Game 154: Mets at Reds

4:10 pm ET first pitch



Suggestion for spring training 2016. Have the 1976 big red machine boys talk to the new players about winning baseball and pulling for each other.

Least had Votto to root for today. You go Joey!

Also, you will be glad to know that John Fay was recognized by Reds PR team with a cake, and he was on the Fox Sports Ohio game broadcast.

Hi Mark. Does the Reds front office think Reds fans are stupid? That we know nothing about baseball intelligence? How in the world will they get Fox sports to give them a ton of money for broadcast rights for a unwatchable Reds team?? If they loose most of the rest of the 8 games remaining and they keep this whole coaching staff that cant motivate an ant, they deserve to see a huge drop off in season tickets sales. Im a Reds fan that wants what Cardinal fans get, what the next 5 years of what the Cubs fans will get, what the Pirate fans will get. But sadly it seems the Reds ownership who say they hate to loose, dont have the insight knowledge how to get to the next level since blowing it in 2012 and 2013. I could careless about fireworks, bobbleheads or free pizza. I want my kids to see what i git to see over 25 years ago. A dang World Championship caliber team every year. Tge Cardinals loose alot if players to injury, but they dont use that as a excuse for failure like we will hear after this lousy season is over. They go get help which Walt gives excuses they cant do anything at trade deadlines. They have a much better farm system that teaches winning at the minor leauge level where we just say lets roll the dice on what we have and hope all goes perfectly as there is never a proactive mentality to go get the fixes needed. And what ticks me off is this team doesnt make adjustments nor is held accountable. Not to mention the dumb contracts they give out like ludwicks $4.5 mil buy out. Really?? Like other teams were going to steal him from us?? The Marshall $16 million waste for rehabbing. The signing of pitchers that wouldnt make other teams rosters this year that were released like Jason Marquez (sp). So with the GM saying he is retooling but not a rebuild that has to be a joke right? So when they standpat and look at another lost season in 2016 will they finally admit they have no clue what they are doing? Im scared of the draft. I expct them to draft nothing but pitching and watch future position pkayers that can make a offense impact go to our rivals. They better have a sound plan or tge Reds will be a joke for along time. It bothers me tgey coukd be the next lost generation of Reds teams and ownership. Blame the fans for not buying tickets to watch garbage baseball. Its embarrassing to me they are ok with the Cardinals, Cubs abd Pirates always being in the post season hunt the next 5 years while our Reds battle for last place every year. I wont waste my time going or watching if they allow that to happen

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