Lots of waiting…

It’s Monday evening at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville — correction — just outside of the Nashville. And speaking of outside, I’ve only ventured outdoors for five minutes in the last 29 hours since I’ve arrived.

The big news of the day is Aroldis Chapman. There was lots of smoke that he was headed to the Dodgers in a trade. Then I learned Monday afternoon that no deal was done yet, and that other teams might be in the mix to land the All-Star closer.

Since then, it’s been hurry up and wait. Bryan Price held his one media session of the week on Monday but did not want to wade into the speculation. Walt Jocketty postponed his daily briefing with the beat writers, originally scheduled for 6 p.m. ET.

Now it’s just hang time, while trying to keep snooping around for news.

Click here to read the latest Chapman update as 8:30 p.m. ET. And be sure to check MLB.com and reds.com for the latest news.


Not sure how these reports get muddied but only two prospects If it turns out to be true seems To be not enough for an elite closer I know he is a free agent after next year but I would think any team that traded For him especially the Dodgers would want to keep Chapman and resign him
Long term

Domestic violence? Geesh.

I suspect Chapman’s value has just gone down. Too bad the Reds didn’t cut a deal at A/S break when they had the offers. Also, why weren’t they upfront with the teams interested in him. This wasn’t the first time for him. He has been accused before if I remember correctly.

That idiot Jocketty should be run out of town. He can’t even trade right. We need and have needed a leftfielder for years which he failed to provide. Even with the best arm in baseball he cannot get it done. I call on all season ticket holders to not renew until he is finally gone and if would also teach Castellini a lesson for hiring him. Worst GM in baseball.

I agree Jocketty seems in over his head and the job has passed him up.
There have been a lot of trades by other teams and he seems so uncomfortable doing it. Now what is he going to do put everything on hold until the Chapman situation is resolved. There will be lost opportunities because of how this was handled. Looking even worse for 2016

Now we know why we heard nothing all day yesterday. Please explain how the Red Sox found this out and didnt mention it to the Reds????

The Reds were aware of it but tried to hide from the Red Sox and everyone else including their fans.

I’ve told you and told you . Deceiving people is what the Reds do best . In fact , it’s the only thing they do well .

Seems to me at least one big league player and a top 10 prospect would be minimum asking price. Shoot we gave up Mike Cameron, Brett Tomko, prospects Jake Meyer and Antonio Perez for Jr Griffey. And we were the only bidder.
Then if I recall correctly, we made griffey the highest paid player. Boy how did that work for us.

From all indications, Chapman can still be moved. Taking a chance on him with no prior judgements under the mlb DV language is risky. He wasn’t arrested or charged but what will mlb do? Fine? Suspension? How much or how long is the problem. Meanwhile a whole team and its fan base just sits here waiting. Mlb needs to get off there ass and settle it fast, not by spring training as they say but now, this week. Chop chop I spend good $$$ at this ballpark, move your asses!

So this mean since the chapman deal is on hold or not happening, nothing else is going on????? They waiting till all the other teams get what they need before either being proactive or do zilch and pretend this team can be better than last year by doing nothing???

I agree what are the Reds going to do sit and wait until spring training when the pool of players available is very small and start the team opening day with what they have. Jocketty seems to have completely botched this whole thing . His indecisiveness looks lithe we will have a team lucky to win 55 games next year

I feel he actually pulls off good trades with some how at this time seems like good returns. It just always feels like the Reds push it to the edge on timing. They should have started a year earlier to begin trading the starting pitching. Then should have begun last year to trade Chapman, Bruce and Phillips.

It seems that the Astros and Dodgers are now talking to the Yankees about Andrew Miller. Geesh.

I cant wait for the excuse book to cone out. They had excuses when they were. “All in” and did nothing. Now they are shopping everyone and the mess with Chapman is like they have zero plans to do anything else. Seattle has made what 9 trades? The Braves were smart and git a lot from Arizona. While our Red’s front office seems to have went home from the supposed shopping sale and ok about it.

The Reds don’t and never have had a plan . They are simply incompetent. It’s also hilarious that Jocketty is still the mouth piece . They must be training Williams how to tell lies and be deceptive when he talks . Simply put : The Reds’ management team SUCKS ‘

According to MLBTR and Rosecrans the Reds are shopping Frazier hard. Trying to reach deal with Indians for another SP. I don’t like it. Shop Bruce hard.

I get a kick out of people like Lance (WLW) who think Frazier should warrant a top prospect. Yeah, right. The White Sox laughed that off and signed Lawrie. This organization and so much of the fan base WAY over values too many Reds players.

What are you saying? Frazier is a solid third baseman you must be a Cardinals fan.

Astros got their closer – Giles

I know this is what I don’t like about Jocketty he seems to think that things wait to happen unitl he is ready to do things. Teams don’t sit and wait until he is ready they are proactive. There were alot of trades this week Jocketty has not completed one to this point. White Sox signed their third baseman so that is another lost opportunity. Does he really think as the talent pool is shrinking daily that being patient is the right way to be. I have to wonder if teams are backing off trading with the Reds because teams think the Reds were trying to hide something with the way the Chapman deal fizzled out and they are backing off completing anything with the team?

After reading other comments by Reds fans I am not the only one that thinks Jocketty should go. Why does the Owner/CEO of the team keep him on? By far he is not a good GM. The Cubs, The Cardinals, The Pirates and on and on, have very good
General Mangers. Before-During-After the Winter Meetings they were doing their job and improving their team. While the 2 sent by the Reds had one trade blow up in their face, made a trade and received a lot less in return-NOW-doing nothing despite the many areas the team needs help in. The team needs an everyday-regular top player for Left Field-middle relief pitchers-perhaps in need to replace CF & RF due to very light hitting-Who are the starting pitchers?-Is Mesaroco ready? Why haven’t the Reds signed a Free Agent for Left Field (Don’t give me bull they can’t afford to). Team needs a lot but nothing is being done? Why Not? It seems all in the Reds Organization is content with being in last place for 2015 and staying cellar dwellers for years to come.

•Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News cannot understand why Reds Brandon Phillips refused to sign off on a trade that would have sent him to the Nationals. The second baseman reportedly wanted enhancements made to his current pact, which calls for him to earn $27MM over the next two years. McCoy views the veteran as greedy for making those demands and can’t fathom why he wouldn’t want to play for a winning team like the Nationals, especially when it means that he could have been reunited with Dusty Baker. Of course, after the Nats agreed to sign Daniel Murphy, there’s no real chance of that deal coming back together.
Note: Hal is a HOF Sportswriter who has covered the Reds for years.

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