Game 158: Cubs at Reds

Votto gets a rest because of soreness in the back and shoulder area. Frazier still needs to test his Achilles by running but said it felt OK to hit. He’s in here as of 4 pm.

UPDATE at 5:49: Frazier was scratched.




Why at this stage would you risk anything with Frazier and a sore achilles tendon. Makes no sense to me. Looking forward to seeing Holt in CF. Someone new. Anything to make it interesting to watch.

That shouldn’t surprise us . What has this organization done that DOES make sense ?

The injuries list is going to be complete by about Friday. I don’t think Bruce is bright enough to fake an injury, however. Wow, another outfielder. Be still my heart.

What are the Reds going to do with all of these rookie pitchers? None of them have the ability to pitch beyond the 5th inning as yet. Maybe pairing (2) for each of the remaining (4) spots (Bailey, by himself would be the “Ace”. So, they would need (9), including Bailey, for the (5) man rotation, Chapman for “closer” plus (3) other relievers, for a total of (13) pitchers. That would make a very interesting pitching roster.

Unfortunately the ace is .500 pitcher over his career. See no reason to expect anything else.

1998 last time Reds lost 11 in a row. Hey! What does a guy have to do to get fired around here?

Sad as it seems we fans have to root for the Bengals to win the Super Bowl to force the Reds ownership to do something. As watching this team quit tye last 16 games of the season would can the whole coaching staff fired on other MLB teams. Price needs to go with the entire coaching staff.

Just Saying…..this team tanked at the end of 13, they tanked second half of 14, and this year it is what it is. Tanking big time.

Hey rookies. You have the opportunity of a lifetime in front of you. Someone please reach out and grab it. Don’t be a gutless wonder.

Atttended the game last night. Their “A” against our single “A” team. I find it kind of odd that when a team is down 10 to 1 in the bottom of the ninth and we score a run that guys line up and share high fives. Doesn’t look right. Watching that it felt like my daughters softball team. Just happy to get a run. Anyone agree ? I guess what I’m saying is that it looks childish and these guys are grown men. Getting whipped and high fiving. Come on.

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