3/21: at SD

10:05 p.m. ET first pitch, game will be on MLB Network.



I still don’t understand why Peraza has not played left field. I thought this was a rebuild. He is the reds best talent. Duvall is 27 and a strikeout machine, Schebler is a prospect, barely, at 25 but isn’t performing as well this spring IMO. Put the best guys on the field!!

Wont happen. Peraza played 210 G at SS, 202 G at 2B and 18 G in CF. I think the Reds will, as advertised, will platoon these two, while having Cave as a back-up to the two. Peraza is what he is, a primary INF with some ability to play CF as a back-up to Hamilton. Price plays the team like a Sunday sand-lot team, players here and there, but I dont think even he would play Peraza in LF, especially if Duvall, Schebler and Cave were available.

To bad, if Peraza can play center/SS his defense in left could have been great. Great defense makes pitching better. Pitching wins. Winning pitching makes front office types look smart. The opposite of how they look now!

Actually, with Phillip/Cozart/Hamilton up the middle, there arent that many teams that can boast the type of D these three are able to provide. And, as the saying in baseball goes, your best D has to be up the middle. Of course, they were there the last few seasons as and it didnt do us all that much good, even in 2014 when we had very good starting pitching staff..Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Alfredo Simon, Homer Bailey, Mat Latos, Tony Cingrani, etc.. The Reds have always rated well on D as a team, however I think with the Reds playing in the #7 of 30 most favorable ballparks for hitters, they want and need more power/contact hitting. With that said, our problems
over the last few seasons has been two-fold: 1) OBP and 2) hitting with men on base.
2014 – 595 R – 3.7 R per G – 13th of 15 NL teams
2015 – 640 R – 4.0 R per G – 12th of 15 NL teams
…both years were below the NL average.
In summary, we need hitters!

Peraza supposed to be an on base type, that would be great. Get them on, get them over get them in.

Actually none of his stats show he has good OBP. I think people are pulling a Hamilton and saying speed and OBP. I hope both can figure it out, but neither have been strong OBP guys. Hopefully things change.

Peraza was obtained so that the Reds could trade Phillips; however, Phillips balked at two trades, one with the Diamond Backs and the second one with the Nationals. One day he will be playing 2B for the Reds full time. Until that day, price says he will get him 400 AB with the Reds while filling in for Cozart, Phillips and Hamilton. If I were Price I would play him 1/3-1/2 the time at 2B, but I cannot believe that Price is able to make a decision like that as he avoids confrontation and Phillps would probably make life difficult for Price and the team. With that said, its not as if its a deep dark secret what the Reds plans are with Peraza. Also, if Hamilton is hitting poorly and his OBP is south of .300 after April/May, I would imagine that they would start platooning Hamilton and Peraza. We need to keep in mind, that 2016 is an audition year for the team and they are not expected to win much 61-64 G. The Reds are 80-1 to win the NL Central and 150-1 to win the World Series. With quality hitting, and some adequate pitching, we might shock a team or two, but we arent going to the playoffs,

Could be replacing Cozart too. They will have 3 SS next year playing 2nd, SS, and 3B. I think its brilliant if they do trade Cozart and Phillips. We will have Peraza, Suarez, and Blandino. Guys, don’t forget about Blandino, he is going to be one of our best hitters. I would be very excited to see those three start the infield with Votto. I am will to wait a year…

C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 2h2 hours ago
Slo-mo: Homer Bailey warming up before live BP https://www.instagram.com/p/BDO9VuFwwQa/

I’ve read there plans and they are wasting time. I want to see the top talent.

Please put Reed in the rotation. Pretty please

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