A note about no-hitters

As I type this, Tucker Barnhart only moments ago hit a single in the eighth inning to break up Max Scherzer’s bid at his second no-hitter this season.

From the Reds media relations department: 
In their 5-0 loss to Cole Hamels and the Phillies on 7/25 at Wrigley Field the Cubs were no-hit for the first time since Sandy Koufax’ perfect game on 9/9/65, snapping Chi’s streak of 7,920 games with at least 1 hit…was the longest streak of consecutive regular season games without being the victim of a no-hitter for any team in modern Major League history.

The longest active regular season streak now belongs to the Reds, who have gone 7,088 games since Phi’s Rick Wise threw a no-hitter in a 4-0 win on 6/23/71 at Riverfront Stadium…

Roy Halladay did throw a no-hitter in a 4-0 win vs Cin at Phi’s Citizens Bank Park in Game 1 of the 2010 National League Division Series.


Sad this is all we get to talk about. The team is a mess. If they loose the remaining 6 game’s which will be 15 in a row and any of theses coaches and manager return, they deserve to see 50% of thier season ticket holders walk away. Congrats Red’s ownership on replacing the Cubs as the new laughing stock of baseball for the next 5-10 years. You will prb screw up the draft and another future Jeter or Trout will end up on our rival teams. Oh what rival. Brewers even fired there manager and got a new young GM so they see things need to change. Not pull out the excuse book like the Reds.

Watched the Pirates & Cubs game last night. Watching the Cardinals & Pirates game tonight. It’s fun seeing the packed house, fans into the games, the tension of pre playoff baseball Really missed it with the Reds in 2014 & 2015. Hope I’m wrong but dont think I’ll see it until 2018 if I’m still alive. It may be a case of waiting to long for me. Until then I remain TIREDOFWAITING.

Lets face hit, throwing a no hitter against this REDS team is not much to brag about.
Like so many others, it is depressing to watch the REDS go thru the motions of playing (and not doing a job of this). And like so many others, until a move is made to get a good GM, and a good manager (please Reds front office-hire Barry Larkin), how can this team improve? But it seems plain ,the ownership of the REDS do not care about winning. Oh yes, what happened to the promise Mr. Castellini made about having a contender on the field? Enough said, right?

A new General Manager and/or field manager will make no difference whatsoever at this point. In fact, it would be disruptive of organizational continuity. The problem is lack of resources, so until a few more big contracts are shed or approach their expiration dates, there can and will be no improvements. And even at that, those improvements, if they should come, mostly due to sheer serendipity, will have a set shelf-life that won’t last very long just as the winning core that gave us renewed hope from 2010 through 2013 didn’t last long enough to ever reach real championship caliber before it quickly disintegrated within the space of two seasons. Such is the fate of small market teams, always running on the wheel, just to try to stay up, but always getting nowhere in the end.

Thats a defeatist attitude. Your beatin and the battle has not started. You must be the guy who sits in front of me at the games and just loves a loser. This whole organization seems to have their head in the sand. We know Bob doesn’t. At least we hope he doesn’t. He needs to stop drinking Walts kool aid and go back to being Bob. He does not seem like the individual to sit there and just take it.

I agree with what you say Denny. That is why the Pirates and the Royals better finish up with a World Series win shortly because their window is now starting to close.

Denny , I agree with most of your points . However , if the Royals and Pirates maintain their current level of play , the Reds have a problem . Plus Jocketty is responsible for the current big contracts and the lack of talent in the minor leagues . Castillini shoulders that blame as well . Only time will tell .

To 1 RedsFan:

Maybe it is defeatist, but it reflects reality. Small markets have virtually no chance to compete over long periods.

Rosenthal says the Reds might keep Price. seriously?????? This sounds like “we know the Reds will suck in 2016, so why make a change when he is under contract for 2016” type of move. I hope Reds fans stop buying season tickets to send a message we are not satisfied!!!

Wouldn’t surprise me to see this organization do that. Give Larkin another year of seasoning and make him the manager in 2017.

They are going to suck in 2016 regardless.

Denny, if that’s the case we’ll just stop going and stop caring. We are 40 games under 500 with Price. That’s 40. There is no way in gods creation of him coming back. come on. Then no one would ever get fired. Someone has to set a new course, attitude, and determination. You must work for the Reds.as a blind observer.
Holy that’s an unbelievable comment. We need ballplayers not reasons for failure. The Lindner group used the small market as an excuse. That’s why Bob purchased the ball club. He knew it needed different LEADERSHIP. Don’t be shocked if they all get pink slips next week. That’s my observation. He’s not Mike Brown and living with Dave Shula for five years. Baseball fans are front runners for the most part and some of us are diehards and we are po’ed.

You are welcome to handle it anyway you prefer, but the reality is that markets like that of Cincinnati will never again legitimately sniff championships until and unless there are radical economic restructurings done to the game itself.

Major Changes must be made from a new GM to Manager. Don’t see how it could be disruptive to a team that is over 30 games back in the standings, in last place and play now it terrible. The team seems to have no energy at all and I have been a Reds fan for over 60 years and I believe this is the worse Reds team, overall, I have seen. I
just heard that there will be no major changes for next year, which is terrible. Is the REDS Front Office waiting until all the seats are empty at Great American? If so, keep this attitude up and you may get your wish!

They don’t have the resources to make the changes…as simple as that!

The General Managers purpose in life is to acquire talent. End of story.

The pitching staff’s contracts we’re not a secret. None of us knows what 2016 will bring but staying the course with a dead fish manager will not energize this club. If Bailey can contribute, sign someone like Mike Leake and get a new centerfielder, insert Jesse Winker, have a contigency plan for Mesoraco and see how it plays out. We need someone to come off the bench and be productive too. Heisey like. Its not that complicated. Trade Chapman for someones young gun stud hitter.

Look what happened after Jack Mckeon got the hatchet. We’re heading down the same path and it took 10 years to fix it. Jack new what to do.

These guys should be ashamed and embarassed. And 2.4 million came to watch this horrible nightmare.
The 40 games under 500 are in a season and a half. I believe we were 51-44 at .2014 all star break. We had pitching last year and we tanked it. Come on man and be real.

Bob said we’re not going to lose anymore. But we are losing big time.

How about starting Villareal ? Lecure ? Shoot they can pitch 5 innings.
Put Cingrani back our there for craps sake.Shoot I’d throw Chapman the first inning for the heck of it just to loosen up this team for one night. Chappie is well rested.

Hey Rookie pitchers, how about a few balls under the chin. Have not seen any of that. Keep the batter honest and not digging in uh Sampson boy. Hey Lorenzen if you come out of the pen throwing 97 98. First pitch at the ear will set him up as the victim.

Coaches and players get your head out of the coolu and in the game. Its not complicated. Its baseball and and its a game.

Oh and Coach Price, the term scuffling, makes you all sound like a bunch of pansies. Just saying, but that’s how we are playing. Scuffling pansies I guess.

Reading all this BS makes you want to go crazy because nothing is getting done.

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