3/5 at Cubs



Doc: Reds’ Billy Hamilton knows to relax, slow down…
(excerpt) Lou Piniella is in the hall just outside the Reds’ clubhouse, dancing by himself. He sways from side to side, grinning to sweet sounds only he can hear. This is how he wants Billy Hamilton to approach his at-bats.

“You’re in a nightclub having a cocktail,’’ Piniella says, “and the music’s going. You’re relaxed, feeling good, having a good time. It’s the same with hitting a baseball.

“You relax at home plate, the music’s going, you’re feeling good, you step in and hit the ball hard someplace.’’
Vintage Piniella.

Find it interesting that we’ve been told up to Spring Training that Mes and Hamilton were doing great and ready to go. Now according to Marc that was not true and neither is ready yet. Not surprised though, the Reds never tell it like it is. Wonder what the real reality is with Cozart and Homer.

I have to admit, it seems that the Reds are not all that forthcoming and current with negative information; especially when it concerns health issues and set backs. What is more frustrating for fans that follow each and every move the Reds make?…they are not even careful about their lack of sharing negative information.

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