Winker, Stephenson cut

Another round of Reds cuts, with Jesse Winker and Robert Stephenson leading the list.

1. RHP Stephen Johnson optioned to AAA Louisville
2. RHP Robert Stephenson optioned to AAA Louisville
3. OF Kyle Waldrop optioned to AAA Louisville
4. RHP Tim Adleman sent to minor leagues
5. RHP Zack Weiss sent to minor leagues
6. C Joe Hudson sent to minor leagues
7. OF Jesse Winker sent to minor leagues
8. LHP Jonathan Sanchez released

Reds spring roster is down to 44 players.


I think Sanchez may have had some value, particular since most of the candidates for the bullpen have struggled at times and the starters seem to have nagging injuries.


# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
34 Homer Bailey R/R 6’4″ 225lbs 5/3/86
52 Tony Cingrani L/L 6’4″ 210lbs 7/5/89
54 Caleb Cotham R/R 6’3″ 215lbs 11/6/87
28 Anthony DeSclafani R/R 6’1″ 200lbs 4/18/90
70 Jumbo Diaz R/R 6’4″ 280lbs 2/27/84
29 Brandon Finnegan L/L 5’11” 200lbs 4/14/93
60 J.J. Hoover R/R 6’3″ 240lbs 8/13/87
26 Raisel Iglesias R/R 6’2″ 185lbs 1/4/90
71 Stephen Johnson R/R 6’5″ 230lbs 2/21/91
47 John Lamb L/L 6’4″ 205lbs 7/10/90
21 Michael Lorenzen R/R 6’3″ 215lbs 1/4/92
46 Jon Moscot R/R 6’4″ 210lbs 8/15/91
56 Chris O’Grady R/L 6’4″ 225lbs 4/17/90
48 Keyvius Sampson R/R 6’2″ 225lbs 1/6/91
— Alfredo Simon R/R 6’6″ 265lbs 5/8/81
55 Robert Stephenson R/R 6’2″ 200lbs 2/24/93
36 Blake Wood R/R 6’5″ 240lbs 8/8/85
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
16 Tucker Barnhart S/R 5’11” 190lbs 1/7/91
37 Ramon Cabrera S/R 5’8″ 195lbs 11/5/89
39 Devin Mesoraco R/R 6’1″ 220lbs 6/19/88
68 Kyle Skipworth L/R 6’4″ 230lbs 3/1/90
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
2 Zack Cozart R/R 6’0″ 195lbs 8/12/85
3 Ivan De Jesus R/R 5’11” 200lbs 5/1/87
23 Adam Duvall R/R 6’1″ 220lbs 9/4/88
9 Jose Peraza R/R 6’0″ 180lbs 4/30/94
4 Brandon Phillips R/R 6’0″ 210lbs 6/28/81
7 Eugenio Suarez R/R 5’11” 205lbs 7/18/91
19 Joey Votto L/R 6’2″ 220lbs 9/10/83
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
32 Jay Bruce L/L 6’3″ 225lbs 4/3/87
30 Jake Cave L/L 6’0″ 200lbs 12/4/92
69 Juan Duran R/R 6’7″ 230lbs 9/2/91
6 Billy Hamilton S/R 6’0″ 160lbs 9/9/90
40 Tyler Holt R/R 5’10” 200lbs 3/10/89
33 Yorman Rodriguez R/R 6’2″ 210lbs 8/15/92
43 Scott Schebler L/R 6’0″ 225lbs 10/6/90
58 Kyle Waldrop L/L 6’2″ 215lbs 11/26/91

Nothing shocking. Hopefully Winker and Stephenson continue to improve. If so they’ll be back this season.

Get Reed and Peraza back down to AAA and I am happy.

Reed has only started 13 G in AA, he will be on his way eventually…but Peraza is too key off the bench in a number of positions including CF which is not a lock for Hamilton, imo. Especially given his recent recovery off shoulder problem.

I omitted the obvious…Peraza = .387 OBP this spring.

I didn’t get down to watch Louisville play last year but looking like it will be well worth while this year.

Bench is the key word for me. You don’t start service time on a 22 year old top prospect to sit the bench. If the reds do that, I will lose faith quick because they have been so wise with many of these prospects. I think he will be in AAA with Reed and the rest waiting for next year to make that onslaught of talent that will send this team back to winning baseball. Blandino is another no one is really talking about that should be ready next and will be awesome… I am loving these SS coming up through the system. They are all great hitters and fielders what is not to love about that.

