Votto is NL MVP finalist

Reds first baseman Joey Votto was named Tuesday by the BBWAA as one of three finalists for the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award.

Also listed as finalists were Bryce Harper of the Nationals and Paul Goldschmidt of the Diamondbacks.

The winner will be announced on MLB Network on Nov. 19.

Votto was the 2010 NL MVP.

More will be written about this on MLB.com/Reds.com.


Very good year…….but not great yr. Harper will win in a landslide.

Bryce versus Joey…
…………….. G……PA….AB…….R…….BB….SO…..HR….RBI…………..LINE

…………….. G……PA….AB…….R…….BB….SO…..HR….RBI…………..LINE
Now we have them all…and in the name of equality…they all played on a
loser team this last season (Nats, Reds, Az respectively).

Nats did not have a losing record.

The Nationals were probably the biggest loser team in that they were picked by all the experts at the beginning of the season to win it all; failing miserably and firing their manager because of it.

Did you all hear Martys comments about ted power, robert stephenson being a reliever, and walt jockettys penchant for bringing in cardinal connections. You missed some good stuff. Thanks Marty

Wish I could have heard it. Was he optimistic, or his cynical old self?

Yes . He is dead on .

I don’t see chapman leaving. Reliever or starter, you’ve got to have some horses in the stable. I see finnegan lorenzen hoover chapman at the 7th inning and beyond.

I predict phillips goes and i wish someone would take bailey off our hands.

Congrats Joey for being nominated.

All the candidates played for losers, so I guess it’s stats, which means Harper wins. No KC Royal will ever win it, and they could care less. It’s not about M V P, it’s about T E A M.


Reds Willing To Listen On All Players
By Steve Adams | November 10, 2015 at 9:32pm CST

The Reds are willing to listen to trade offers for virtually any player on their roster, according to a pair of reports from C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. While there was some hesitation to embark on a complete fire sale prior to the non-waiver trade deadline, sources tell Rosenthal that owner Bob Castellini is now on board with the idea that a more dramatic retooling of the roster is needed.

“I don’t know if we’re in a position to say there’s any untouchables,” president of baseball operations Walt Jocketty told Rosecrans. “There’s certainly guys who would be much more difficult to move, but we have to be open minded to whatever we can do to improve the club for the long term.” Jocketty said the Reds have made it “pretty explicit” to other teams that they’re open for trades.

Jocketty told the pair of reporters that at entering the season and even this summer, the Reds “wanted to be somewhat protective of our club,” but the year didn’t pan out as hoped. Asked by Rosenthal if he was ready to trade Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce after backing down on trade scenarios involving that pair prior to the non-waiver trade deadline, Jocketty responded, “I would say probably.”

The availability of Chapman and Bruce has been widely expected, but Rosenthal further tweets that the Reds will even be open-minded on third baseman and reigning Home Run Derby champion Todd Frazier, who is under control for two more seasons.

Frazier, 30 in February, had a monstrous first half (.284/.337/.585, 25 homers) but slumped badly following the All-Star break (.220/.274/.390, 10 homers). His cumulative season batting line was still strong, and when paired with his plus defense at third base it led to a strong overall year worth about four wins above replacement, per Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs. But, the second half was a nonetheless disappointing outcome for Frazier, who looked to be on the verge of a superstar-caliber breakout.

Frazier will earn $7.5MM in 2016 — the second season of a two-year contract signed to buy out his first two seasons of arbitration. The former supplemental first-round pick can’t become a free agent until after the 2017 season, so any club interested in trading for him would be picking up two years of club control at a highly reasonable rate.

Chapman is controlled for the 2016 season only, with MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz projecting a $12.9MM salary in his final trip through the arbitration process. Bruce is owed $12.5MM in 2016 and has a $13MM club option ($1MM buyout) for the 2017 season.

Those three players represent the Reds’ most logical impact trade chips, as the remaining $199MM on Joey Votto‘s contract is daunting even after his MVP-caliber rebound season in 2015. Votto’s contract also comes with a full no-trade clause, further complicating the thought of trading him. Brandon Phillips would make a logical trade candidate, as he, too, enjoyed a nice rebound season, making the remaining two years and $27MM on his contract look fairly reasonable. However, Phillips has 10-and-5 rights (10 years of service time, including five straight with his current team), thus affording him full trade veto power as well.

While Jocketty, of course, won’t tip his hand as to what he’d seek in return for pieces such as Chapman, Bruce and Frazier, it seems that the idea in Cincinnati is to aim for a quick turnaround as opposed to a lengthy Astros/Cubs-style rebuild. Said Jocketty to Rosecrans and Rosenthal: “…I think we really started at the deadline knowing that ’16 was going to be a transition year and ’17 and ’18 will be the timeframe we think will be able to be stronger and more competitive.”

how often has an MVP played for a non contending team. That’s unheard of

Ernie Banks, ’58 & 59 for last place Cubs.

