Game 151: Reds at Cardinals

Schumaker 7
Frazier 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Suarez 6
Boesch 8
Barnhart 2
Finnegan 1

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skippy starting and leading off what a joke!have they announced his new contract yet? you alt will offer his favorite ball player the ex-cardinal retirement contract as part of “reboot” effort. any idea what ex-cardinals he is looking to sign this off season? who is the oldest one one that will available to sign? that will be his big signing of the off season.

Shumaker…his numbers are declining year after year…
2012 – .283 AVG.
2013 – .263
2014 – .235
2015 – .238
He’ll be 36 next season and the Reds have a $500k buyout on his
$2.5m last year contract.
I think the Reds will, and should, pay him off the team.


Also, and very importantly…Finnegan is only 22.

Reed and Finnegan’s age/birthdays are only days apart. Finnegan has developed much faster than Reed. Reed pitches in AA and is 6-2 with a 2.17 ERA over 49.2 IP.
Hopefully, his stuff will translate to the bigs in a few years.
BTW…these two pitchers could easily be picked out of a lineup…
Finnegan – 5′ 11″, 185 lbs.
Reed – 6’5″, 220 lbs.
Both are southpaws

Brian Finnegan…
4 0 32.0 2.53 16 29 1.09
I think this might be Jocketty’s ultra trade this season.
Nicely done, so far.

You could be right. But don’t forget Cody Reed. An awful lot of baseball people feel he is the ace in the hole.

Maybe I spoke too soon; we shall see eh…

Seems to have good stuff. Definetly missed his spot a few times and grooved a couple. Thought Carpenter’s 2nd HR was a good pitch.

Finnegan has pitched in 18 G; the last two he went in as a starter…doing well in the last game (9/18), but getting thumped yesterday.
In his 18 appearances…
he gave up 0-1 ER in 16 of them
he gave up 3 ER in another relief stint (TOR, 7/11)
and, he gave up 6 ER yesterday while going 5 IP
Interestingly enough, he gave up 4 HR in his previous 17 appearances;
yesterday he suffered from ‘locationitus’ and gave up 3.

Bryan Price is JOKE !!!!

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