Game 159: Cubs at Reds 


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Streak watch: last time Reds dropped 12 straight 1993. Fitting that’s it’s another drizzly day.

5-0, at this moment – the rain has turned this into a home series for the Cubs. This whole season has been a washout – it’s rained everything but victories. Can any of these rookies pitch into and through the sixth inning? How can you call the bullpen pitchers ‘relievers?’ They don’t relieve! There’s a good ballplayer trapped inside Jay Bruce. Who’s going to release him? Did I really see Pena point and applaud Starlin Castro last night – an act that defines classy defeatism. Only three games left – will this nightmare never end? And, oh yeah, can’t wait for Spring training!.

Love that line – “a good player trapped inside Jay Bruce”.


With the one-for-four performance today, Bruce has hurt his chances to surpass Brandon Moss as second worst hitter in the league. He’s gonna need a couple of 0-fors in order to catch him

Start working on your advent calendar. It made the wait bearable. Hope you do it again.


Lets call it putting too many eggs in one baskest.. distrastreous. .we need a team of ball players. One of the worse teams of all time. How we looking Marty. Not good.

Our dilemma next year is there will be less than 2 million in attendance. See the Braves attendance and Phillies and they are even bigger markets. More bad news. Way to guys for allowing this to happen and seem perfectly content with it. Bryan Price saying the effort is there. He has sealed the entire coaching staffs fate for staying the course. Where is Villareal ? What a management joke. They have to fire everyone just to throw us fans a bone. And if they do not, we should stay away in droves.

They will get swept in Pittsburgh ! Finish losing 15 in a row. Might as well finish it with an exclamation point. Drastic times require drastic measures.

What say Bob ? Do you have anymore , “we aren’t going to lose anymore ” , speeches ?

This weekend series with the Pirates has 2 things to watch for. Votto’s streak and if the Reds will get the #1 or #2 draft pick in June.

Why do we care if they win anymore games at this point. Once you are out of the playoffs we are just looking at which pick we get in the draft. lets hope for a sweep and the number 1 pick

I agree about wins. But their is this word called Pride. It ruins my day when the lose. Sorry to say that but it does. Just read what I’ve been typing. I’m po’ed. If Bryan Price has proved anything this year, is that a good manager makes a difference. Are team was stinking up the joint with Johnny Cueto.

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