One of the best who loved the game for the sake of the game.

wow no kidding thanks

TOW generally a winning team has an MVP though. None of these playoff teams and no MVP nominations boggles my mind. Oh well.

This looks to be a fun off season. I am going Chapman, Frazier, and Phillips to be traded. Sign one big name free agent hitter, probably one vet starting pitcher at low cost, and a low cost relief pitcher to see if they can bring back the magic. Those are my guesses.

You must have a crystal ball, because WLW has Phillips going to the D-Backs.

The Diamondbacks and Reds have discussed the framework of a trade that would send second baseman Brandon Phillips from Cincinnati to Arizona in exchange for fellow infielder Aaron Hill, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The talks aren’t said to have reached a serious stage at this time, he adds, and other pieces might well be required to create a match.

The motivation for each team in the swap seems relatively clear. With the Reds embarking on a rebuilding phase, it makes sense that the team would have interest in shedding the remaining two years and $27MM on Phillips’ contract. However, given that Phillips has been more good than great over the past couple of seasons — .282/.318/.385 with 20 homers, 25 steals — he probably doesn’t come with loads of trade value. His glove still grades out as a plus, though, and he had a much better baserunning season in 2015, both of which are points in Cincinnati’s favor in trade talks.

For the Diamondbacks, the remaining one year and $12MM on Hill’s contract is likely perceived as a sunk cost. Hill was brilliant in Arizona from 2011-13, but over the past two seasons, the veteran has batted a combined .238/.290/.359. Swapping out Hill for a comparable annual salary over a longer term would give Arizona an improved roster in 2016 and 2017, whereas the Reds would be shedding about $15MM in total salary and opening a roster spot for the 2017 season. Even in 2016, a trade of Phillips could open second base for intriguing young infielder Eugenio Suarez, who provided more than enough offense in 2015 to earn an audition as a regular player. However, with Zack Cozart coming back at shortstop in 2016, Suarez will need to shift to a new position.

Oh I dont like that trade at all and make no sense. I would rather pay for two years of Phillips at that point. I really hope their are prospects involved here coming to the Reds. This is not a fair trade in any sense. This cant be the first trade. we are talking last year alone 3.5 war for Phillips vs -.3 only to shed a second year. both are going to make 12 mil this year.

Jocketty has made it clear that he doesn’t expect the Reds to be competitive until 2017 or 2018. So, with that in mind trading Phillips, and getting what they can makes sense to me. If I’m going to endure another year or two of losing baseball, I really want to see some new fresh faces developed for the future.

Yeah, we’re not gonna be any good for two years, but c’mon out to the ballpark! Not a good marketing strategy, as Cunningham put it yesterday. Management needs to put the idea out there that with a few “ifs” coming thru, few injuries, and some breaks, this club could contend in ’16. Stranger things have happened (Ronnie Milsap), and THAT’S what needs to be promoted.And please, PLEASE, ignore DRO’s negativity. I honestly believe that the guy would be happy if the Reds finished last, just so he could be right. STAY AWAY!

I see delusions have taken over…I have no post on this thread that deals with the club’s present hopeless condition…

The only reason Phillips trade value would be down is because of his age . His production second only to Votto’s . Considering Price jacked him around in the batting order and the fact he is second to no one on defense , I think he had a hell of a year !

Speaking of Az. and Nats…
Former Nationals manager Matt Williams has accepted an offer to return to his previously occupied role as third base coach of the Diamondbacks

Suarez will play 2nd base. See ya Brandon. You’ve been terrific. We’ll miss you.
Who knows who will take Brandon but his days are over here. Trade him for prospects and suspects. I wonder what teams he would approve. We won’t trade him for Hill. we dont want or need him. We want someone to take Brandon off our payroll.

We have to be careful about trading BP. He is a fan favorite and you do want somebody in the ballpark to draw in the fans you don’t want to alienate all of the fans. Most organizations walk a tight rope in dealing with this type of situation. I know from personal experience from going to GA BP that Brandon draws a lot of people into the ballpark. After reading this trade rumor I realize now why I don’t read a lot of them.

I like Phillips but when you start keeping players because they put Fannie’s in the seats,you’re in trouble .If trading ANY player makes the team better , you trade him .

All players have a life expectancy. Brandon and crew their time is up. We need guys who are hungry.

