Three Gold Glove finalists

Rawlings announced Thursday that three Reds — 2B Brandon Phillips, 3B Todd Frazier and CF Billy Hamilton — were National League Gold Glove finalists. The winners will be announced on Nov. 10.

Phillips is a four-time Gold Glove winner (2008, 2010, 2011, 2013). The other finalists at second base this year are Dee Gordon from the Marlins and DJ LeMahieu of the Rockies. LeMahieu won the award in 2014, when Phillips was also a finalist.

Hamilton was a finalist in 2014. This year — he’s up against the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen and A.J. Pollock of the D-backs.

Frazier, a first-time finalist, is joined by Nolan Arenado of the Rockies and Matt Duffy of the Giants.

Voting was completed near the end of the regular season by Major League managers and coaches. That and calculations from the SABR Defensive Index are used to determine the winners.


IMO Hamilton is the only one with a shot.WE know that he was the best CF in the NL last year, but his injury-shortened season will hurt his chances, plus playing on a last place team, as opposed to AC.
Brandon’s still a GREAT second sacker, but they’ll give it to a younger guy.
Arenado’s a lock at 3B. I’m surprised Frazier even made the list.

I vote yes for Hamilton. Yes for Brandon, but I agree it may be a youth vote. No on Frazier. He made some great plays and had his moments, but also had too many errors, both handling and throwing. It seems that so many of the players today don’t get in front of the ball and block it if they mishandle it.

Agree 100%, especially about 3Bs not blocking the ball. Don’t you know THOSE plays don’t make the highlight reels.

Guess Votto was in the defense award. All I know is he works hard on defense and seem to be a tope notch 1st baseman. BUT until the REDS add a lot more offense and straighten out the team overall Votto will not get a lot of attention Teams that win get the publicity and on prime time TV. So until the Reds GM turns things around in a hurry, and fans please don’t expect him to do much at all, this team will continue to struggle and go down hill. That’s the facts! I wish the Reds 3 finalists the best of luck.

Left out a word or two on my latest comment…should have been:: Guess Votto wasn’t in the defense award. All I know he works hard on defense to be a top notch 1st baseman and the rest of comments seem to be right, which is unfortunate!

Please REDS fans call, write the REDS radio networks, the newspapers, the Front Office of this team(?) and speak your discuss over this teams type of play. And best yet, stay away from the ball park until these owners get the message and get some top players in for the team. I wish this would happen ,but…………….

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