3/4 vs. SF (updated)

Billy Hamilton was scratched from the starting lineup. He was to be the DH.

Holt DH
Peraza 6
Suarez 5
Duvall 3
Schebler 8
Rodriguez 9
Allen 7
Blandino 4
Cabrera 2

Lorenzen 1


Why doesn’t he play just the four that are competing for the left field slot instead of putting all those guys out there. No wonder they are inept.

He put three of the main LF candidates in lineup today — Duvall, Rodriguez and Schebler. Allen could be in mix perhaps. They all can’t play LF at same time.

New Reds infielder Jose Peraza used to playing beyond his years
Whether he starts the year in the majors will be a factor of whether the Reds can find him enough at-bats to continue developing. Guaranteeing Peraza 400 plate appearances as a super utility player in relief of Cozart, Phillips and center fielder Billy Hamilton could be tricky.

“If we’re healthy, then I’m going to have to do some real creative managing to get him to move around and play enough,” manager Bryan Price said. “If we’re not healthy, there’s probably a spot for him if he has a good spring.”
Price scares me when he starts talking like this. If there is no room, let the guy
get his ABs at AAA ball where he can get work without taking time away from other guys just for the sake of getting him 400 ABs. Bring him up mid year or September 1st.

Agree. In the past 2 years I’ve seen enough of Price’s creative managing.

Hopefully, Piniella is in his ear. The big team has not and is not the place to raise young players in lieu of other players; that place is called the minors. After all, Peraza was brought on to the Reds in trade in order to replace Phillips. Phillips in turn has thrown a wrench into the Reds plans, twice. Therefore, Peraza could be a bench player, but at the expense of other mainstay players. This logic does not build teams, imo, it works against consistency and morale. Lastly, Peraza was obtained to play 2nd base…why then play him (as will Price) in multiple positions? The answer is what Price has done this for his first two years as manager of the Reds…play players out of their natural position…much like a Sunday softball sandlot team. However, with all that said, we need to remember that 2016 is the sacrificial lamb season, no chance of competing and no matter what Price does overall, it is a season of try-outs in order to the compete in 2017. With that said, it can be overly emphasized and overly excused.

Just saying its a crime Duran gets playing time. Send a message and cut him.

Duran is 6 foot seven inches and is listed at 230 lbs. Big 24 year old. Been in the minors for 8 seasons having advanced to AA. In two seasons in AA he…
– played in 159 G
– 557 AB
– 23 HR/94 RBI
His average line over his career is: .243/.304/.415/.720
He is a big strong kid that clobbers the ball, but does not hit for average.
Unfortunately, he needs more seasoning and that would suggest that he
is just up here for a cup of coffee, and will be sent down at some point.
Still, now is the time for the big team to get a look and kick the tires.

Didn’t Duran get an 80 game suspension

Neb you described willy mo pena. He got caught. Cut him. If the Reds havent seen enough of him they must be blind. Move him on.

I think in this case, they are doing nothing more than – evaluating – for future consideration, nothing more. He is suspended for the first 80 G so…this spring training is nothing more than seeing what the guy can do…up-close-n-personal. Why not?
Doesnt cost the team anything; post idiotic move.

As I look at all of our posts, we never state our subject…so many posts
are about what WE THINK we are responding to.
Sometimes we aim and fire, but are off the mark.
Suggest that we are clear with each other.
Just a thought as I have spent much time trying to straighten
our a number of stock sites!?*

Prospect hurls three shutout innings, breaks bats vs. Angels…
“I came to the dugout and Tucker [Barnhart, the catcher] laughs at me and said, ‘If those are the hits you give up, it’s perfectly fine,'” Reed said. “It was a good atmosphere out there. I felt good. My fastball was working. I got ahead.”

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