First wave of cuts made

1. RHP Carlos Contreras optioned to AAA Louisville
2. RHP Rookie Davis optioned to AA Pensacola
3. LHP Amir Garrett optioned to AA Pensacola
4. RHP Sal Romano optioned to AA Pensacola
5. RHP Nick Travieso sent to minor leagues
6. C/1B Chad Wallach sent to minor leagues
7. 2B Alex Blandino sent to minor leagues
8. SS Calten Daal sent to minor leagues
9. 3B Eric Jagielo sent to minor leagues
10. OF Phillip Ervin sent to minor leagues
11. RHP Matt Magill sent to minor leagues


March call ups…
Date Transaction
3/1/16 3B Jordan Pacheco assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/1/16 SS Blake Trahan assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/1/16 C Mitch Trees assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/1/16 3B Gavin LaValley assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/2/16 2B Hector Vargas assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/2/16 SS Mitch Piatnik assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/3/16 2B Brantley Bell assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/4/16 RF Aristides Aquino assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/5/16 OF Narciso Crook assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/6/16 3B Seth Mejias-Brean assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/6/16 2B Brandon Dixon assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/7/16 SS Ray Chang assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/8/16 1B Bryson Smith assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/8/16 OF Brian O’Grady assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/8/16 C Chad Tromp assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/8/16 2B Blake Butler assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/9/16 C Garrett Boulware assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/10/16 OF Beau Amaral assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 OF Jeff Gelalich assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 SS Zach Vincej assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 LHP Wandy Peralta assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 C Julio Morillo assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 RHP El’Hajj Muhammad assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 OF Jose Siri assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 RHP Barrett Astin assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 RHP Alejandro Chacin assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/11/16 C Jose Duarte assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/12/16 2B Hernan Iribarren assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/13/16 C Chris Berset assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/13/16 OF Steve Selsky assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/13/16 2B Juan Perez assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/14/16 SS Beamer Weems assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/14/16 3B Jermaine Curtis assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/14/16 RHP Kyle McMyne assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
Cuts in the midst of continuing call ups.

Real disappointed that Mattheus wasn’t on the cuts list.

Add Jumbo to the has been list.

Reds right-hander Michael Lorenzen’s elbow tenderness has not improved, and the rotation candidate is scheduled to undergo a MRI exam.
Mark reports on injury.

Very interested to see what the final roster looks like . With Lorenzen
Likely for dl rotation seems like a huge question mark. Offensively I think they will be ok and might have pleasant surprise in schebler Duvall and winker

Sending Ervin down already is a slap in the face IMO for hows he’s performed in the spring so far. He’s looked awesome!

You do realize he had only 17 games at Double-A last season?? Still needs plenty of time to develop.

Yeah, I get that. But at this point, that should mean nothing to this organization. Let the young kids play. We’re doing with plenty of our young pitchers, why not our young hitters?

Walt Jocketty On Reds’ Offseason, Rebuild
“We didn’t want to take it too far back,” Jocketty told Rosenthal. “[Devin] Mesoraco is still young (27) and under control. Same with [Billy] Hamilton. We didn’t want to do a complete teardown and rebuild. This was more of a transition and an attempt to retool and add to what we have.”

He should be running for political office. Never sure whats real and what isn’t.

Hi Mark,

Has Amir Garrett clock started or not? I am still confused on this kid. If it has he has enough stuff to succeed for now. I really hope it hasn’t since he is already older than most prospects. I think the kid should get a chance.

Amir is only 23 and has only played in A+ ball last year. He is unproven and his slider is inconsistent; needs more seasoning. Something that the minors can do for him.

Ruben Tajada was released. Lets get that kid. He has a consistent OBP of .330 plus. Lets fill the team with these SS athletes, I like the idea. They can play anywhere, play good defense and have lots of speed. This could be a good idea from the Reds. I see no reason the Mets released this kid. He cost nothing. There must be some strong competition in the Mets minors at SS.

Agree he is not ready unless his clock has started. Might as well see what he has if so.

Why pitch clocks would be ugly and unnecessary step for MLB
While I fully understand the desire for games to move more swiftly, the presence of an ever-present digital countdown clock strikes me as about as antithetical to the spirit and aesthetic of baseball as possible. Baseball is famously, and I thought proudly, the only major North American team sport to be played without a clock. While a pitch clock would not impact a team’s scoring opportunities — as do the game clocks in football, basketball, hockey and soccer — the deleterious impact of a clock on the feel of the game, its natural ebb and flow, the rise and fall in tension and suspense, would seem to me to be far greater than the positive impact on the length of the average game.
In my view, I agree with the writer. Attempting to put baseball on a clock, hurry up the game, all in an attempt to get the game closer to 2 1/2 hours is ludicrous. Why would I ever want to go to a ball game and hurry it up? I presume the current fan base is like much of the rest of the world, hurry up…entertain me.

agreed. Nothing wrong with taking your time with things. No one does that anymore. Is it so wrong to have a sport that is not timed. Why does every minute of every day have to be planned out and be busy all the time. These kids are just going to be on their phone anyway. They cant even make it through dinner without being on their phone. Hopefully one day they will realize all the moments they have missed while worrying about someone’s thoughts on what Johnny and Susie did last night.

Interesting lineup today…
Hamilton, DH
Cozart, SS
Votto, 1B
Duvall, 3B
Bruce, RF
Peraza, CF
Schebler, LF
De Jesus, 2B
Cabrera, C

Reds pitcher Michael Lorenzen has mild UCL sprain
Cincinnati Reds right-hander Michael Lorenzen has a mild sprain of the ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing elbow, the team announced Tuesday.

How do you determine an innings limit? I look at Finnegan, he’s doing well. Last year he threw about 50 innings. Can you double that? Triple? I’m reading that 30-40 innings is all you want to increase per year to limit injury risk. If that’s true, Finnegan will be finished by June. I’m sure there’s individual variables.

That is a tough call, going to be especially tough with all the young pitchers we have. That is one reason I am glad they kept Price as he is a good pitching coach. It will be an individual thing as you say so good we have someone experienced in the pitching side making the decisions.

ST RBI leaders thus far:
Duvall 7 (30AB)
Bruce 5 (25AB)
Duran 5 (15AB)
Ervin 5 (23AB)
Schebler 5 (26AB)

Who rebuilds the fastest Mil or Cin? I am afraid that already Mil has done much better deals. Seems they went after hitters and we went after pitchers so it will be interesting to see.

Four ways the Cincinnati Reds can call 2016 a success
Devin Mesoraco having a bounce-back season
Jay Bruce recouping his fallen trade value
Homer Bailey finishing 2016 sans arm surgery
Jose Peraza justifying the Reds’ desire of him

We have discussed batting order lineups on occasion here. We all have our own opinions but only Price holds the pencil. And he has suggested on more than one occasion that he believes that Votto-Phillips-Bruce need to be in the middle. Not quite sure what he is going to do with Mesoraco.
Here is a lineup that has been suggested that Price might be in favor of:
Knowing full well that Price also has the attitude that nearly everyone should be
able to hit well in any location, and play in multiple positions for that matter, I suspect we will see, once again, another year of multiple lineups and players batting in numerous slots.

Hamilton leading off, I have to laugh. I hope so. I also hope Saurez can slot in at #2. I think mesoroco and Bruce will flip flop for lefty/righty. I pray Schebler, or any position player we acquired is an every day ballplayer.

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