I say that I thought they were having good springs but that I didn’t know their spring stats. In reality, I don’t put much stock in spring stats (if any at all, period) because they mean absolutely nothing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen players have good or even great springs and then turn right around and have horrible regular seasons. Spring stats mean nothing and are inflated due to the fact that most teams regulars don’t play the whole game and aren’t giving it their all because they know they’re gonna make the team regardless. So that leaves kids to play against other kids, most of whom are gonna be sent to the minors because that’s where they’re at in their development. As far as faith goes, I guess I don’t have none in all the kids the Reds got in those trades. Maybe I’m underestimating their talent and/or not giving them enough credit, but I think we’ll be playing losing ball for more than the next 2-3 yrs. The only way I see us contending in that short time frame is if the Reds go out & get some good free agents or make trades for some good veteran players (which would likely mean that we’d be packaging some of those pitching prospects we recently acquired. And that would deplete our supposedly deep pitching core). But the Reds have made it clear that there will be no big name players coming to Cincinnati via trades and/or free agency or any other way (if there is any other ways) this year at the very least because they’re putting the money they saved in these trades back into the club to hire more damn people (I guess in an attempt to also develop their front offices or some crap like that). I’d actually be surprised if we sign any big name veterans in the next 2-3 years period, because it is my belief that Jocketty and whoever, is going to give all these damn kids every opportunity to succeed in the time frame that Jocketty and most everyone quoted at the start of this tear down, just so they can be proven right to all the naysayers out there (myself included). Maybe I’m wrong about every damn thing, but that’s still not going to make me a fan of any of these damn kids we got in the trades because when and if they get really, really good, we’ll just have to trade them because we won’t be able to afford them and we’ll all get hurt and mad and angry all over again. Phillips and especially Votto, will be the last Reds players I will ever be a fan of. I’ll continue to cheer the Reds on and hope we win a ton of World Series titles but not much more than that. Here’s my message to the Reds owners though, dig deep into those rich ass pockets of yours and expand our payroll so that we can afford to keep our top players that we’ve either developed and/or traded for…or so that we can go out and get top notch veterans. I don’t understand a lot about how the payrolls of teams are determined and I never claimed to, but how hard would it be for the rich bastards that own the Reds or any of these teams, to expand payrolls to competitive levels? I don’t know, but apparently it’s a lot harder than I realize.

Service Time (01/2016): 0.042, Arb Eligible: 2019, Free Agent: 2022

Brian, I would actually say that in a year or two we will sign big free agents. The reds ownership has shown willingness to spend to win. They just didn’t see it wise this year. I actually think they made a few bad signings and are trying to get out from under them right now then reload with all new bad free agent signings. Haha… I like the core and think a couple of specific vets will help out in the next two years

I hope you’re right about the possibility of signing big name free agents in the next 2-3 yrs. But, out of curiosity, who are the bad signings that you were talking about?

Neb, I wouldn’t think that means his service time has started.

New Reds infielder Jose Peraza used to playing beyond his years
Whether he starts the year in the majors will be a factor of whether the Reds can find him enough at-bats to continue developing. Guaranteeing Peraza 400 plate appearances as a super utility player in relief of Cozart, Phillips and center fielder Billy Hamilton could be tricky.
“If we’re healthy, then I’m going to have to do some real creative managing to get him to move around and play enough,” manager Bryan Price said. “If we’re not healthy, there’s probably a spot for him if he has a good spring.”

Bigblu…I dunno. I havent found a definitive source…yet. As far as Peraza being sent down, you know the Price-plan is to keep him up as a bench player, filling in for 2B, SS and CF…as long as he makes the team out of spring training. And, of course, that is a fait accompli. Knowing Price, whether we like it or not, he will move his players around all over the diamond giving far too much time off so I have relented and gone against my better judgement. However, if not for A) Price and
B) 2016 audition season, I would wholeheartedly agree with you and send him down. But that isnt the reality of this team.

I’m surprised at a few of these. Winker, Stephenson & Waldrop I thought were having good springs. I don’t know what their stats were but from what little I’ve heard I thought they were doing good. Especially Winker.

Year…………………………………..AB R H HR RBI SB AVG OBP OPS
2016 Spring Training Stats 24 4 7 1 4 0 .292 .296 .838

Arroyo to return to mound after MRI misread
Veteran’s diagnosis changed to bursa sac inflammation
And this is why you always get a second opinion on serious health matters…

Tell it to the Reds. Thinking of Lorenzen, Lamb, etc.

