Game 160: Reds at Pirates 

Holt 8,
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Suarez 6
Duvall 7
Cabrera 2
Sampson 1


Here’s the thing about Bruce: 85 RBI’s. His hitting (or lack thereof) is frustrating because of how many opportunities he misses to be superstar-productive instead of just very productive. However, it’s all moot: they’ll have to trade him in the offseason, and there will be takers. Goodbye, Jay – my longtime fave.

Mine too. And Moss was two-for-two tonight, so Bruce still has a chance to pass him for second worst hitter in the NL. But then Jay went and had two hits of his own tonight. If he keeps up that pace, before you know it, he’ll be batting .230

Im calling next season “THE HUNT FOR REDS OCTOBER”. Dreaming already.

Leake’s last game with the Giants was a gem, glad he ended the season on a high note.

Congrats Votto – tying Rose’s ob record!

2016 rotation. Iglesias. Desclafani. Stephenson. Reed. Garrett. Bailey in the wings.

Bullpen. Chapman Hoover. Lorenzen. Finnegan. Lamb. Villareal. Plus one. My heart says chapman and Bruce stay unless they are can’t miss studs who can hit in a trade

Sampson bunting. Thats teaching and coaching failure. Come on..

If you can’t bunt they should be fined. Thats inexcusable.

This is the exact reason price gets fired. Letting sampson face three batters. Meat of the order no less. Its asinine. Bringing in cingrani even worse. Come on

See our manager sucks big time. He luvs lo lose. Shame on him

Could have given Sampson a positive night. That doesn’t build confidence.

Come on Chris Welsh. Your smarter than that. Stop making excuses for the man. First guy got on and he should have been done. Price is a d.a.

Common theme. Former Pirates. Dejesus cabrera balester adcock diaz. Maybe a reason we stink.

Add contreras to the bus. We’ll blow this game.

See heart of order. No chapman. More stupidity. 10th inning afraid of hurting chappie

Chris welsh how come no comment about lecure complaining about either dejesus’s effort or player positioning. Come on. Jay bell cluster?

That game was another on Price for being a knucklehead. Come on boys.

I can’t believe I heard Marty Brennaman saying he thought Price would stay – and more or less the situation was not on him! Are you telling me that a real leader/ strategist would not make a difference with the abysmal dynamics and atmosphere of the team? I don’t buy it that the players are all just garbage.

Marty and I agree.


I agree. This team would not be in this shape with a competent manager. He’s a horrible strategist.

Lets see, they Fire Dusty because even though he won 94 games, he didn’t get this team to the next level. SOOO the Reds facing being the worst team in the Majors will bring back Price who possible could be losing 99 games?? What a joke!!!.. Time for fans to write Bob about how he hasn’t done what he promised and its looking like ACCEPTING losing with ZERO accountability is the NEW NORM!!. Time to stop buying tickets Season ticket holders.. Yopur voice will make changes happen.. By renewing and saying sure lets keep the losing happening is NOT how I invisioned BOB as a owner.. If he thinks this team will be any better next year with the same clown running the show.. Good luck with that.. My pockets will keep the money in them. Buying tickets is NOT my option!! 1983 all over again.. but sadly no PeteRose returning home to manage like hype.. just the LOSING continues.. and the players know they wont win next year so ZERO pressure.. Way to run a Organization.. I would be Fired if I put out lousy work like this in my job!!, not get 300 % pay raises in arbitration for last place!

I believe it’s on the entire management team , the owner , general manager and the manager . All three are losers . They all speak out of both sides of their collective mouths . They’ve lied to us and will continue to do so if we continue to show up at the ball park or subscribe to F.S.O. I agree wit Jim M . Quit paying for this circus they call a baseball team .

Like I said I agree with Marty. It will be interesting to see if Walt can get a veteran starter to help anchor the staff next year along with Bailey.

Like Jason Marqouis ? Lol He was a real winner . If this team stands pat or just adds an ex Cardinal starter and Fill in left fielder , it will finish dead last again next year . If they counting on Bailey to be their ACE , they are in BIG trouble .

Old Jim. I agree. Bailey never has been and never will be an Ace on anybody’s staff. Keep going with your youth, but get a bullpen for heavens sake. Iglesias will end up being the ace. Lorenzen, Disco, Finnegan, Reed, Bailey. Get some hit and run guys. Stick with what you started and you will be a contender in 2017.

I didn’t say that Bailey would be an ace I don’t think anybody would expect him to be an ace I’m just saying that they need at least two veterans to anchor the staff to go with the rookies. If we don’t have some innings eaters to go with the rookies then next year will be just like the end of this year. Walt realizes that and has already said he would be looking for help.

The kind of help Walt gets won’t be any help . The game has passed him by .

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