3/16 at ARI (updated)

**Jon Moscot was scratched with a strained left intercostal muscle in his side. Not expected to be a big setback and Moscot is listed as day-to-day.



Guys, if Peraza is as talented as the reds believe. Why not left field? He plays outfield, you want your best guys out there everyday don’t you? He isn’t going to replace Hamilton, Phillips, or cozart at first it appears ( barring injury)????

We’ll find some way to screw it up. I’m a Billy basher and have seen enough of his not productive offensive act. Ya think he’s just going to get better over the winter. Doubtful. My opinion he should replace Billy now.

I don’t understand why he is still a switch hitter. He is such a great athlete. I would hope that the Reds would just realize that they need to let this kid work on one side of the plate as a hitter and get as good as he can. If he was a great hitter, I would get trying to develop the other side to help. But he is not and he needs to work as much as he can to get better. They are basically doubling his work load with both sides.

Well here we go again. We were told that Lorenzen experienced some soreness before his last start. According to MLBTR he has been experiencing it all spring. Now the Reds are hopeful he can avoid Tommy John surgery with extended rest but wont be ready for opening day. It continues to irritate me that we never get the whole picture. I predict he will be lost for the season sooner or later and will need TJ surgery,

Kremchek, the Reds’ medical director, prescribed rest until he sees Lorenzen again in a couple of weeks.

Mark tweeted:
RHP Carlos Contreras, cut the other day when optioned to AAA, cleared waivers and was released by #reds.

Moscot. Did you hear that one. Geez.

Hey Carlos. Thank you.

Looks like that’s it for Arroyo. Waited out the recovery from Tommy John but now his shoulder is shot.

He was signed to a minor league contract and was competing to make the MLB team; doing a good job up until this happened. Earlier this spring, he said that he hoped to pitch beyond 2016, but also said, “If I don’t make it out of this camp and this arm just won’t go, I’m completely satisfied with what I’ve done in the game.” For his sake, I hope he calls it quits; he did nothing wrong with the Reds, and everything right, but his body is talking to him. The question is, will he listen.

8 seasons with the Reds.
32+ starts every season…
over 200+ IP every year, save 1 season (199 IP).
The epitome of a workhorse.

The tear is in Arroyo’s rotator cuff, not his labrum, the pitcher himself told reporters (Twitter link via Zuckerman). Arroyo described the tear as “significant” and said that while he’s waiting for further evaluation, “It’s not looking real good.” Via James Wagner of the Washington Post (on Twitter), Arroyo says he will decide whether to rehab the shoulder or retire within the next couple of days.

Was Carlos on the 40 man? Maybe they are getting ready to pick up Ruben Tejada. Please grab this kid. What can it hurt?

I believe the roster is down to 38 now.

I dont think the Reds are looking for anymore INFers. Besides, with next in lines Peraza and Blandino, there really isnt a position for the guy. Lastly, which should be firstly, he is signed for 2016 with the Mets for $3m.

I see where the Mets released him yesterday; having to pay $500k of $3M if released 15 days before start of season. Rumor has it that our arch nemesis
is in need of a 2nd baseman, St. Louis.

Welcome back Alfredo Simon. At least we have 3 starters now.

now we can delay some of these kids… No reason to push them to start their clock to free agency.

Yes, seems like a good move taking into account some of the innings limitations our young guys will have.

Reds’ rebuilt system strong, and may get stronger
Beyond freshly stocked farm, Cincy has most Draft and international pool money for 2016
The Reds’ system could get much stronger in the next year. At $19.1 million, they have more combined bonus pool money for the Draft and international market than any team in the game. There also could be more veterans-for-prospects deals after they nearly dealt Bruce and Brandon Phillips during the offseason.
“What’s really exciting is that this shouldn’t be a long process,” Graupe said. “We have a nice base already and this year we have the No. 2 pick in the Draft, the highest Draft bonus pool and the second-highest international bonus pool. We should be able to add more talent. We have to regroup but we don’t have to take a major step back.”

Indians, Marlon Byrd Agree To Minor League Deal

Big blu what are you so afraid of.

with what???

Putting the young guys on the team. Stephenson is 23 and so is Reed. I mean my god you want to keep them down until their 24 or 25. If they can pitch, live and learn and let them play. Sooner they start getting better our team will be better for it. They belong in the rotation now. Lets get on with it. Why worry about when the clock starts. There are games to be won. If they can pitch they might as well be learning in the bigs vs. burning time in the minors. We need them now.

Reed will be 23 next month and Stephenson just termed last month. Iglesias, Disco, and Lamb are all 3 years older then these two. Other than Finnegan who will turn 23 next month who service time started in KC none of the other stud pitchers are this young. We have enough to get through this year which is a throw away. Reed and Stephenson hasn’t even been through a full year at AAA, Reed none at all. If we are not competing and need them up here there is no reason to rush. This is where we went wrong with Hamilton and he has been unable to adjust. The same principal goes to Peraza. If we start the service time on all these kids at the same time, we run into the same situation in 6 years starting over. If you stager you have a better chance to sign them at different phases in the career. Yes as a fan I want to see them, but looking at it as a business there is no reason to push. And we have enough without them. Look at how Disco and Iglesias did last year being 25 before they started their service time. They were able to contribute right away and not just a year to get their feet wet.

I dont think the management is completely inept when it comes to choosing which starting pitchers are ready and which ones are not; we need to give them a little bit of credit. I also think that this issue is not one of all-or-none, but instead, selective based on what the Reds see everyday, that we do not see everyday. There are a number of benefits by bringing up a rookie, as that prepares them for the following season (2017), The Reds understand full well what it means to start a rookie in the bigs. As for position players, we seem to be getting value out of our trades; most traded position players are doing very well this spring, but we need only look at where they did their basic training…sadly a number of them were not in the Reds system; Hamilton was. There is a reason we completely re-stocked our minor league system
and this major, major issue must be addressed moving forward.

no one is saying Reds are inept. I actually love the way they are extremely patient with their young pitchers and hitters waiting until they have gotten what many say too much time in the minors. I think fans get impatient and perceive that when you are rebuilding you bring up your youth more and I agree with the Reds that it doesn’t mean you rush as if you would when you need them to help win now. I highly doubt our pitchers like Reed and as we say Stephenson make the team out of camp.

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