3/17 vs CLE 

Mesoraco debuting…



Are Velocity Programs to Blame for the Rise in Baseball Pitching Injuries?
Over the years, we have hypothesized many potential causes of the rise in injuries in baseball but the research keeps coming back to two primary causes of pitching injuries:
Increased velocity
Pitchers that throw more innings, more pitches per game, more games per week, play for multiple teams, and participated in more showcases have all been shown to have higher injury rates. But it’s not just overuse during the season, it’s overuse throughout the year. In a landmark study by ASMI, pitching for more than 8 months out of the year resulted in a 5x greater chance of sustaining an injury. This is significant.
Combining all the great research now available to us, here is how the chance of youth baseball injuries increase due to overuse:
Pitching > 100 innings in one year = 3x greater risk of injury
Averaging > 80 pitches per game = 4x greater risk of injury
Pitching > 8 months per year = 5x greater risk of injury
Regularly pitching with arm fatigue = 36x greater risk of injury

Overuse, proper rest, knucklehead brain dead coaches and ignorant parents all play a part in it.

Love the Alfredo Simon signing. It keeps Reed and Stephenson in AAA for a bit to delay service time. These two are going to anchor the next great pitching staff that will lead us back to the playoff. I am excited we will not be wasting a year while they continue to develop. I would not mind getting another Simon like pitcher to maybe be some good trade bait come July. Same with Peraza, he is so young and only 21 if we can delay him a year as well then take over for Phillips next year would be perfect. Go get that SS the Mets released, Ruben Tejada, then trade Cozart in July. We would be ready next year with a young hungry team to compete similar to the Cubs last year. And similar to the Cubs since they all are just SS athletes, they can play wherever we need them to, 3B, SS, 2B, OF. What a beautiful luxury we would have.

MLB.com’s Mark Sheldon reports that Simon receives a $2MM base salary on the deal and can take home another $1.5MM worth of incentives.
Outstanding deal; not only eats up innings in a throw-away season, but we know what we are getting.

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