Game 155: Mets at Reds 



a guaranteed win today! skippy is in the lineup and leading off! the sure sign of a winning team is having a washed up 35 year old ex-cardinal leading off. but hey at least the fans will get to see the best exhibition of how to adjust batting gloves after every pitch that there is.

The peanut butter boy has the only hit. That tells you how bad it is.

Why is FSO not showing todays game? They did the same thing last Sunday.

Because nobody watches and people are tired of the announcers making excuses for this franchise being so bad .

Listening to the announcers evaluation of the our players, I am astounded that we haven’t clinched a playoff spot.

Breaking News. Skip has dirt on coach price and thats why he plays. Must be good dirt. Eh? Anyone heard of a kid not here. Jesse winker. We stink and we worry about the arbitration clock.

Final score : Mets 21 Reds -14 .

If Chris Bryant of the Cubs played for the Reds, he would be in AA.

So would Johnny Bench , Pete Rose , Joe Morgan , George Foster , and the rest of The Big Red Machine .

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper would not be ready yet either. because we all know being 33 years old is to young to playing the majors. wait I take that back, they may be on the roster but they would be on the bench where they could learn how to play the game by watching the vets like skippy play.

0f course I meant being 22-23 id to young to be playing according to the reds.

playing the Mets who are playing their AAA lineup and losing 8-1// WHAT A JOKE!!!

I’m glad the boys are protecting the integrity of the game .

Castellini, Jocketty, and Price have to be ashamed and embarrassed by the product they are putting on the field. But I guess these AA pitchers will get sprayed by foo-foo dust this winter and turn into All Star 15-20 game winners. The Reds can’t bunt, they make little league base running mistakes, have poor discipline at the plate, fail to practice situational hitting, fail to use the cut-off man properly, and Price has no idea what a consistent batting order is and what it can do. Where are the fundamentals ? Sad how far the team has fallen in two years !

Jocketty runs the team like he did years ago . It worked then but it doesn’t work now . He’s Castillini’s buddy so he’s going nowhere . Price was financially cheep . That’s why he’s there . Bottom line . Thus organization is the worst in Major League Baseball . They absolutely SUCK .

I agree with all of you. I was at the game today. Just unbelievable. Heads will be rolling in 10 days. Lorenzen was hitting 97 to 99 on the gun. Don’t understand why pena was playing today either. Swung the bat like an old guy.
The mental part of this game is just so important. Lets hope the castellini group has not turned into the lindner group.

To all the reds season ticket holders. Those of you who sell your tickets to the competition shame on you. I’m so tired of seeing that.

We are sooo close to finishing as the worse team in all of the major leagues.I hope there is an owner who has Bob’s ear. Coach Price says the Mets ” are feeling it ”
We feel nothing because we are ” numb” from all the losing. Thanks guys ( Bob, Walt, Brian) for such a fantastic season. You make us proud to be Reds fans. This reminds me of the Dick Wagner 1981 – 1982 debacle. And that took Bob Howsam and Pete Rose to put life back in this team. Howsam by the way came to the Reds via the Cardinals if I remember correctly. Go figure.

Reds’ management gave up on the players on 2012 and 2013 by lying to all of us that they were buyers at the trade deadline . Maybe the players are paying back that gesture now . This organization is a flat out embarrassment to all who are Reds’ fans . They are ALL losers .Every single one of them !!!

April 2008……….” We’ve just come to the point where we’re not going to lose anymore” Bob Castellini quote at the hiring of Walt Jocketty.

In the words of Marty Brennaman, ” How we looking ? Not Good “

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