Game 139: Cardinals at Reds



Hope we got different umps! They’ve got more control to effect a game than betting on the Reds would…

Yeah, you do have to wonder when they make obvious bad calls more than once. Maybe they are under gambling’s influence. I sure can’t think of a bettor reason except to say that you sure didn’t see this kind of obvious behavior from a guy named Rose.

Joey had every right to explode. Every time he batted that ump called “crap” calls! And it seemed like he wanted to get under Joey’s skin. The umps need to b replaced with fox track. Get rid of them. They act like their gods. Not!!!!

There is a difference between passion(caring, etc.) and uncontolled rage. I saw the latter from Votto. 2nd time this year.

One doesn’t see Votto lose his cool. The umpire had to be wrong on more than one call. But as long as Votto has been in on an majors he should know he will not win out on an umps call. Just hope Votto regroups and goes on a rampage of getting hits, hitting HR’s and driving in runs and play great defense, in other words, just be Joey. Like to see Duvall play much more as well as other call ups. For 2016 would be great
seeing Barry Larkin being the REDS manager. Go Reds!

Votto turns 32 today.

Hope he celebrates with a big game.

Cueto is not making friends in KC. He missed a fan gathering for him.

Mark, how long has Miquel Cairo been back in the dugout please? Thanks

Last couple of days.

Holy pitching staff Lamb removed after 5. Wrong Price must read this.

Cairo was bench coach a while back when Berry had his medical episode.

Had 98 pitches in 5 innings. Time to take him out, plus 6 walks.

Agree . Also the young guys have struggled around that time . That was the right move .

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