Game 156: Reds at Nationals

First pitch at 3:05 pm ET. I am not in DC but we have it covered on and No TV in Cincinnati either.

Schumaker 7
De Jesus Jr. 4
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Suarez 6
Boesch 8
Barnhart 2
Finnegan 1


Boesch should play the rest of the year and see if that guy has any spark in him. Other wise he’s just another bench guy that we’ve gotten nooo production from. Another why hasn’t he played recently instead of peanut butter boy. But hey, pb boy had 3 hits yesterday.

he is walt’s favorite ballplayer so he will play no matter what. the fact he had 3 hits yesterday will just make it easier when walt announces his ex-cardinal retirement contract extension. you know 2 years 15 million with a player option of 10 million for a third year. hey f they can pay ludwick 9 million not to play for them then skippy is worth an extra million.

Hope Finnegan has good game. I would like to believe he will be a valuable asset. Time will tell.

What’s amazing now is the Castellini ownership group has owned the ball club 10 years now. They’ve tripled their investment cha ching and teased us with what it feels like to win again. But now, the cupboard looks to be more empty today than 2006, Drafts 2004 thru 2007 were excellent. Can’t say that yet about any of Walts drafts but then we traded some of those guys because of Bob’s desire to stop the losing. Chapman in the starting rotation appears to be the easy answer today. There should be no baloney talk the next time that issue comes around. Anyone notice Lorenzen out of the pen yesterday throwing 97 98. How is it Cingrani had success with Dusty and now he is an afterthought. Not to mention he can’t seem to keep himself healthy or is this the disconnect with the coaching staff and a player not willing to go to battle.

If Dusty was still our manager, all this may not have happened, or Dusty got lucky and got out while the getting was good. Walt may have done him a favor.
But it aggravates me to no end Price gets a pass.

Lets not forget this core group floundered until Scott Rolen hit town.

Any idea if Mike Leake would return for like 3 yr and 30 million ?

•A reader asked John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer (on Twitter) if the Reds might pursue Alfredo Simon as a free agent innings eater. Fay doesn’t see the team going down that path, but he thinks that they could consider Bronson Arroyo, another former Red, in a similar role. After missing all of 2015 recovering from Tommy John surgery, Arroyo will likely have his 2016 option bought out by the Dodgers and he’ll be available on the open market.

We need some young studs. Winker, Stephenson, Garrett, Reed to add to Iglesias, discotec, and Suarez. Acquire couple of others and we might have something. And Mes come back and be the stud that he needs to be. Pena and Barnhart. Good riddens. Poor pitching sometimes reflects poor catching.

Like picking up Tyler Holt @26 years old. He’s a might be. Dump Bourgeois who’s a 33 year old never has been and never will be anything more than an average at best utility player. At least Holt not a 32-35 year old.

Tyler Holt is a nobody wanted me. he’ll answer all our prayers. In AAA.

Could be right. Hope not. We’ll see.

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