3/8 at SF 

Game starts at 9:05 pm ET, televised live on MLB Network.


28 days and counting.

Winker and Schebler just need to have their name placed in the line up and let them play. The way the last two years have gone we’ll screw this up. Just let them play and see what damage they can do. Thoughts anyone?
Jay Bruce to Baltimore please. Billy, in the words of Lou Pinella we’ve seen enough.

I know it’s early but it is still evident that the Reds still need a good veteran pitcher, I don’t mean Homer Bailey, to come in and help with the starting staff. A lot of young arms with no major league experience is going to be tough as was shown toward the end of last season. Plus the mental mistakes has got to be cut way down from last year. Brandon Phillips made a big mental error by not running when a fly ball to left field was dropped. Phillips was not running cost the team a run and would have prolonged the inning. Also it’s evident that the team needs a lot of hitting. There are flashes of some hitters but even if Cozart, Hamilton and even Bruce are on team their batting averages are nothing to be proud of. Whether team likes it or not, the GM better do his job and for once get some pitching and big time hitting help NOW….As usual they’ll not do it and once again the team will really suffer. Maybe, just maybe, if this situation continues fans will stay away from Great American. Even with that this organization seems blind to get any help for the team..the fans suffer right away and soon the owners, the investors, the vendors etc..will soon feel the effects.

We fans know that the Reds brass never read our comments, they should but don’t. Being a fan no one takes us serious although I do read some great comments. Fans do know a good trade vs a bad trade, a good signing vs a bad signing etc….At the end of the 2015 season the Reds brass knew what was needed. As I look at it not one issue was addressed, only salary dumps disguised as “rebuilding”. Looking back over a few years this team has been rebuilding for awhile. Reds rarely sign a decent free agent using their old favorite excuse, “no money”….”we are small market can’t afford a FA”….This is the only franchise, big or small, that never can sign a good helpful free agent. But do the Reds not get TV/Radio revenue, receive money from MLB and basically earn money as other clubs do? Other clubs sign FA, Make good decent trades etc….
Just look at the outfield picture..LF, Reds have done without a good every day regular LF for years, since Ludwick anyway..CF has a very light hitting Billy Hamilton. How many more games will it take for him to realize to use his speed to help him get hits, get on base, score runs etc..? If he can’t, or won’t adjust isn’t it time to get a new CF?….RF with Jay Bruce has power but batting average is embarrassing. As a matter of fact the whole outfield could have new faces….Why drag out the inevitable? Is Mesaroco ready to bounce back like the 2014 player he was? Even if Cozart is over his surgery he still has a weak bat. Reds made 2 bad trades trading 2 All Stars and getting less value in return, not to mention the trading of Cueto & Leake both not good trades for the Reds or this is what other fans and the baseball experts have stated. Starting pitchers has a lot of candidates, but not a leader no real good veteran starting pitcher to help the young arms, and Homer Bailey is not the answer. Middle relief-has any one jumped out here? Closer? Again who? Don’t think it’s Hoover. The team seems to be in a real mess and no one in the front office has the take charge make up attitude, unless Lou Pinella comes out of retirement he may be the one man that can bring this team together if he is given the players. Otherwise 2016 is going to be dismal at best……

All the best talent should be on the MLB team. Peraza, Stephenson, Reed, Winker, Schebler. Play them. Trade Bruce to Baltimore, send Hamilton back to the minors where he belongs, put peraza in center, Put the talent on the MLB roster, we have nothing to lose but games. I agree with a veteran pitcher but we’ve got all these young guys. Guys were not acquired to be seasoning in the minors. Lets see what we got. Yes it may be a rough year but we lost 98 last year.I predict we lose 105.
Don’t under estimate hungry players.
Worth noting. Our young players 8 years ago didn’t start winning until Scott Rolen came on board. So who is that player to get us going again.

Phillips in the four hole, that will be a joke. That will just prove Price is an idiot.
Gosh I hope he doesn’t do that.
Bruce tweaking his swing. That’s funny because Jay’s problem is what’s between his ears. He hasn’t adjusted his game and he’s taken the Ken Griffey approach. Trying to hit the ball over the shift. Oh yes he has.

