3/7 vs. Angels



We have been told that Votto and Bruce have studied the art of bunting this spring training. Well, today both of them have bunt-base hits, making mince-meat out of positioning defense. What happened? Why are the Reds finally practicing things that they never did in the past? I am impressed, but wonder who started these logics.

I like the competition so far for LF. Duvall, Schebler, and Cave all look like they want to be on this team.

So far I think your list is deadly accurate; would also add Ervin and Holt in the mix. It is still early, so anything can happen. However, with that said, Duvall is the logical backup for Votto so I think he is a lock to make the team, Your top three picks are my top three, as well; but again…only thus far. We have a ways to go.

What the Reds will decide/do with Rodriguez is extremely interesting, yet forcing. There is so much great talent this spring that they may have to make a very, very difficult decision…unless they trade Bruce. In any event, Jockettys plan this spring is working and he might end up looking like a genius. I have never seen this much talent, this early and in all positions; SP, BP, INF and OF. The question is…will the Reds brainpower make the right decisions…if so…we might be better than what Las Vegas has us at: win total; 71 O/U. (For those not familiar, you may bet in Las Vegas that the Reds either WIN over 71 G or Lose under 71 G).

Geez…I said that wrong…let me clarify…
Las Vegas is stating that the Reds O/U (over/under) line is 71 games.
That means that you can bet that the Reds will win OVER 71 games or the Reds will win UNDER 71 games. The bet is for the entire regular 162 game season.

Agree the young kids are fun to watch. But it still erks me how poor the returns have been this offseason with the players we traded. I really really hope that the Reds some how know something that everyone else is missing with these kids. I doubt it but who know. Maybe just maybe some how we can come out on top of these trades with not just getting fillers like it seems but maybe talent that can be apart of our future. I feel if it weren’t for the Cueto trade we would be in a lot of trouble and the rebuild would be even longer. I still can stand the Reds approach in waiting until Votto is in his mid 30s to rebuild this team to hope to contend. Lets be honest unless you are bringing up Winker or another prospect that is the answer for the next 6 years plus then why not just bring in a free agent that we can trade if the season goes down hill. Why rush the youth and start the clock if they are not ready? I still feel that some times subtraction can be an answer and tweaking a line up can do wonders. Bring in OBP guys with speed and great defense might have done a lot of good for this team. I like the young starters and think they will be better than most think. I hope that me and all the experts are wrong about these prospects.

When do the re-assignments start to reduce the roster. Within the next week I would assume.

I think it is still early. They continue to add to those in camp; over 70 now.
Most recent assignments…
3/6/16 3B Seth Mejias-Brean assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/6/16 2B Brandon Dixon assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
3/7/16 SS Ray Chang assigned to Cincinnati Reds.
But I think the real answer is…when they clearly have no reason to keep a
player up; until then, they continue to evaluate all players.

Are minor league camps up and running, could be waiting for that?

The article was scathing as regards the Frazier trade.

As a Reds fan it was refreshing to read of a Reds victory and the play of the new players. And as a fan I do hope Mesaroco can come back as he was in 2014, that Cingrani can get his confidence and pitches to ether to become an important part of the pitching staff. Speaking of Cingrani if he could get his act together I honestly feel he is the closer, not Hoover. Hopefully the management in charge will do away with the idea of a platoon system in LF, or any position as it has been proven in the past it does not work. PLUS, if management still insists making more trades I hope they receive value in return for who they have traded. The last 2 major trades the Reds made I feel they got far less value in return and I’m not alone in this opinion. At any rate I wish the very best for the players the team and keep playing hard. GO REDS

Taking a poll: any of you guys control the remote in your house? The Reds play tonight on the MLB net, and I got no chance of watching, what with the Voice (gag me!) on at the same time. In my defense, I’ve got a wife and a step-daughter plus two female dogs and two female cats living with me. That’s a lot of estrogen piled up with only my own and our Lab’s testosterone to balance it, and let’s face it, Edison’s neutered and I might as well be, so we hardly count.

Lol…poor planning comes to mind. You are in desperate need of a man cave. If I lived close, I would help you build one; no man should be so poorly out manned, out gunned and often found isolated during gametime!?* (TIC)

Can you say DVR, lol

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