Seven players outrighted

The Reds removed seven players from their 40-man roster on Friday when they were sent outright to the Minor Leagues.

Right-handed pitchers Nate Adcock, Collin Balester and Josh Smith, left-handed pitcher David Holmberg, outfielders Jason Bourgeois and Brennan Boesch and utility player Kristopher Negron were all part of the day’s transactions.


Handfull of coaches and now seven players exit. I’d call that a good start with about 10 more to go. Holmberg gonzi. Amen to that one.

Holmberg,Smith,Balester aren’t real
Surprising moves they weren’t very good last year . I personally think that the job of GM has past up Jocketty
But I am also hopeful that this offseason he can restore some faith
In the fan base as well as restore the roster. Major work
Needs to be done

Amen to all of them. Now let’s see how we fill those spots. New young faces I hope.

Well, Mark said 7 and he only named 6. Nevertheless, I’m glad all of them are gone. Looked like Negron was gonna be something 2 years ago, but he slumped badly. Couldn’t believe junk baller Holmberg ever was considered (though I saw him beat the Bucs in August),and the fact that career minor leaguer Bourgeois got to play CF every day late tells us something about the kind of year we had.

Look again.

Did you all hear that. ” KC doesn’t live for the homer, they make you catch the baseball”. Basic baseball 101.

You are correct KC doesn’t live by the homer like the Reds do . Thats why we chave guys like Frazier and Bruce go in long slumps and disappear offensively like they do . They aren t team players. I was watching KC in one of the games in the playoffs and they had 7 singles in a row and scored 5 runs . I don’t think I have ever seen this group of Reds ever do that.

The two guys you named are the ones who have to listen & change their approach. I’m not saying the Reds are suddenly going to be the second coming of the Royals at the plate, but if they could even COME CLOSE, what a difference it could make in ’16. Coupled with a big year out of a returning Mesaroco, well, that lineup could be quite something.I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but if our center fielder were to acquire the nickname “Grounder”, the sky’s the limit!!

Would be kind of nice to see Cueto pitch in Game #6, at home, and win the
WS with a gem. There are few that come to mind that I can say that he
truly deserves it. One of the few that has conducted himself with complete
class and without any immature on field or off field actions.


Wonder if the Reds even talk about this kind of stuff…
You’ll hear from just about every baseball analyst commenting on this series that baseball can’t be predicted and that just about everything that occurs in a single series can be chalked up to small sample size variance. Heck, Billy Beane himself once famously said, “My [stuff] doesn’t work in the playoffs.” And yet, what’s happened through four games is exactly what our handicappers told you would happen. That is, the Royals would hit more balls into play than the Mets would, and Kansas City would do a better job of converting those balls into outs. In summary, the Mets projected to face more batted balls and would be worse at fielding them than the Royals — and that’s exactly what happened. They Royals’ 3-1 lead isn’t the result of small sample size — as Jesse Pinkman of “Breaking Bad” might say, “That’s just math, yo.”

The Mets have out-homered the Royals five to one (excluding inside-the-park home runs, which are actually balls in play) and it hasn’t done them any good. If the Mets are to come back and win this series, they have to reverse the defensive efficiency trend.

Wow – those were painful goofs by the Mets. Go Volquez & Cueto! (Noticed today John Fay, former beat writer for Cinti. Enq. was picked up by WCPO. Good move WCPO.)

One would hope Reds’ management was watching to see how baseball should be played ………… Silly Me .

2015 Team Payrolls…
1. Los Angeles Dodgers $272,789,040
2. New York Yankees $219,282,196
3. Boston Red Sox $187,407,202
4. Detroit Tigers $173,813,750
5. San Francisco Giants $172,672,111
6. Washington Nationals $164,920,505
7. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim $150,933,083
8. Texas Rangers $142,140,873
9. Philadelphia Phillies $135,827,500
10. Toronto Blue Jays $122,506,600
11. St. Louis Cardinals $120,869,458
12. Seattle Mariners $119,798,060
13. Chicago Cubs $119,006,885
14. Cincinnati Reds $117,197,072
15. Chicago White Sox $115,238,678
16. Kansas City Royals $113,618,650
17. Baltimore Orioles $110,146,097
18. Minnesota Twins $108,945,000
19. Milwaukee Brewers $105,002,536
20. Colorado Rockies $102,006,130
21. New York Mets $101,409,244
22. San Diego Padres $100,675,896
23. Atlanta Braves $97,578,565
24. Arizona Diamondbacks $91,518,833
25. Pittsburgh Pirates $88,278,500
26. Cleveland Indians $86,091,175
27. Oakland A’s $86,086,667
28. Tampa Bay Rays $76,061,707
29. Houston Astros $70,910,100
30. Miami Marlins $68,479,000

Between now and Friday the Reds need to make offers to their free agents. Hope we don’t. Marshall, Parra, and Pena can move on as far as I’m concerned.

Marshall’s the one I’d like to keep of the three, if we could get him cheap He’s a great guy & a hard worker. I know we paid him a lot to do nothing, but it wasn’t his fault. Watch him sign somewhere else & return to the form he had with the Cubs, which was pretty darn good.

Was thinking the same thing. I think we have already paid him enough for him to take the minimum for as long as he ever pitches again.

Don’t think today’s players see it that way. He’ll take everything he can get without looking back, IMO.

Marshall has had shoulder issues. And then some. Paying him more that McDonalds minimum wage would be too much, You guys sound like Walt Jocketty. Its time to fish and cut bait.Marshall I’d bet my life is done. Briing up the young guys and move on. He should pitch for us for free.

Well said. Are we moving on or not.

(sigh)…I suppose you’re right. Only thing, betting your LIFE on whether a baseball player comes back or not would seem to be a bit much.

As far as the option players go they can can them both. Don’t need Badenhop or Skippy if we are truly moving on.

Should help the payroll if we’re gonna go with about 20 guys

Excerpt from excellent article by Ken Rosenthal:
By Ken Rosenthal Nov 2, 2015 at 6:42a ET



NEW YORK — No one thing defines them — no one play, no one player, no one game. With the Royals, it’s always about the collective, the organization-wide pursuit of excellence, the tiniest of details producing the biggest of results.

Whole article at:

If Jocketty is smart he would try to get Ben Zobrist or Alex Gordon who are free agents and trade Bruce . i would even trade Frazier and put Suarez at third. I think it might be time to give up on Hamilton or just keep him as a late defensive player or pinch runner . He doesn’t seem to want to put the ball on the gound like he needs to
and he hasn’t gotten better . The Reds gave him a chance similar to the chance they gave Heisey and neither one of them proved to be consistent enough to keep a starting job. I agree with the previous comment that with Mesoroco coming back that will be a big help if he is healthy . Not sure about him being a left fielder though.
Trading Chapman should help get the Reds a veteran pitcher and some bull pen help. If they keep Bruce and Frazier I think there will be more of the inconsistency that the Reds need to break free of .

BINGO !!!!!

KC put on a contact/clutch clinic in the WS…
* Most Runs Scored in 7th Inning or Later – Single Postseason
2015 Royals 51
2002 Angels 36
* First team since 1916 Boston Red Sox to hit…
1 HR inside the park
1 HR over the wall
in WS.

Hope you read the Rosenthal article I mentioned above. You’ll see they also put on a preperation clinic. Very insightful article.

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