Put your line up out there boys. Here is my first one. Peraza CF, Phillips, 2B, Votto 1B, Mesoraco C, Winker RF, Suarez 3B, Schebler LF, Cozart SS.

Jay your going somewhere. Who and when. Billy your not on my roster.
I predict Disco suffers sophomore jinx and gets creamed this year.
Out with the old, in with the new and that’s what makes a new season exciting.

Lets start taking some wagers when Barry Larkin becomes manager. I predict June 29th. Lets get the rumors going. Price is not the man to direct this retooling. We need someone who was somebody and that someone is Barry. We’ll need someone to energize this ball club. Brian makes us yawn. Sorry but those are the facts. Look at our record from July 2014 to July 2015 with some bullets still in the gun. He should be outta here. We stunk in that time frame. Look it up.

CWL. All good points.

Neb, Tow, give us your line ups.

Hey Mark, How about some kind of update on Mark Berry. Where is he and what’s he doing, and how is he ? Thank you

A couple of quick thoughts: Your number 2 hitter should always be your best hitter, Votto. If not then you need a strong OBP guy, Votto. The four hole hitter should be your best contact guy, Phillips. The problem with most line ups is that people are enamored with the long ball and power and are willing to throw in a guy striking out half the time swinging for the fences. If you put a guy in there that can drive the run in from third with an out as much as a hit does more in the long run than a guy that can put it in the seats 1 out of 20 times up and hopefully there was someone on base.

Also I would not rush the youth, it starts the clock and we will be in the same position in a couple of years. If they are ready they are ready if not then we are not going to win this year anyway why rush them. Peraza as of now is not a major league hitter, he may never be. But he is young and like Hamilton has a lot of work left to get ready. If he is on this team we are making the same mistake we did with Hamilton bringing up defense when the bat is not ready.

Far too early and far too many questions to answer, but If everyone is healthy and ready…and I was forced to answer the question TODAY?…
Hamilton CF (has he really learned the word…contact)
Suarez 3B (massive power/potential)
Votto lB (Mr. pitch around guy; Mr. OBP)
Mesoraco C (is he healthy, really)
Bruce RF (has he re-learned how to be consistent, or more like last two seasons)
Duvall, Schebler or Ervin (way too early/too much talent to really answer today)
Phillips 2B (will he pout or play to his potential)
Cozart SS (if healthy, can he resume hitting)

Actually, I would move Phillips up to 6th and move Duvall & Co to 7th.

Big blu check out Bill James and get back to me. Are you related to Coach Price?
whats your line up big blu? Phillips had something like 19 doubles and 12 homers. Thats not exactly a 4 hole hitter. Do you know the real significance of the 4 hole.
Phillips is now a has been. Singles hitter at best. You probably want hamilton playing and leading off.

This we know. Hamilton is not a major league hitter. Peraza what did we get him for? If he is to play, might as well be with the big ballclub. Then we’ll judge him and his play will speak for him.

The timing and theory was…that Phillips was leaving the Reds to the Nats, leaving a
major hole for the Reds at 2nd base. So, the Reds traded for one of the best prospects around. Solid logic, imo. However, they were jammed when Phillips turned down, yet a second move. Now…the Reds are kinda stuck with the guy as Phillips wants to remain with the Reds for his final two years. So, in Prices infinite wisdom, he decides to play Peraza in various positions (2B, SS, CF) because their trade idea backfired. And, to make matters worse, Price has identified that Peraza needs at least 400 ABs and has decided that if he makes the team, his ABs are all important and will be addressed by pushing around other players throughout the year. Maybe Piniella will cure this illogical notion on a number of levels.

What is interesting is that Price is on record of saying that Hamiltons defense and speed makes him a must play, regardless of his batting problems. With that said, if the guy cannot hit at least .250, then we have problems. And, I assume, if Hamilton does have batting woes, he will again see the 9 hole in the lineup. Batting lead off would be preference, but only if he produces; we need only remember Choo as the last guiding force.

Most importantly, with an OBP of .325+…that may be asking alot.

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