Game 136: Pirates at Reds



What? Duvall is actually playing?? It’s about time.

Interestingly enough, Pete Rose on local radio said he would not blow up the team. Still has regard for core of the line-up – but did question the batting coach. Would’ve sent down Hamilton to get back confidence – saying stolen bases not enough to justify staying up. Also said he would not trade Chapman as closer is too key. Only thing would say about manager was in response to a kind of a backdoor question asking if Larkin would make good manager. Rose said hard to tell given the situation, since Larkin doesn’t really need it.

Wow – that was a confidence booster for Jumbo – got out of jamb and covered first too on fantastic dp.

He needed it. Now let’s get Hoover one.

Who can argue with Pete Rose? Billy Hamilton, wit his speed, should listen to those that have tried to help him–bunting, hitting down on the ball–bunt again until he got so good a bunted ball could go straight into the fielders glove and Billy still gets to first. He seem to have the talent, does he listen to the advice given, or does he want to be a HR hitter? If he can’t, or will not, use his God given ability then it’s time to get a replacement for CF. He has developed into a gold glove CF and now Billy it is time to do same with the bat and legs, GO BILLY GO!

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