’re awesome.

Earned Runs…
3/24 – 12 ER
3/23 – OFF
3/22 – 7 ER
3/21 – 8 ER
3/20 – 9 ER
3/19 – 5 ER
3/18 – 5 ER
3/17 – 5 ER
Over the last 7 G, the Reds ERA is 7.29

Nationals so far this spring – 15-4…why? SP…
Scherzer 2-0 1.38 ERA
Martin 2-0 1.80 ERA
Gonzalez 0-1 2.77 ERA
Strasburg 2-0 3.21 ERA
Roark 1-0 1.00 ERA
Those ERAs are unbelievable…

Have fun Dusty,LOL

Without a doubt, he would have had two seasons (minimum) to play in the World Series while being the 2nd base starter. He would be playing under Baker. The odds for the Nationals; NL Championship – 7/1, W/S – 18/1. Odds for the Reds; NL Championship – 80/1, W/S – 150/1. Phillips must have has a very big reason to turn it down. It was advertised that he wanted them to extend his contract. However, by turning it down, there will be no extension granted by the Reds and his playing time at 2nd base should decrease.

Thank god I moved to Siesta Key and don’t have to watch this debacle everyday. I’m turning 51 next month with a dislocated right shoulder, and I think I can help this pitching staff. 100 losses, here we come.

I’m getting nervous that the young arms our teams rebuild is hinging on stink. 9.00 team era. No young gun has stepped up. Alfredo is our ace, wow…….

Lets try that again on a more current board…
Reds still sorting through minor leagues this last we:
3/21/16 RHP Jimmy Moran assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/21/16 LHP Michael Sullivan assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/22/16 OF Jon Matthews assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/23/16 Cincinnati Reds released 3B Alden Carrithers.
3/24/16 RHP Jacob Ehret assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/24/16 RHP Evan Mitchell assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/25/16 LHP Brennan Bernardino assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/25/16 RF Jonathan Reynoso assigned to Cincinnati Reds.

Apparently, this will be our summer of discontent.

Reds signed Ohlendorf. Pitching help for the young staff.

NL Central Notes: Bailey, Smith, Jones, Braun, Victorino, Luebke
Reds righty Homer Bailey is progressing rapidly in his effort to return from Tommy John surgery, MLB.com’s Barry Bloom writes. The club is targeting a May 1 return, which would be less than a year from the date of his procedure.

Earned Runs…

3/26 – 7 ER
3/25 – 7 ER
3/24 – 12 ER
3/23 – OFF
3/22 – 7 ER
3/21 – 8 ER
3/20 – 9 ER
3/19 – 5 ER
3/18 – 5 ER
3/17 – 5 ER

9 G ERA – 7.22

Todays results:
Peraza – 5/2/2/0
Hamilton – 5/0/1/2
Peraza – .319/.340/.447/.787, R 11. AB 47
Hamilton – .161/.108/.323/.510, R 5, AB 31
If this keeps up, not even his speed and defense will keep
him off the bench.

Earned Runs…
3/26 – 4 ER
3/26 – 7 ER
3/25 – 7 ER
3/24 – 12 ER
3/23 – OFF
3/22 – 7 ER
3/21 – 8 ER
3/20 – 9 ER
3/19 – 5 ER
3/18 – 5 ER
3/17 – 5 ER
10 G ERA – 6.90

2015 Major Problem…
Team RPG – 3.95
Team ERA – 4.33

We’re going somewhere this year where no reds team has ever gone. Who will be the jack mckeon to clean up this unfortunate mess.

Do we all know with poor pitching comes poor catching. Or vice versa. Where’s Ryan Hanigan.

Out of our league!
2016 35 Boston Red Sox $3,700,000
2017 36 Boston Red Sox *$3,750,000
$3.75M Team Option, $800k Buyout
Earliest Free Agent: 2017

Wishful thinking Neb. Oooohhh 3.7 mill is cheap don’t ya think. At least we know he can call a game.

C.Trent: Projecting the Reds’ Opening Day roster
Starting rotation (5): RHP Anthony DeSclafani, RHP Raisel Iglesias, LHP Brandon Finnegan, RHP Alfredo Simon, RHP Tim Melville

Another excerpt…
The Reds’ 40-man roster is currently at 39, and with the release of Wood and O’Grady, they would have the flexibility to add Melville, Villarreal and Pacheco to the 40-man roster.

C Trent picks were horrible ! When you have to make political picks your team is bad. Duvall is not a starting outfielder either. Look at his history. Too many K’s no batting average and oh by the way he’s going to be 28. Give me a break please about him. Billy horrible I’m praying to god he starts in the minors and let him find his game there instead of making outs with the big team.

another oh by the way. Who in gods name is Tim Melville. Must be a relation to Jason Marquis or something. Another wanna be and never will be.
We must just wanna suck real bad. Russ Ohlendorf. Geez really.
There is a saying in Life – ” you can’t fix stupid” W’e’re getting good at it.
Reed in the rotation would be a start. finnegan to the bullpen for now. Until Lorenzen and the “mash” unit get back
I’m tired of hearing this development crap. If they can pitch, bring’em north. \
The Reds just may be ruining these guys mentally ! A guy named Votto was kept in the minors for some dumb reason too. Some send Mr Castellini a note and some heads need to roll down there because you can not fix stupid. There I said it twice.

Hey Neb, would you agree Coach Price is the ” fly in the ointment”

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