Game 142: Cardinals at Reds 



Let’s see. You win 3 in row from the Cards with Hamilton leading off. So what do you do? Of course move him to 9th, what else. By the way for his last 4 games Hamilton is .235BA. Bourgeois for his last 6 is .176BA.

Some people can’t handle success; they have to go against the flow of success.
Price has done this for over 300 G. Although I have read where a number
of baseball people have commented that a set lineup is preferable, Price’s
opinion on the subject is that a major league baseball player should perform
at a number of positions and anywhere in the lineup. Unfortunately, for Price,
the Reds, and the fans, this ideal or axiom hasn’t panned out too much, yet
he continues to employ the concept again, and again, and again. Well, only
21 more G to go and this should not be an issue moving forward (depending on
the next move by the brass).

Last 3 G against the Cards…
Hamilton is batting .308 with 2 SB; all while leading off.
What is really perplexing is that the Cards C has a terrible
percentage ‘throw-out’ of Reds’ base runners; why then with
Hamilton playing much better and getting on, why move his
threatening speed to a lineup position that eliminates one full

Neb you can have Billy on your team. At least he hit four ground balls today. Any other team he’d be on the bench. Look at Heisey and Stubbs. We ( mgmt ) fall in love with our high draft choices and are too slow in moving them outta here. He’s had his chances and he’s failed to adapt and improve his offensive skills.

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