Eric Hosmer 1B Kansas City Royals Paul Goldschmidt 1B Arizona
Jose Altuve 2B Houston Astros Dee Gordon 2B Miami Marlins
Adrian Beltre 3B Texas Rangers Nolan Arenado 3B Colorado Rockies
Salvador Perez C Kansas City Royals Yadier Molina C St. Louis Cardinals
Kevin Kiermaier CF Tampa Bay Rays A.J. Pollock CF Arizona
Yoenis Cespedes LF Detroit Tigers Starling Marte LF Pittsburgh Pirates
Dallas Keuchel P Houston Astros Zack Greinke P Los Angeles
Kole Calhoun RF Los Angeles Angels Jason Heyward RF St. Louis Cardinals
Alcides Escobar SS Kansas City Royals Brandon Crawford SS Giants

Gold Glove winners…

Wilson Sporting Goods announced its 2015 Major League Baseball Defensive Player of the Year Awards during an hour-long special on MLB Network, and Simmons headlined the group by being honored as Wilson’s overall individual winner while the Arizona Diamondbacks were honored as the top defensive team of 2015.
Complete 2015 Awards coverage
For Simmons, it’s his third consecutive Wilson Defensive Player of the Year honor and first top individual honor. Simmons and Cardinals right fielder Jason Heyward, who won a Gold Glove this year, were the only selectees for 2015 who also won Wilson honors last year.
The 2015 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards started in 2012. The winners, of which there is one for both leagues at each position on the diamond, are determined using a formula that combines traditional defensive stats with advanced metrics, as well as the data logged by the baseball experts working for the scouting service Inside Edge.
Eight of the nine winners were from the National League, led by Simmons, Heyward, first baseman Paul Goldschmidt of the Arizona Diamondbacks, second baseman Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins, third baseman Nolan Arenado of the Colorado Rockies and left fielder Starling Marte of the Pittsburgh Pirates, all of whom were announced as Gold Glove winners on Tuesday.
“Since Day One, his work ethic at first base is unmatched,” D-backs manager Chip Hale said of Goldschmidt last month. “He tries to get better on a daily basis, whether it’s improving his range, knowing the hitters, he’s just a really selfless guy. There were a couple of times there were balls that got by him that the official scorer gave hits on, and he was petitioning that they should be errors. So he wants to be better every day and he works at it.”
“I think it’s just the culture we created here,” D-backs center fielder A.J. Pollock said of the team’s defensive mindset. “Everyone buys into the fact that defense is one of the most important things you can do.”
“Just a tremendous young man,” Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill said of Gordon. “You knew the skill-set when you traded for him. It’s nice to see him going out and doing what he’s capable of doing.”
The other selectees were New York Mets starter Jacob deGrom, who won in the pitcher category, plus San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey and the only American League honoree, center fielder Kevin Pillar of the Toronto Blue Jays.
“He’s a highlight reel,” Blue Jays interim general manager Tony LaCava said of Pillar.
Here is the complete list of winners:
First base: Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks
Second base: Gordon, Miami Marlins
Third base: Arenado, Colorado Rockies
Shortstop: Simmons, Atlanta Braves
Left field: Marte, Pittsburgh Pirates
Center field: Pillar, Toronto Blue Jays
Right field: Heyward, St. Louis Cardinals
Pitcher: deGrom, New York Mets
Catcher: Posey, San Francisco Giants
Defensive Team of the Year: D-backs
Overall 2015 Defensive Player of the Year: Simmons

Chapman is said to be making somewhere in the neighborhood of $12-$13M this coming season. With the Reds rebuilding, they have publicly announced that 2016 will be a wash so that in 2017 or 2018 they will be contenders. There is little to any chance that Chapman will be kept beyond July 2016 as they can ill afford having a premiere reliever on a team that probably won’t achieve .500. The Reds have stated that they will rebuild so I would hope they go forward, full throttle, and get it done as quickly as possible. The sooner we rebuild the sooner we see success; the key is acquiring quality talent in exchange for our traded players. Castellini and Jocketty obviously know this. The Reds can ill afford letting the grass grow under their feet between now and July 2016. Getting out from underneath Phillips 2017 contract is a correct move in the right direction; his current numbers are attributes, his glove is still one of the best. The question is…will he approve a trade.

Very true both he and Joey have said they would like to stay here. They both have the option of vetoing trades too.

I have no trouble trading Chapman – for the right deal, obviously. And… if it’s gonna happen, it needs to happen EARLY. He doesn’t perform as well in mop-up,situations, and I’m afraid he’s gonna be on the wrong side of a lot of those this year, which will lessen his value. Get a big, hungry kid out there who’s trying to impress, regardless of the score. I used to think Hoover would be that man, but a dozen fastballs left over the plate has altered my thinking considerably. Still like him, though.

