Game 157: Cubs at Reds



wait no skippy in the lineup? it’s just not reds baseball without walt’s favorite player out there! the only question about tonight’s game is will smith make it to the third inning and how many runs will he give up? I say 7-0 cubs after 3 and he throws 75 pitches.

Skippy needs rest after playing 2 in row. Gotta keep em fresh.

but what about the integrity of the game? they are not putting the best product on the field unless he is in the lineup!

They can play in drizzle – c’mon! Making teams sit around 2- 3 hours. Ridiculous. It’s mostly been misty and it is warm.

Ha – 10th loss. But thanks to Bourgeois getting on, Votto got one more shot, and got promptly walked 12:30am. Yaay – streak alive!

Watch out. Bob Rotella in the stands. Yes we do have mental issues everywhere !

Is that an inside joke? Who?

Bob Rotella. Basically he is a sports psychologist. Made his living i guess to say in the golfing world. Reds have consulted him before. Google him. Dr. Bob.

Cool – yeah – he is needed now! AND – with Joey Votto’s comments after game – wow – IS THAT NOT ENOUGH TO DUMP PRICE NOW? (I know Votto’s remarks were not directed to anyone per se, but when your top player is expressing such discouragement – where are the actions in response?)

September 28, 2015 6:14 pm
Angels land pitcher Mat Latos on minor-league deal
by RotoWire Staff | Special to
Right-handed pitcher Mat Latos signed with the Angels on Monday, Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reports.

Just three days after being released by the Dodgers, Latos has found another home with the other Los Angeles club. He won’t be available for the postseason, but it’s possible the veteran will receive a start before the regular season comes to a close. The terms of the contract remains unclear, but Latos will provide them an extra arm over the last week of the regular season as they attempt to earn a playoff berth.

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