Interestingly enough…after all the Priceisms over the last two seasons and the dismal
win/loss records of same, Rigleman has been moved to the dugout and Piniella has been brought in as a consultant to shore up and improve coaching/management abilities. I think it will help but what will definitely improve this issue is the end of the 2016 season and a far smarter choice moving forward.

Neb, they did bring in Lou to help with the coaching/managing abilities and it’s therefore my opinion that if an organization needs to bring someone in to help their manager & coaches be better, then maybe those coaches/manager shouldn’t be coaching/managing in the first place. I hope I’m not the only one who sees this move for what it is.

Unfortunately, Castellini is far too forgiving, imo. From Price to Williams to Jocketty to Castellini, the entire team is milk-toast. Example: I find it hard to believe that after two seasons of Bruce not hitting up to expectations they are ready to move him along, even though his contract is reasonable…yet when their current manager had two horrific seasons (2014: 76-86, 2015: 64-98) we maintain the status quo with Price and allow another season of his ineptness, shored up and hopefully improved by the likes of Rigleman and Piniella. If Price wasnt such a terrific pitching coach, which the Reds need more than ever this season, I suspect he would have been replaced this season. He has been rated 29 of 30 managers in MLB sometime ago
(previously posted article) so there is little to any reality that he should be a MLB manager.

Neb, I agree 100% about everything you said about Price. He shouldn’t be a manager and yet the Reds must be desperate for him to succeed…hence the firings of Lou & Riggleman. But there are those out there that don’t give Price the full amount of blame for the last 2 seasons (some don’t give him any) and the reasons they point to are injuries, trades & sooooo many rookies! Some even dispute how much effect a mgr even has on a club as far as their won-loss record goes. In my opinion, it’s tremendous because some managers win wherever they go (e.g. Joe Maddon of the Cubs). Yes, the Cubs have a lot of young talent on their team and now so do we (apparently). So we’ll see this year just how much influence the mgr has on the record. At the end of the season let’s compare the Cubs & Reds records and see how big a difference there is.

Neb, That was supposed to say Hirings.

In my view, talent will hide manager mistakes. However, when there is a lack of talent a manager must make very accurate game plans and changes. I realize that the manager doesnt hit or field, but the influence on a game can be brilliant or absurd. Unfortunately, when we are able to watch daily games via MLB, the fan is introduced to all game moves on a daily basis. So, you have managers that make very good moves and some managers, Price included, that make moves that work against a win. For being such a brilliant pitching coach, I find it very difficult to understand why he is such a poor manager when it comes to utilizing the starters and bullpen. I can understand his lack of knowledge when it comes to lineups and assigning position players. I think after two very poor seasons and numerous questionable game moves, everyone including the management, baseball people and writers now knows that Price is a manager-in-training and doing poorly. This fan determined that during the 2014 season.

BTW…the issue of Price continuing as manager after one dismal season, then two dismal seasons, now in his third year and another dismal season on the horizon, is solely the responsibility of Jocketty and Castellini. Dailly team play reflects on the manager; the success or failure of the manager is the responsibility of the the GM and Owner. So in my view, this is a case of putting someone that was and is ill prepared to manage a MLB team and continuing the practice, hoping for a different and advanced result. And since the prior team talent has been traded away, why not keep Price during the audition season of 2016…nobody really is expecting the Reds to improve much. How this plays at the ballpark to the fans is the question mark, but the Cincinnati Reds ball team is pretty resilient.

Neb, of course Price is the responsibility of Reds upper mgmt and ownership. That’s why they want him to succeed so badly. After last season, when fans were really calling for Price’s head, Jocketty did an interview where he basically said this…, “I can’t believe I have to say this but we signed Price to a 3-yr contract so he will be returning next (this) season as our manager (his 3rd year, apparently) ” It was something close to that anyway. So it seems as if what Jocketty was really saying was this, “I don’t care what the fans are saying, we have a plan and we’re gonna stick to it!”

Neb, you see, that’s what I’m saying right there…the Reds are desperate for Price to succeed. That’s why they’re surrounding him with veteran coaches/managers who’ve been there and done that and have succeeded at this level. I also think that the hiring of Piniella was to placate those of us fans who’re wanting Price gone and who’re saying what we’re saying about him not being a good mgr. Other than helping Price, why else bring in the last mgr to lead us to a World Series title? But I guess the Reds thinking is like this, young team developing on the field, why not have a developing manager lead them. That way they can all grow together and if they wind up winning championships together, then it’ll make for a lovely little story of overcoming and triumph in the face of adversity. I will always hope we win a WS title because, in the end, I will always be a Reds fan. But that doesn’t mean I have to be on board with how they achieve that success (sometimes).

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