Trading Phllips for Hill is very dumb and that is why I was so worried about this front office getting this team back to the Playoffs anytime soon. You trade Phillips to make room for Suarez. Not acquire a over paid no defense 2nd baseman who will make 1 million less that Brandon!!! Why not target one of thier outfielders and add a prospect so they save 12 million. Duh!!! Goodness its time I save alot more money NOT buying tickets any time soon. What a joke if they do that trade. No way Hill is A bench player making that contract!!!!

It’s hard to argue with anything you said . However , we’re talking about an organization STILL led by Jocketty .

Hill would get booed off the field after the first month, by fans remembering one of the great second basemen playing that position.

Do you think it would be worth pairing Chapman with Bailey? Or getting the prospects for Chapman separately?

No one will take Bailey & that contract, not knowing how he will do.

I would trade Chapman, Bruce, Frazier, all for prospects. Sign Aoki and Span for the Outfield and let Suarez play 3rd. That would do something the Reds have never done before. Put two 350+ On Base guys in front of Votto. Could you imagine what he could do with that? I think it would improve the ball club dramatically and give them one of the best defensive OF with Hamilton in center.

Some good stuff, though I’m prejudiced toward Bruce, it might make sense Suarez at third troubles me. His hands gave him trouble at SS, with the transfer, etc. and that skill is even MORE important at third. Don’t know how well he’d handle a ball hit at him RIGHT NOW.

Latest On Aroldis Chapman
By Steve Adams | November 12, 2015 at 1:11pm CST

1:11pm: The Red Sox are indeed doing background work on Chapman, tweets Rosenthal, although that’s more a sign of genuine interest than proximity to a trade’s completion.

12:17pm: The Red Sox are being aggressive on many fronts, one of which is believed to be Chapman, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

11:13am: Aroldis Chapman has seen his name circulate in trade rumors for the past year and is widely known to be on the block once again, and Peter Gammons of MLB Network and GammonsDaily.com now reports that four people have insisted to him this morning that Chapman will be traded by the end of the coming weekend (Twitter link).

Chapman most prominently drew interest from the Astros, Yankees and Diamondbacks prior to the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, and he’s been speculatively connected to the Yankees, Red Sox and others this past week over the course of the GM Meetings. The Nationals and Tigers are also known to be seeking high-end bullpen help, and the Blue Jays have shown interest in the past as well. Gammons doesn’t specify which clubs are in the mix for Chapman at this time, but Cincinnati president of baseball ops Walt Jocketty more or less confirmed this week that he’s more or less open for business and will listen to talks on virtually any player on his club.

Chapman, with one year of club control remaining, is a natural trade chip for the rebuilding Reds. MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz projected the left-hander to earn a steep $12.9MM in his final year of arbitration eligibility, and while that’s top-of-the-market value for a relief arm, Chapman has undoubtedly proven himself worthy of that much, if not more. The 27-year-old struck out more than 15 hitters per nine innings for the fourth consecutive season in 2015 while averaging 99.5 mph on his fastball. Over the course of the four seasons in question, Chapman has a 1.90 ERA and has saved 33 or more games per season.

Jackie Bradley Jr.’s (age 25) name has been connected with Chapman rumor and Red Sox. He is coming into his own and plays all three fields. Just part of the trade rumor.

Kinda scary – What is Bradley’s upside – we know what Chapman’s is. Nevertheless,the gamble might prove worth it.

Well he was a top 30 prospect a couple of year ago and has good minor league numbers, but has not done well in the majors yet.

From Peter Gammons…
“That’s four people insisting this morning that Aroldys Chapman will be moved by the end of the weekend.”

I saw today where Cleveland and Arizona wanted to get A Pollack and a star pitcher in a Trade. Give them Chapman, Phillips, and Finnigan for A Pollack(center field), J Lamb for (third or second base) and Branden Shipley

Want to make sure I am not confused here. Are you saying give Chapman, Phillips and Finnegan for AJ Pollack? I see where your going and not so bad. I would actually think its a waste with Chapman involved though because he is going to bring in some good prospects and then throw in Finnegan would hurt. AJ is awesome though.

Well, I’m confused, too. On one hand the talk is about rebuilding, but then everybody’s wanting to get a centerfielder, thus giving up on Billy Hamilton. I gotta think the kid can learn how to hit the ball on the ground. Dennard Span has seen his best days in CF anyway. He may get on base more (in the short term), but he’ll give up plenty of runs in terms of the balls he doesn’t catch up to.

