Game 150: Reds at Cardinals

Bourgeois 8
Bruce 9
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Frazier 5
Pena 2
Suarez 6
Duvall 7
Sampson 1

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you must be mistaken, I thought you said there was a game tonight? this looks more like batting practice for the cardinals with sampson pitching. guess they want him to win the highest ERA award for a starting pitcher right? has to be the only reason this BUM is starting let alone on a major league mound. the reds do know they are the laughing stock of baseball right now with signing and trotting these guys out to pitch right? will the not ready for prime time prospects ever be ready to get a shot with the reds? and if they are ever called up will they get as many chances as losers like sampson,smith and holmberg?

Good call bruh! Simpson looked terrible last night LMAO Smith and Holmberg I agree with (but that’s why they are not starting anymore).

The only prime time prospects they are not getting ready in September are Stephenson (not ready) and Winker (definitely ready). Otherwise their throwing the young pitching prospects out there to see what they have. What’s the point of winning now, to get a lower draft pick? Stupid, we should be happy they are losing, and you can’t be a lauging stock when you’ve broken the MLB record for consecutive for rookie starts on the mound. People knew we gave up when we traded Cueto, Leake and Byrd. Since then the front office has handled it exactly how it should, start evaluating young talent for the future.

sampson had a good start which makes it what 1 out of his last 5? when you have an ERA as high as his and can’t make it past 3 or 4 innings like he did before last night then you are not a prospect worth keeping let alone starting. they are a laughing stock not because of the pitching which we knew would be rough with all the rookies but because they have no positional players. winker and waldrop are suppose to be part of the crown jewels yet are in double A. stephonson is supposed to be the best pitching prospect they have so why not call him up and get a couple of starts? how can they evaluate any of the prospects besides the pitchers if they don’t play? lamarre and duvall are not future stars but there is no reason they should not have been rotating in left field since they were called up. instead we get to see walt’s favorite ballplayer skippy and his .225 average play left. again these guys may not be stars but how are you suppose to judge them when they never play? same thing with the bullpen, why bother calling contreas or villareal up if you do not use them in set roles? they have had all season to see what the other guys they have can do and that is not much. but those to get called up and used every 8-10 days if they are lucky and are supposed to look sharp? hell they can’t decide what they are going to do with Cingrani. 1 week he comes in as long relief the next he comes in only to face a left handed batter. they have screwed this guy up so much he may never reach his potential.

Looking for them to take a lead into the eighth so Hoover can pick up another blown save

And what’s with the home plate umpires? If a pitch could hit a batter if he were standing in the other batter’s box, then it can’t be a strike

I agree with alot of bums on this staff, team, and their reluctance to bring up our crown jewels. I’m so over watching skip, bryan, jumbo, mattheus, balester, hamilton, parra, and our manager. I wonder who I missed. 36 ribeye steaks from our catching
position. Mes we need you bad. Holmberg belongs in the frontier league. I’m sure I missed a few more but thats alot of guys who are has beens or never was’s. The second half of this roster is pitiful and thats so why we are horrible. Put the best dag gum ballplayers on the roster and play them. Stephenson, Reed, Winker, Garrett better be on this roster come april 2016.

Putting Lecure in a tie game with the heat he throws is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Oh yea, add Contreas and Lecure to the do not return list. Thats 10 guys. Who wants them. Jay Bruce in the two hole. That’s shameful. A guy who strikes out the most on the team batting second. Price didn’t learn much sitting next to Dusty. I can not wait to see Votto with Mes behind him, phillips in the two hole with jesse maybe leading off.

To the guy who wrote the commentary to the enquirer about votto and taking walks. Did you hear chris welsh say votto has walked 74 times with no one on base. You my friend are clueless about this reds team and baseball offense.

To our groundskeeping boys, can we use some imagination with mowing. I swear all we have is the “checker board look” Cards and Pirates park always looks awesome on TV. Someone tell me I’m wrong.

Coach Price, the catchers can’t drive in runs. The 8th hole please. Pena 6th. That deserves a big’ol come on man. Bruce second is holy stupid. Nobody calls this guy out. He must draw numbers out of a candy bag. Coach Price only 12 more. Thanks for the old boy scout try.

Todd Frazier way to go tonight. The glove. Awesome.

Is Greg Bird the next take and rake Joey Votto. Watch that guy!

“Yogi Berra, the Hall of Fame Yankees catcher and beloved ambassador of baseball, died late Tuesday night”
Yogi was a players player; a really tough, in the dirt player.

Gave it everything he had everyday everyplay. His quotes will live on and on. It’s over Yogi.

May you rest in peace Yogi. We will miss you.

Yogi was one of my favorites, the words of wisdom that came out of his mouth were priceless. RIP Yogi!!

I see Pete M has been extended to manage the Phillies next year and an option for 2017. Always thought he deserved to manage somewhere, thought he did such a good job with Reds. I see a Dusty has interviewed for Marlins job.

If Pete Mackanin proved anything back in 2007 after the Narron debacle is a manager does make a difference. Good Luck Pete you deserve the opportunity.

A few Yogiisms…
“It ain’t over till it’s over.”
“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
“It’s déjà vu all over again!”
“Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”
“I can’t think and hit at the same time.”
“If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him.”
“Ninety percent of the game is half mental.”
“I want to thank everybody for making this day necessary.”

Too funny; great story by a superb-great. I can just hear Yogi saying that
in that gruffy voice of his. Yogi was definitely…’one of a kind’. Sadly, when
one of these kind of guys go, it makes a huge void in all of the persona of
MLB. They just don’t make em like they did; times have changed too much.

Classic. Thanks.

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