Hamilton back in lineup

Billy Hamilton was back in the Reds lineup on Wednesday, but instead of batting ninth — he was back at the top of the order. Much of that was because he could bat right-handed (his stronger side) vs. Pirates lefty J.A. Happ.

“He got in time yesterday to hit in the last group of BP after traveling from Pensacola, so we planned on giving him a scheduled day off after those three days in Pensacola and we anticipate him being in there regularly here through the rest of the year,” Reds manager Bryan Price said.

Hamilton was out on the disabled list on Aug. 19, one day after he sprained his right shoulder trying to make a diving catch vs. the Royals. He went 3-for-11 with three walks and a steal during a three-game rehab assignment at Double-A Pensacola. Most importantly, the shoulder passed every test.

“There wasn’t a play where I threw anybody out but I just tried to throw it hard anyway to see how my shoulder felt,” Hamilton said. “I had four at-bats each game, five in one. So I swung a lot and I tested my shoulder in the outfield when I threw a couple of balls in real hard. It felt really, really good. I’m just glad to be back.”

Hamilton liked the atmosphere in Pensacola, which clinched a spot in the Southern League playoffs.

“It was real fun,” he said. “Those guys, I’ve played with a few of them and been around most of them in spring training. It’s always good to see those guys and get back down there. It just feels good to be like in a playoff thing, whether it’s the big leagues or whatever you’re doing. I see those guys get all into it and be all about winning. It’s a good thing to be down there and knowing it’s getting closer to me playing is a good thing. I played there in 2012, and it was kind of fun to see those guys that were there – the staff and people who run it.”

Other items:

*Kristopher Negron is out for the season for a torn labrum and fractured scapula in his left shoulder after his diving catch on Tuesday. Read about it here: http://atmlb.com/1NiL8FV

*Raisel Iglesias has a few more starts left before he will hit his innings limits, said Price. However, Michael Lorenzen could only have one or two starts remaining. Lorenzen has 143 2/3 innings combined with the Reds and Louisville. His limit is between 150-155 innings.

“He’s getting there,” Price said. “You know, when I say these things, I’m trying to be as direct as possible with you guys, but you also understand that under the circumstances we’re in that if I need another start from one of these guys, a bonus start or whatever, that I would do that. I don’t feel like these guys are five or seven innings from hurting themselves, we’re just trying to follow some protocols we have in place. We may have to work around those limits to a certain degree, but nothing of a significant number.”


Are we going to replace Negron or just ignore it?

Really no need to replace him. Interesting in that he hurt his shoulder twice this year on the same type of play

Evidently there was no reason to bring him up in the first place according to that reasoning. I guess bringing someone else up to get some ML experience over the last 3 weeks of the season isn’t important either.

Borsch and Hamilton both just returned so that makes the bench “fuller”. Negron being out simply gives other players more time on the field. Remember there are reasons that you don’t call up these young guys and start their major league time clock because down the line it could cost you millions, major league time and even the player because he becomes to expensive to early. Much more complicated than when I became a fan in the late gorties.

LOL should be late forties.

Atta boy Joey. Another game Coach Price sitting on his hands waiting for a rookie to blow up. Thanks for the loss coach. Your correct, its on you. How many games do we have to watch where the bullpen should be raring to go come the 6th inning. These rookies are mentally toast after five. Shame on the bench coach too for not bending his ear and making something happen.

I don’t think pitchers are conditioned to go much more than 5-6 innings . There is so much specialization now . Price just doesn’t have a feel for when to take a pitcher out or at least send the pitching coach out . Oh well , par for the course .

Wow Hamilton’s back. He’s not an answer to this teams many problems. He’s a bench player, a late inning defensive guy, and pinch running specialist. Here’s hoping for 97 losses. That should get us a top three pick.

I agree with you TOW. God forbid they bring Winker . He might embarrass the Red’s management by being as good or better than who they have had there all year .

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