3/11: Split-squad ganes

 At Cubs  

vs. A’s



Good to see Cozarts name on back-up list.

I agree, hope he picks up right were he left off so we can trade him.

Ends his day…
1 for 2
Most importantly; he is healthy.

Cozart…will be 30 in August…
2016 $2,925,000
Earliest Arb Eligible: 2017
Earliest Free Agent: 2018

I am anxious to see Peraza. Need to find out if he’s the real deal

He has Hamiltons disease; acute case of non-contactitus…
2 for 13….154/.214/.231/.445
Needs to settle down and use his speed

I meant hit the ball on the ground and use your speed!
So instead, you hit a HR!?*

Ah, come on…save some…
Peraza today: 3 for 3

Cozart…1 for 2 today…

Making his highly anticipated Yankees debut on Thursday, Chapman was more erratic than electric. His fastball topped out at 99 mph as he hit two batters and walked two more, including one with the bases loaded on his final pitch of the afternoon.

Moscot having a tough time getting started…
Today (thus far):
2 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 1 SO, 4 ER
10.29 ERA

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