Redsfest 2015

Did anybody make it this year?



Made it Friday only. Good time. Did you get s hover board yet? Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Nobody makes an entrance like BP! Excellent.

Went Friday and Saturday and was not disappointed. The players were friendly and gracious as were the coaches and announcers. I loved the way the team was introduced this year. BP always has a way of adding extra entertainment (hoverboard) As always, the Castelinni family treats the fans well. Nice Redsfest 2015.

looks like Dodgers are saying that they are going to get Chapman

4:57pm: The Dodgers are “making progress” on a deal involving Chapman, Rosenthal tweets.

I just wish they would put the same quality and focus in making this Reds team a year after year top team like they do with Redsfest and the 2015 ALL-Star game!!! I hate thinking they will screw up this so called rebuild and Reds fans have nothing to look forward too for the next 5 years!!!! Bobble heads and free pizza and fireworks are not what I want focus on. Being he NL doormat for the next 5 years is NOT what I want to see. Im jealous of the Cardinals fans and the next 5 years of Cubs fans and Pirate fans as they will not have to worry at all about the basement dwelling Reds. Watching this mismanaged baseball team really sours me. Doesnt excite me to buy tickets either. I hope they prove me wrong because hearing Cubs and Cardinal fans louder than Reds fans at GAPB will suck knowing they will have way more success than the Reds for along while. Sigh

Well Walt just traded Chapman for only 2 prospects and none are in the top 3 of Dodger prospects. Really????? I bet we find out the Astros offered a way better deal in the coming days. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The NL central is laughing thier butts off now. They better be Very Very good prospects. We have Suarez. We dont need another 2b prospect that cant hit. As mentioned about Peraza.

If the Astros offered outfield prospect Tucker in a similar deal, the Reds better explain why they would turn that down??????? Is Walt secretly getting a tear down bonus from the Cardinals??????Grrrrrrrr

Last season, the Reds enacted bold moves at the Winter Meetings, trading Mat Latos to the Marlins for Anthony DeSclafani and Chad Wallach and acquiring Eugenio Suarez and Jonathon Crawford from the Tigers for Alfredo Simon. At this time, the Reds appear to be big winners in each transaction. Let’s hope the trend continues.

why is it these trades are made and the suspect names are not shared, bunch of hooey i say

If they fail their physical, the deal may well fall through.

That’s bull NEB. there may be a player to be named later. Like the Cueto trade we knew who we were getting. Just goes to show the deal is not done yet and the sources dont have the whole story. Just media BS.

More of the latest. Dodgers say its a trade, Reds say it is not. What the crap?

The Reds , like in the past , are being deceptive . They’ll come out later with some lie and continue to blow smoke up their fan bases skirts . How long will it take for that fan base realize that ?

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