2016 catching depth

Over on Reds.com, I wrote a story on Friday that caught up with Brayan Pena. The veteran Reds catcher will be a free agent after this season and has let it be known he would like to return. Click here to read the story: http://atmlb.com/1PTQUgF

Despite his relatively inexpensive market, Pena seems like a long shot for returning to me. The Reds are counting on Devin Mesoraco to be healthy and Tucker Barnhart has shown he can handle himself well in the big leagues. Barnhart entered Friday batting .251/.321/.326 in 79 games with three homers and 18 RBIs. Ramon Cabrera has also demonstrated his skills as a September call-up.

I asked manager Bryan Price about the depth the Reds will have behind the plate next season.

“I think we certainly know that Barney can run a pitching staff up here,” Price said. “He’s done a terrific job with investing in all the essential preparation to call a good ballgame. He’s a terrific catch and throw guy, that’s no secret. He’s handled the bat better than I anticipated for a guy that’s spent really his first full season in the big leagues. He’s done some really good things. He’s definitely a guy that not only can, but has picked up the slack in a season without Devin.

“Ramon is just a guy that earned his way to the big leagues a lot like [Kristopher] Negron did last year, a lot like [Ivan] De Jesus did this year. He just went out and performed and was our next best option for a third catcher in September. All he’s done is call a good game, throw adequately and have a nice offensive approach. He’s definitely somebody we’d like to have in the mix next year if there were any issues with Devin’s health.”


Thanks Pena. But your outta here. Learn to drive in runs. And i think your mom could steal on you. Sorry but its the truth. Anybody can catch Cueto and look good. Everyone forget how much Mesoraco didnt play last year by our brilliant manager. Pena and Price on the same bus out of town please. Skip peanut butter boy is the bus driver. Parra. Marshall. Diaz. Balester. Holmberg. Mattheus. These guys are all on the same bus. Who am I missing. Hamilton for that matter.

Why is it too quite a few of our pitchers throw across their body. Pitching coach any one?

Bourgeois see ya. and Barnhart to AAA. I’ll take cabrera i think. Thats a good start for a house cleaning. Holt couple of nice plays.

Bruce is pumping the gas

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