Game 137: Pirates at Reds


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Hope Iglesias has a great game. Love to watch him pitch. He will be the ace of this staff next year. Yea I know he needs this and that, but mark my word he will be the ace. Followed by Desclafani, then maybe Homer if they don’t give Finnegan a chance to make the roster coming out of spring training, which I don’t expect them to do for financial considerations, that is, delaying his arbitration eligibility.

My bad. I meant Stephenson.

Yes , nice to see Cueto II pitching tonight.

Looked more like Hoover II tonight

Yes, makes me wonder if he is getting to the end of his “innings pitched”. As has been pointed out he is a wild card in that he didn’t pitch last year enough to get a read on how far to extend him this year.

Speaking of Cueto he is also in a slump right now.

Yes, Cueto is struggling a great deal…
Last 4 G:
20 IP
21 ER
9.45 ERA
Lost all 4 G
Season ERA has risen from 1.80 to 4.86 during this downturn

Royals got to be scratching there heads. Hopefully he gets it back together for the playoffs.

Definetly not the outing I had hoped for.

Maybe with Negron out with shoulder separation the Reds will bring up Winker. Don’t know how many games Duvall will miss with knee contusion.

Loved Price’s comment about injuries to Negron and Duvall. Reminder that Negron’s is a partial shoulder separation and there are only 3 weeks left in season.
“I think it will probably be more likely that we’ll get a better result from the Duvall injury than Negron. Hopefully, neither one is a lengthy absence,” Price said.

What a mess! You hold auditions for a Broadway show and everyone who tries out can’t dance a lick or carry a tune. And next year is going to be different – how?

With this current management team,it won’t be any different .

Max you have a way with words. Beautifully put. LMAO.

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