Game 152: Mets at Reds


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Wow! A home game without rain. A good omen?

Please ask Brian Price if he likes Jay’s chances to surpass Joc Pederson as worst hitter in the NL. I think that he’s going to have to go on quite a tear if he wants to do it this year, but it could be done

Manny Parra is going to hurt somebody with those line drives that he keeps throwing

Grounds crew. Thank you

Hey Walt.. This team is sooo bad, we don’t know just how bad they are yet. We are really good at losing streaks that’s for sure. Very disappointed you can’t have the courage and provide us some frank conversation how this train wreck of a team is going to be fixed. Thank you.

A fan on the radio was saying he thought ownership didn’t want to say anything until they got most of the season tkts sold for nxt season. Well anyway…that is pathetic if true. Heard a good analysis on radio also re name the mgrs. that have demonstrated leadership. Names mentioned: Pinella and Davey Johnson. (and also Pete Mcannin). One thing I don’t buy that I have heard over and over – “Well you can’t blame Price.” Maybe the level of mgr. that holds players accountable AND that has player’s respect is just too hard to come by anymore.

If we look back on the Reds track record, with the exception of Sparky Anderson, the only time the team is successful is when the manager is ” Someone ”
Rose, Pinella, Johnson, Mckeon, Baker. Bob Boone was a great player but for whatever reason was more horrible than Price. I thought it was interesting in the Joey Votto little tirade and his follow up interview that Joey used the word manager and not Brian.Somethings up on that bench. We have season tickets so waiting doesn’t play into it. Shoot we want some answers and action. You can’t fire all the players but you can start with the coaching staff. Our guys need mental help. We don’t want to be stuck in the losing mentality world. Players have to compliment each other and pick each other up. Play with their head in the game. Fundamental errors is not playing with your head in the game. We stink at it. I’d suck it up, admit the wrong and get Dusty on the phone.He led us from the abyss and let him do it again. Shoot we can’t be anyworse. Read today’s paper. He wants back in and nobody wants him. We need help bad. Now though with this horrible roster we have more holes than swiss cheese. Look what happened to the team when Scott Rolen was acquired. One guy makes a difference. Come on I say, its not that complicated and Bob promised us “championship baseball”

Price is the manager so he is to blame. The manager makes a difference ! Next man in. Sorry for rambling on and on. I’m miffed.

House cleaning begins October 5th. Can’t wait. Somebody reads these blogs because I about fell on the floor last night when the grass was cut in wide line configuration instead of the checker box like it always is. Field looked nice last night. Something different. Someone listens so thank you from a season ticket holder. Morale will improve once the firings begin. We don’t have to look far for that. The Cincinnati Police Department.

We are depending on you Bob and the ownership group to right this ship. Not making a move on Coach Price sends us the fans and the players the wrong message. Brian pack your bags.

More has beens tonight and never was’s sucking up the joint.

Can someone share the pitching era with barnhart vs pena. And their winning percentage please. Thanks

Hey TV and radio guys, quit crying about all the rookie starts. Its only an issue because of poor planning, poor development, poor mouthing, and oh yea a majority of them suck big time. If they were any good, it wouldn’t be an issue. It doesn’t help that the manager doesn’t know shi….from shinola. He doesn’t know when to go for the win. He’s allowed so many games to get out of hand a tee ball coach could make better decisions. Then we whine about this train wreck not being lbrian prices fault. Well he sure does make good contributions to the losses.

Breaking News. Parra back on the DL with a strained neck from watching all those blasts go wizzing by him.

John Fay reports…
Mesoraco has begun light agility drills. Expects to start hitting, throwing Nov. 1. Will be full go for start of spring training.

Doubt Votto will be MVP; playing on extremely poor team.
Batting .371/.554/.675 since break; incredible numbers.

Red’s relievers lose #30; lead all of NL.

Average seems to be around 20, which would give us 10 more wins. Doesn’t change much except solidly in 4th place. Much work to be done.

Game 153:
1.CF: Jason Bourgeois
2.1B: Joey Votto
3.2B: Brandon Phillips
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.3B: Todd Frazier
6.SS: Eugenio Suarez
7.LF: Adam Duvall
8.C: Tucker Barnhart
9.SP: Anthony DeSclafani

Looks like the Reds are finishing the season strong . lol . What an organization !!!!!

In free fall to oblivion. 3 more losses in this streak and we would have our 3rd 9 game losing streak this year.

Two things. When Votto hits second , the lead off man seems to get on more . Also , Desclafani seems to be losing steam .

I wish I was the fly in Mr Castellini s office.

He would probably make you a starting pitcher . Oh wait ……. A reliever …… No , a starter …. No ,a reliever ………………………….

Good one. LMAO.

It is so odd to me when you compare the REDDS team ON PAPER with other teams, the REDS seem to be much better, but actions speak louder. So does that mean other teams are coached better, better management, or other teams play harder and try harder to win? All I know is something is wrong with the REDS. To me they need much better hitters, especially in the outfield. REDS do not have a regular every day
LF, in CF Hamilton is real good on defense but he just doesn’t seem to be able to hit or even bunt. IF he could only bunt, hit the ball more so on the ground, it would seem he could do a lot better. RF with Jay Bruce, he has power but the average has gone.
He looks awful trying to hit the outside pitch, and why he tries to hit the real high pitch is a wonder to me. Really the REDS could put a whole new outfield in for 2016. The bullpen, middle relief is very bad, very inconsistent and several should be let go. The starting pitching with so many new faces should be much better in 2016. It does worry me that Homer Bailey might be back. He has an amazing contract and he I don’t think he deserved it as he has also been very, very inconsistent. Has he ever had a winning season record? I don’t think so. It worries me of late that Chapmen seems to be getting hit harder and more often. Maybe his arm is getting tired, and he’ll be stronger next year with rest and build his arm up more. Infield seems to be pretty good, going to be a battle at SS in 2016, right now the edge to me goes to Suarez as he seems to be a better all around hitter than Cozart. If Mesaroco comes
back like he was in 2014, the catching department should be fine. The REDS do have many holes to sew up and I do hope Jocketty steps up and helps the team more than he has over the last few years. To me the REDS need a new GM and would really like to Barry Larkin as the manager of the team in 2016.

I think MLB ,in general ,worries too much about limiting innings and pitch counts . Most starting pitchers can’t go more than 5-6 innings because they aren’t conditioned to so . Teams with good bullpens can get by with that . The Reds don’t have a good bullpen so the manager has to think outside the box when utilizing his relievers . Price doesn’t know how to do that . Until the Reds get a management team that knows how to evaluate and develop talent , it’s going to be like this .

That is the change in baseball that is happening. Teams are gearing up to starters going 5-6 innings and then turning it over to a talented bull pen. Fewer and fewer starters are pitching into the 7th inning or beyond. The ineptness of Reds management in this regards is best exemplified by who they chose as their bullpen at the start of the season before the injuries and whinning and crying started.

We have about 10 major league players on this roster, subs who play way too much and a manager who thinks Votto is a two hole hitter. Joey can’t do it all. A group of sad lads. And their head is in the coolu not in the game. Yes coolu..

Very well put !!!!

Both of you !

I work for Rumpke and I’ve picked up so many trashed flat screens from the castellini home I’ve lost count. If you believe that i have some swamp land in florida too

Balester and Contreas. Beauties.

I love you old jim

Where is kevin gregg and jason marquis when we need them. Come on man.

Joeys unbelievable how he can foul off pitches then bam base hit

Mr Lackey your correct. But its a team like swiss cheese with lots of holes. Shameful.

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