3/9 vs. TEX 

**UPDATE: Michael Lorenzen was scratched from the start with elbow tenderness. Bryan Price said it wasn’t serious after Lorenzen came through the exams OK. A couple of days rest was the decision.

Tim Melville will start.



Reds bullpen shaping up…
Looking far better than the last few years.

Good to see Jagielo in the lineup at 3rd base; Duvall at clean up may be the norm.

Wow…are we sure he was talking about the Reds?…
“Honestly, everything felt really good,” said Bumgarner, who worked three innings. “I felt like I made a lot of good pitches that got hit.”

Another Priceism…
Votto, Phillips likely to be heart of Reds’ order
“If the season started today, that’s the case with who we have on the field,” Price said Tuesday. “Lineups for me are things that can always evolve and move around. Without having Devin [Mesoraco] playing yet and trying to find out who we have in left field, or left- or right-handed starter, it definitely could fluctuate. I’m pretty comfortable with Joey-Brandon three-four. And then because Jay hits left-handed pitching, I don’t think he’s going to be hitting seventh or eighth. But there could be some bouncing around between five and six based on who’s pitching.”

God help us.

I completely agree with Price. So we should put Duvall in there because he will hit a home run 20 times in a year while striking out 250 times. That seems like a perfect 8 hole hitter to me, maybe 9. Hope you strike lightning in the bottle if not doesn’t really hurt us. Phillips makes contact. Who cares about power, its the most overrated ability in baseball. I will take a guy that doesn’t strikeout. Phillips will strike out 1 in 20 abs. Devall will hit a home run 1 in 20 abs. Makes sense to me…

White Sox: Mat Latos, SP: one year, $3MM.

Big blu your prices brother arent you. Geez. Really

I have been saying that for 2 years now. Look at the Royals for example, contact is so important in baseball. If you look at how the game was originally played, it was a selfless game that put contact first. Fans are mystified by the long ball and teams are over paying players to do it. I just think baseball has it wrong now, the same way they did with the 2 hole hitter for years putting the best player in the 3 hole when they should have been batting 2nd. Price is not doing it for the same reason. He does it because he is old school and plays the vets in key roles.

Another Redleg injury. Oh but its not serious. What a cluster we are. A tender elbow is never positive. I wonder if Cueto was really hurt in all that debacle last year. Every injury it sounds like “lying Ted” Never ever do we get the straight poop from this club. Embarrassing

Waiting for your starting eight big blu

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