Reds have 2nd pick in Rule 5

As a bi-product of their 98-loss season that gave them baseball’s second-worst record, the Reds will have the second pick in Thursday morning’s Rule 5 Draft of players currently left unprotected on 40-man rosters.

Our friends at have a primer on this year’s draft, which begins on Thursday morning as the Winter Meetings wrap up.

Take a look here.


Theres your big moves this off season. Cant make any trades so the rule 5 draft is it. How anybody would buy season tickets to watch this trainwreck is beyond me. I bought season tickets to Kings island. Why waste my time at GABP to watch a poorly run team???

That idiot Jocketty will probably take another pitcher.

Why didnt the Reds just make a trade offer to the Rays forTyler Goeddel?????? He was the only OF who looks very promising in the rule 5 draft!!!! The Reds could have got him before he was picked ahead of the Reds in the rule 5 draft. Always late on everything they do to supposedly improve this team

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