3/20: vs. ARI



Thank you Mark for taking a picture of the entire board; tells the days complete story relative to what Price is thinking. Much appreciated.

Full blown lineup. Interesting

Perry 513.255.0323


Runs Scored…
Peraza – 36AB – 9
Bruce – 29 AB – 6
Duran – 20AB – 6
Phillips – 30AB – 6
Schebler – 34AB – 6
Suarez – 32AB – 6
Table setting duo…
lst – Peraza – .378 OBP
2nd – Suarez – .444 OBP
Hamilton better keep his nose to the grindstone; if his OBP is less than
.300 there may be a problem.
I expect that Duran will be back maybe as soon as the last half of 2016;
certainly in 2017. He has done alot in a very limited role.

Yeah maybe if Duron can quit getting suspended, he’ll turn into something.

Reds are on record…gonna give the guy 1 (and only 1) chance.

Hoover may well be the opening day CL, but Cingrani is acclimating to the BP very well. Wouldnt surprise me to see him close a few games himself. Nice problem to have; R-L punch.

Agreed. That would seem so smart. But would the Reds be enough forward thinking in that closers don’t really matter, matchups do….

Not while Price is there. His logics are to select a bullpen pitcher and leave him
in for 1 full inning, regardless as to how he does. I have a feeling that he has never seen film on Captain Hook.

We are two weeks away from starting the season;
April 4th against the Phillies.

Here is my list of my position players (8) and bench
players (5).

C – Mesoraco
1B – Votto
2nd – Phillips
3rd – Suarez
SS – Cozart
LF – Duvall
CF – Hamilton
RF – Bruce

(Rodriguez has had ample opportunity to show his stuff)

I love the line up in theory if they can get Hamilton rolling. I wish they would stop the switch hitting and just let Hamilton focus on one side. Love the power of Duvall and Schebler in the 8 hole. I think a lot of teams are going to walk Phillips to get to Bruce based off of what Bruce has done recently and not his potential. This make Phillips very interesting because he does not walk or strike out much at all. So if you added walks to his game it changes a lot for his numbers and the team On Base production. Then putting the power of Bruce and Mez behind Phillips could really help. I am not trying to drink too much cool aid, but with Votto putting up the greatest year this year in sports history this team is going to make some noise. Votto is going to put the baby (aka Harper) in the corner, showing the world what a MVP looks like.

All those who think Billy will get rolling your drinking some bad Kool Aid. His offense sucks. Be realistic i’m proud to be the Billy Basher. We’ve seen two years. How much more do you want to watch.

Someone please send a memo to Price and convince him to bat Mes fourth please.
Phillips has passed that torch.

Big Blu, this is the bad Koolaid. Since the second half of 2014, we are 97 wins 145 losses. Give or take a few games. I predict 105 losses. We got Price thats worth at least 15 ridiculous losses. Cheers to finding another Suarez this year.

.500 this year is my prediction. I think the league comes back a little.

Pereza is our Saurez find of this year. He needs to play a lot and will. Our best prospect since Votto IMO. Great trade to get him.

I like Peraza but will wait to see if he is as good as advertised yet. I think I would much rather see him polished at AAA for another year if his service time has not started. He is 2 years younger than Votto was as a rookie and not nearly as good. Its ok to wait…

Disagree! Our team was much better when Votto was at AAA. If were going to throw rookie pitchers out there almost everyday. Might as well let Peraza & Winker play IMO. Both guys are too good to have their confidence rattled by a bad month or something along those lines. Let the kids play, you’re already throwing your young arms out there everyday, which is way more of a risk then throwing young position players out there.

Wait, you are saying the reds were better when Votto was in AAA. Completely disagree. They help him back on purpose to keep as many service years as possible. We had Scott Hatteburg and were under .500, How would the Reds be better? I liked Hatteburg but Votto showed that first year how much better he was. He could have come up at 21 like Peraza and still be as good as he is now. He was a stud then too. We had You don’t waste service time on throw away years. Why do you think our core prospects are going back down to AAA? Stephenson, Reed, Winker, hopefully Peraza.

We werent good, but we also werent in complete rebuild mode. Hatteberg’s OBP was .389 and .394 in those two seasons. Thats realty really good and it gave us no reason to rush Votto. The guy Peraza should be taking playing time from (Hamilton) cant even crack a .300 OBP, and our stupid coach just keeps leading him off. Hamilton should have been a Olympic track and field runner, not a baseball player. He flat out cant hit or get on base.

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