Game 140: Cardinals at Reds



I doubt Duvall is sharing time with Votto at first tonight – check out the card – who wrote it?

Sure hope Votto doesn’t throw a tantrum for having to share 1B with Duvall. Hamilton and Bruce will have a lot of ground to cover. LOL.

I hope Price didn’t write this .

Votto suspended 2 days – will appeal.

What’s the ump get?

“I feel like, as a major league player, I have a responsibility to be a good example for younger players,” Votto said, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer’s John Fay. “And making contact with an umpire is unacceptable. During this entire thing, that’s the one thing I feel very remorseful for.”
Then stop doing it…

He was talking about the first time in Pitsburgh . He didn’t touch the umpire Wednesday .

‘Wednesday was the third ejection for Votto in 2015, and the seventh of his career.’
I’m talking about getting thrown out of games, again and again and again…this season, and to stop being immature and to be a good example for younger players, which he hasn’t whenever this occurs. Unfortunately, he says the same thing after every occurrence and then continues to blow up. Say what you mean, and mean what you say…Nebism.

One other note…if we were in a playoff chase, this would really be annoying; for any player, for that matter. Unfortunately, it very well could occur during or prior to the playoffs. Votto needs to think before he acts. These antics are a bit embarrassing. Then after he calms down and realizes what he did, the tape recorder comes out and he makes his mature speech and takes his mini-oath moving forward, only to do the whole thing over again in the future.

Atta boy Joey. Give’em he double ll. Nobody complained when lou gave us entertainment. So for all you whiners get a life. Especially a guy named Paul D. That story stunk Paul.

I agree . Sports can be very emotional . I loved that Votto let it loose . I think it was a lot of frustration that had built up over. Long disappointing season . I suppose all of the PERFECT people have never lost their temper before . I doubt very seriously that any of us know what it’s like to compete at the level these guys do.Don’t be so fast to judge a man’s character . I doubt if the Reds were in the pennant race , thus would’ve happened . I ,for one , love that somebody in this organization showed some fire and emotional leadership . Thank you Joey.

Finnegan looks like a keeper. Lamb looks like a keeper. And the ace in the hole is Cody Reed. The trade looks good.


I don’t understand how anyone other than Joey knows exactly what he was feeling or thinking. Anyone who has ever played a sport should understand the emotions that go along with the game. Reds fans leave him alone and be grateful he chose to play for our team. Thank you Joey!!

$220,000,000.00 is the reason he is a Red.

Neb, you deserve a ” come on get a life ” Joey, we are so grateful your on our team. We need more like you. Please recruit them for us because Walt’s not getting it done ! Our manager does not have a heart beat, much less baseball instinct, somebody needs to get a little pi….ed off. I know I’m not having any fun watching alot of these Skippy has beens. Majority of umpires are J. A’s. Just like when he pointed at his cheek. Comments or thoughts please ?

How about Adam Duvall ! Wow. Play that boy please !

Look, Votto mishandled the situation completely and immaturely, as is his nature; not the first time he explodes childishly and then when he calms down, apologizes. The facts are the facts…Votto requested a time out and was told “no”. Instead of playing on for a pitch, he decided to complain to the umpire the then cry across the diamond to his manager…in the middle of the game; time was not called! Then, because of these antics he was thrown out of the game. Votto blew it and should not have done anything but get in the batters box and let the game move on. Then after he was thrown out, he went ultra immature and ranted and raved until the lst base coach got him around the waist and escorted him off the field. Now, to make matters even worse, Price then decided that he would try to protect Votto by gong after the home plate umpire, and he was tossed. Whether we side with the umpire for his calls or not, Votto crossed the line and was thrown out. Who’s fault is that? Votto, that’s who. This isn’t the first time he has done this, and I wager it won’t be the last. Votto is very calm, to a point…thereafter he loses it acts like a child. Remember, it wasn’t so long ago that Votto was doing terrible and everyone thought he was a bit too mental relative to the game. I believe that to be true…not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a problem when someone upsets his apple cart. Now, Votto is appealing the decision which is another immature mistake. Under what circumstances? Who stopped the game and then went nuts on the home plate umpire? One more time, whether the umpire was right or wrong isn’t the issue here as it cannot and will not be resolved to the satisfaction of Votto, his manager or the Reds. That’s just the way it is and if Votto would have taken a different approach, he would have been in the correct frame of mind and realized this fact. Only way to challenge an umpire is to lodge an off field complaint, period. Dancing around like spit in a hot skillet isn’t ever going to get it done; never has, never will. Votto blew it.

I guess we all can’t be like you Neb . Mr. calm and collected under all circumstances. Me. Perfect . I bet you handle every situation with perfection . Man , I wish I could have such a boring life .

Why are you turning this discussion into a personal afront? We are discussing Votto and what he did on the field…yet you then turn the discussion into chastising me for my thoughts on the matter? Votto’s actions on the field have nothing to do with me, and if you are upset with my thoughts and opinions, get ahold of yourself. It was and is you that always says these are public boards when Mark sends you a note.
Never have I seen anyone turn around and attack other posters on this board based on their baseball opinion. Suggest you ignore my comments if they upset you so much.

Heard this on WLW post game show – found it on youtube. (unfortunately 4 parts) –,23EQE I do think, denying a time out at critical part of game (esp. an elite player), is like disrespectful of the game – undermining the competition.

Try link again – if it doesn’t work – it’s on youtube under Fox sports ohio –

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