@Eric. Well i’m confused also. Reds are talking 2017 or 2018 to be ready to challenge. Yet, I hear all this talk about trades for this guy or that, which means you give up young talent or deny your young talent their chance to begin their major league experience to be ready for 2017 and 2018. Why a person wouldn’t want to give Hamilton another year when you’re own management tells you that the team is not going to be competitive. It seem that there are a lot of fans that don’t want to believe it. Play the kids including Winker. If it ends up being worse than expected then buy.

If I was to go get someone that had a lot of Arbitration left, probably Xander Bogaerts from Boston. I wonder if they could package someone like Finnegan with Chapman to get him? I think this team could compete next year for the division if they got that kid along with signing Aoki and Span. Trade Chap, Bruce, and Frazier. What a line up of OBP we would have at that point, that would be a pitchers nightmare. Votto, Aoki, Span, and Bogaerts all are over 350+ OBP. Go sign a Ace like Cueto and this team is threat. And you still have Suarez as back up / roaming starter.

Why are we benching Suarez? The Reds have no intention of using him for any other reason than a full time role. He’s coming up to year #3, only 23 and can swing the timber: .280/.315/.446/.761 w/13 HR and 48 RBI in 372 AB! He needs to play full time and I think trading Phillips will allow him the time and position. He looks the part of the #5 or #6 in the lineup, behind #3 Votto and #4 Mesoraco (considering others are traded).

I think you guys are underestimating the worth of Chapman. He is the quintessential-best-overall reliever in the game today. He is young, proven and on top of his game.
Other than a premiere SP, he should be dealt for a great deal of worth. I would suspect that he could and will be traded for a very productive newby or two. We have already turned down an offer for three outstanding prospects back in July.

Red sox decided against him and have signed Craig Kimbrell. Evidently we wanted more value than they were willing to pay. Hope this doesn’t become a broken record.

One thing we can be relatively certain about…we aren’t going to give him away for a handful of average prospects; the trade will be favorable. And I would find it very hard to believe that he would be a Red before the start of the next season.

One other comment…I have never seen in MLB that a player cannot or has not been traded under the right circumstances…it’s the nature of the beast; that being MLB. It also is the sport that commands the most unreasonable contracts ever negotiated and signed. Living with them, once signed, is another matter.

For Kimbrel…
Top outfield prospect Manuel Margot, shortstop Javier Guerra, infielder Carlos Asuaje, and lefty Logan Allen make up the return. All four players rated among the thirty best Red Sox prospects in MLB.com’s latest ranking, with Margot (#25) and Guerra (#76) also checking in among the top 100 prospects league-wide.

Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in Williams/Jocketty’s room when deal
was discussed.

It’s more of the same old garbage . Wait until the last minute and get what is left over . Nothing will change until Jocketty is completely out of the picture .

Kimbrel was the correct move for Red Sox; although they gave up quite a bit.
Kimbrel throws 97 mph fastball and has an absolutely devastating knockout curve ball. In his initial 6 seasons (27 years old) he has a combined ERA of only
1.63. But the biggest factor of signing him was and is his contract; 2 more years under contract at $24M w/ team option for a 3rd season at $13M. With Chapman thought to make $13M this coming year and then becoming a FA in 2017, Boston took the best alternative.

Kimbrel move made sense to the Sox – still … Ouch!

So if we are not going to get value then what do you do with Chapman? I say see if he will accept a Kimbrel contract and then make him a starter. That is a steal for his type of arm. I still say this is one of the best pitching arms ever. Make him a starter and see what happens. Worse case it doesnt work and he goes back to closing and apparently teams will give up a lot for that contract lol. I dont understand why he has not been starting since last year when we needed starters. We have a ton of young pitching talent. Run them out there whenever. If he can only give you 3 innings at first great, then put in another guy like Lorenzen to go 3 innings. I dont see our every day fifth starter doing much better anyway. Finnegan, Lamb, Lorenzen, Cingrani, and Chapman none of which can go more than 5 innings. Let that grouping be your 4th and 5th starters fill in bullpen as needed, with Iglesias, Desclafani, Arroyo (or another vet) hold down the first three. Diaz, Hoover, and Matteus would be your full time bullpen for now, that is only 11 so room for another. Baseball is so worried about their 5 man rotation or 5 innings to be a starter, who cares. If it takes three guys to make up a start is that any different than using the starter and 3 bullpen guys that then need to be coddled the next couple of days? Just a different way to look at it that will never be done because of goofy unwritten rules.

The short answer is that Chapman does not WANT to be a starter, and… Chapman has ATTITUDE. Have you not noticed that.?

This organization has NO clue what they’re doing or w nuts to do . They’re a joke !!!

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