Spring Training pics


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That looks warm … I like warm! On Jay Bruce: I don’t claim to know anything, and I understand less, but … if the team waits until the All-Star Break to move Bruce, isn’t it in fire sale mode and what kind of offers will it get then? This seems like the last okay time to try to trade him. Maybe a hitting coach from another team will look at video of him and say ‘I can fix that.’ [I was daydreaming yesterday, thinking he should move up in the box to take away that low and away pitch that seems to get him out half his at-bats, and develop an inside-out swing to handle the pitches they bring inside to knock him off the plate. There, problem solved!] You know Bruce is my favorite gonna-win-an-MVP-someday player, but the time has come to scrape off all the barnacles from the hull and re-launch the ship. Joey too, if the market catches up to his salary.

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